Exclusive: Grandkids Will Make It Up to Papaw After Missing Hamburger Meal

  • Published on: 18 March 2016
  • The grandfather known as "Papaw" wants America to know he is not upset at his grandchildren after he was photographed eating a burger by himself. He is chalking it up to simple miscommunication, "Everyone was invited but that is not the way it turned out," Kenneth Harmon told IE. "Some of the grandkids say they didn't know about it." Harmon had grilled burgers for his six grandkids but only one showed up to his house. Now, his grandkids have promised they are making it up to him.
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  • TGA-TheGaming Ant
    TGA-TheGaming Ant   21 hours ago

    "looks like hes the loneliest guy on the planet" heh. looks like u've never met me.

  • Chris Perez
    Chris Perez   4 days ago

    y'all don't know they're long family history. he could've been mean to them for most of their lives for all you know and that's why they didn't show. I got a few relatives that I wouldn't care at all if they died because they were pieces of s**t most of their lives.

  • Power knight of awesomeness Carbaja

    Pop should be the grandfather for everyone because I can’t even look at that because I’m like wondering he should be my grandpa and I would always visit him

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller   1 weeks ago

    I had one grandpa. He passed when I was 3 years old. Everytime we came to my grandmas house to visit I would look for him. When I asked my grandma where grandpa was she would say "he's gone" and walk away. I asked when he was coming back and never got a response. I had no or very little idea of death at that time and I spent years looking for him every time i visited. I'd go into all the places in the house like it was a game of hide and seek. I didn't accept he was gone until i was 10 years old. I was at my grandmas house and found an old family video from the last Christmas with grandpa. I sat there and it all came out. I started crying and couldn't take my eyes off the screen. My grandpa was the best and we developed an unbreakable bond even though I only saw him a handful of visits before I turned 3. My one and only grandpa.

  • Fizziii
    Fizziii   1 weeks ago

    I wish I could go eat dinner with my grandparents or family, just like how others do

  • Tre rami
    Tre rami   1 weeks ago

    Well hello Kelcie! I’ll come eat your burger

  • Oly Smth
    Oly Smth   2 weeks ago

    I love having dinner with my grandparents!

  • Chief
    Chief   2 weeks ago

    RiceGum made a video about this lmao

  • Jeremy Woods
    Jeremy Woods   2 weeks ago

    Man: eats dinner with granddaughterInside edition: this is news

  • Achie 0342
    Achie 0342   2 weeks ago

    I wished my both granddads lived

    PURDES   2 weeks ago

    I don’t have any grandparents.

  • Chunky Pee
    Chunky Pee   3 weeks ago

    I’d do anything to see my grandfather again this just hits me in another way😓

  • Lukas Reynolds
    Lukas Reynolds   3 weeks ago

    I’m sooooooooo sad I wish I could do that with my grandpa again 😪

  • Music
    Music   3 weeks ago

    Why does he say it like pop-AHHHH

  • Tindus
    Tindus   3 weeks ago

    I wish I had a grandpa to invite me over for burgers

  • VonAssRipper
    VonAssRipper   3 weeks ago

    I wish my grandfather could make burgers for my family, sadly he is wheel chair bound and unable to move his hands very much.

  • Mr_Anaya
    Mr_Anaya   3 weeks ago

    I wish I could meet my grandpa

  • adela mae
    adela mae   3 weeks ago

    awe what the hell i’d literally travel to the other side of the world to have dinner with my grand parents

  • Fortnut69 Ben Dover
    Fortnut69 Ben Dover   3 weeks ago

    The dick head girl posts a pic but the grandpa legit said he forgot to invite the other grandchildren

  • Johnathan Aguilar
    Johnathan Aguilar   3 weeks ago

    Look at this tweet look at this one dude it's not that serious those comments were simple af

  • Mr Hamm
    Mr Hamm   4 weeks ago

    The grandkids will PAY

  • Jaan Ruus
    Jaan Ruus   1 months ago

    This makes me cry. He is just so whole hearted and wanted to see everyone come together and have a good time. But no. The children he raised have better ways to spend time. Then when he passes they will wish to have had that dinner.Oh ok

  • The FiReBlAsTeR L0L
    The FiReBlAsTeR L0L   1 months ago

    How they took picture Granddaughter: “grabs phone and gets the camera ready” ok grand dad now hold the burger and look down and pretend ur sad so I can send it to Facebook

  • Bubbles Awesome
    Bubbles Awesome   1 months ago

    I wish I’ve meet my grandpa my grandpa rain away and I haven’t seen him since. I wish I could at lest know his name.

  • Evelyn Diaz
    Evelyn Diaz   1 months ago

    I’m at a party and I’m trying not to cry ;-;