Is Meat Bad for You? Is Meat Unhealthy?

  • Published on: 09 June 2019
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    Over the last few years eating meat has increasingly been associated with health risks, like heart disease, cancer and an early death. How unhealthy is meat really?

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  • Runtime : 10:5
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Here are our sources: It is very fascinating to see that the both extremes, vegans and people on meat heavy diets hate this video. Usually we are attacked more from one direction – in this cases both ends of the spectrums are really upset. Anything relating to nutrition is very controversial unfortunately. Someone on twitter posted this: There is research showing strong links between dietary choices and social identity: if you want to, you can find sources telling you that every kind of diet is bad for you. We tried very hard not to do that and get a real understanding what the health effects of meat are. We also did not have a particular bias, we have vegetarians, flexitarians and meat eaters in the team. And in general, since our first meat video many of us have reduced their meat consumption or at least try to. Others in the team have not changed at all and don't plan to. We don't have an overarching agenda here, one way or the other. There is a video about milk in the making right now and we also just started a video about veganism. Look forward to more diet related videos next year.

  • Doddus
    Doddus   7 hours ago

    When you take a close enough look at peer reviewed medical literature that is NOT industry sponsored, the consensus is, if you want the best chances of living until age 100, eat little or no meat among other important things. Consider it an insurance policy, it ain’t perfect, but it’s certainly going to make a difference

  • Utkarsh Dubey
    Utkarsh Dubey   9 hours ago

    I made a note everytime I ate meat for 20 years...It's blank.

  • E Sanford16
    E Sanford16   15 hours ago

    They should do a video on why not eating meat is bad

  • one memey boi
    one memey boi   16 hours ago

    I can't be the only one who is intrigued by the way he says 'vitamins'

  • Utkarsh Satya Prakash
    Utkarsh Satya Prakash   17 hours ago

    well , Hinduism never permitted us to eat red meat until extremely neccessary . I'm safe :D

  • J Graham
    J Graham   21 hours ago

    I use a uranium rod as a sex toy.. am I safe?

  • Bunny Bro
    Bunny Bro   1 days ago

    I like how kurzgesagt's shorthand for death is just creature directly to skeleton

  • Sir Octopus
    Sir Octopus   2 days ago

    based on how evolution works I'ma assume that the answer is no, but I won't be in disbelief if it is

  • EpicKairu
    EpicKairu   2 days ago

    I always discredit studies that say "each hour or amount over this increases cancer by 10 or 20%" or whatever, because by their logic, I have a 420% chance of getting cancer from playing video games. The moment I read that I decided it was all BS lol. Sure, I admit that eating an entire fat pack of bacon every single day isn't healthy, but generally I just say a well balanced diet is always going to be best to any extreme side. And yes, that includes red meat once or twice a week, fish a few times a week and white meat a couple of times a week.

  • Gökmen Sert
    Gökmen Sert   2 days ago

    My psychologist:Muscle bird isn't real, he can't hurt you.Muscle bird:2:12

  • mrogan
    mrogan   3 days ago

    At 7:20, is that a John Oliver reference or am I crazy?

  • The Immoral guy
    The Immoral guy   3 days ago

    to feed billions of people sometimes you need to be cruel like my favorite quote " the hardest of choices require the strongest of wills "

  • David
    David   3 days ago

    Will eat meat as much as possible, because climate change losers fight for socialism and not stopping climate change. F them.

  • James
    James   4 days ago

    In just gonna replay the title. We humans eat meat we are carnivores

  • James B
    James B   4 days ago

    I like meat. I will eat meat. I will not eat meat once a week. I am more than willing to die with a ham sandwich in my hand. I don’t care.

    IVOLUKE   4 days ago

    I watched this video while eating chicken and a cheeseburger...

  • Angel
    Angel   4 days ago

    okay so i watched a whole video on why meat is the worst to find out theres a video on why meats the best... WHAT THE HEEEEEELLLL i dont know what to think bro

  • MrMCKlebeband
    MrMCKlebeband   5 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: Die Dosis macht das Gift... wie immer.

  • Ruben Mills
    Ruben Mills   5 days ago

    Why did they completely ignore the effects of cholesterol on your arteries? Weird video.

  • Atlas Gaming
    Atlas Gaming   5 days ago

    Kurzgesagt: Meat is good for uMe: Likes VideoKurzgesagt: But it also causes (Long list of diseases)Me: Dislikes VideoKurzgesagt: But...Me: Likes Video

  • ThatOne GuyTM
    ThatOne GuyTM   5 days ago

    So, only processed meat is bad, but if you eat non-processed, and not red meat, your A-ok? Cool chicken and fish sound good anyway, although even if it says not processed it could still be processed, so just research what you buy.

  • Navneeth Ballal
    Navneeth Ballal   5 days ago

    I just want to point out, the Inuit people live in subzero temperatures and they eat meat to get a lot of nutrients which helps them keep their body temperature constant. So it is not a health benefit to eat meat in places where the temperature is normal.

  • Doctor Sai
    Doctor Sai   6 days ago

    In India there are so many vegetarians, but we suffer from high coronary diseases, situation is same here .....

  • Vex Saito
    Vex Saito   1 weeks ago

    I think I'll stick with beef, pork, lamb and veal. Chicken is nice when fried but I always fry it in canola oil with a nice dollop of lard. Mmmm so yummy