YouTube Cribs! Lance Stewart Shows His $35,000 Rolex.

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
  • Logan Paul Episode:

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  • Runtime : 39:
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  • Gianna Leonardo
    Gianna Leonardo   2 months ago

    Lance shows Fousey his bathroomFousey sees toilet paper Fousey:”You mind if I try some Of that?”

  • Caleb Surace
    Caleb Surace   1 hours ago

    Love how he was getting all deep amd sedimental about his number and logo and fousey cuts him off and goes into a car montage 😂😂😂

  • Omar Chaus
    Omar Chaus   7 hours ago

    Simple guy. Simple choices. Audi R8. $30000 Rolex.

  • Anthoney
    Anthoney   9 hours ago

    That coat is confusing lol

  • Runner
    Runner   20 hours ago

    14:12 lmao dont touch my crystal bro chill, its a CRYSTAL

  • Felipe M
    Felipe M   2 days ago

    This guy's content is annoying and cringey but as a person he seems really chill and motivated

  • Omar Hus
    Omar Hus   2 days ago

    Honestly, this videos of youtube cribs sucks.Awful editing, we just see them talking about the house most of the times he doesn’t show a lot , Fousey is cringey as fuck and i can see the jealousy and fake positive vibes in his eyes

    STEERO   4 days ago

    that bowl made me feel weird at 6:36

  • LEO TV
    LEO TV   5 days ago

    Remember slim i member

  • OL LW
    OL LW   6 days ago

    An empty horrible house !!! Fuck this is sad !!!!

  • Pamela Kal
    Pamela Kal   6 days ago

    Foussey... you are weird as fuck. You go into peoples houses subtly judging them and not even asking them questions besides do you cook in your own kitchen lol.. comparing to other people’s’ houses. So weird man.

  • Golden God
    Golden God   1 weeks ago

    Fousey is a pioneer in the game. Respect the name.

  • 7amthugger
    7amthugger   1 weeks ago

    I was fw with this guy but all this spiritual fake shit pissed me off

  • Robert Costello
    Robert Costello   1 weeks ago

    I used to like Lance, but all his fb shit been click bate asf lately with the same old video

  • Tusi Sabine
    Tusi Sabine   1 weeks ago

    Lance is Funny with a touch of humbleness. Stay blessed ❤️🙌🏽

  • Yumi Fujii
    Yumi Fujii   1 weeks ago

    that big of a house for only half mil dollars wtf

  • Denise Jessee
    Denise Jessee   1 weeks ago

    what happened to the FAZE RUG episode being after Logan?

  • Xiaray 1029
    Xiaray 1029   2 weeks ago

    Why do I feel like lance was so outgoing and fouseys face was like 😕like lance was laughing and fousey wasn’t XD NO HATE just had to say

  • zdayOG
    zdayOG   2 weeks ago

    Why tf did you put your shoes on his couch headass

  • 99 Wilds
    99 Wilds   2 weeks ago

    I made all that fan art!

  • Melted Butter
    Melted Butter   2 weeks ago

    I really like this show if I would give this a rate I would give 9 out of 10 it’s also cool how they life and you know the YouTuber characters

  • Olle
    Olle   2 weeks ago

    Apparently u get pink eye from crystals!!

  • Cina
    Cina   2 weeks ago

    property pricing must be low where he is. for a house like that here would be 1mill easy. my old house was around 400k and looked nothiing like this lol. much smaller

  • Omar a
    Omar a   2 weeks ago

    Yo does anyone know where FOUSEY got his jacket from ? Thanks

  • indoguju
    indoguju   2 weeks ago

    Why do ppl use that paint colour man it’s 2020