5 SHOCKING ANSWERS ON Family Feud USA! Bonus Round

  • Published on: 19 July 2018
  • Here's 5 Shocking but funny 'You Can't Say that on TV' answers on Family Feud USA! Steve Harvey can’t believe his ears!
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  • Runtime : 11:16
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  • Bonus Round
    Bonus Round   1 years ago

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  • Maureen Kalio
    Maureen Kalio   4 days ago

    Megan's face at 8:18 caused steve to back tf up real quick 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jay Kratoz
    Jay Kratoz   4 days ago

    Its the question not the contestant, that's why they answer inappropriate

  • yaoilover1488
    yaoilover1488   1 weeks ago

    Anyone else think that Steve is secretly super kinky?

  • Marcus Harper
    Marcus Harper   2 weeks ago

    It always be the white people who say the nasty

    SAY LESS   2 weeks ago

    He's a good sucker has to be the best answer ever lmfaoo

  • Sam Baroni
    Sam Baroni   2 weeks ago

    How you gonna say sperm before toothpaste?? LMAO

  • Andy Moser
    Andy Moser   2 weeks ago

    Thank God that Steve Harvey makes us laugh always on Family Feud; after all, I crack up every time he makes a complete buffoon of himself. #steveharvey #funnygameshowhost #heehee :-)

  • Spaceinvader98
    Spaceinvader98   2 weeks ago

    This show went from family feud to fuck with Steve Harvey.

  • T-Drum King
    T-Drum King   3 weeks ago

    What are the answers names.....”Winnie beenie “ wtf😂

  • J. D.
    J. D.   3 weeks ago

    my wife, Steve

  • Errique Young
    Errique Young   1 months ago

    I like the dancing Steve did at the end that was funny

  • _FAT4L _
    _FAT4L _   1 months ago

    “I’m not walking so he better have keys” Bitch u driving ur own car fuck outta here Leach 😀

  • Samara Smith
    Samara Smith   1 months ago

    I have tears in my eye's from laughing so hard Steve is a fool Best host of the family feud

  • Jovy Martinez
    Jovy Martinez   1 months ago

    0:13 he said his wife, “GOOD ANSWER” 😂😂

  • OneTrueLove
    OneTrueLove   1 months ago

    8:19 when you and your friend is both pervert hahaha

  • Austin Groce
    Austin Groce   1 months ago

    Anything remotely Pg13 rated answerSteve: 😧

  • Noname
    Noname   1 months ago

    "He's a good sucker"Harvey: pardon me but wHAT THE FUCK.

  • Luigi Horatio
    Luigi Horatio   1 months ago

    0:14 - Steve has that "This man 'bout to die" expression.

  • Aldansa Official
    Aldansa Official   1 months ago

    The patting on the arm @ 9:28 killt me 😂💀😂💀😂