The Evolution of the Heart (A Love Story)

  • Published on: 13 February 2019
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    In order to understand where hearts came from, we have to go back to the earliest common ancestor of everything that has a heart. It took hundreds of millions of years, and countless different iterations of the same basic structure to lead to the heart that you have today.

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  • Runtime : 9:48
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  • SynneDennis
    SynneDennis   1 weeks ago

    I'd like to give my heart to the host.

  • Justas399
    Justas399   2 weeks ago

    Lots of assumptions that are made to sound like facts. Should be very skeptical of this.

  • A3NzIi
    A3NzIi   3 weeks ago

    I love my heart ❤️

  • brooklyn560
    brooklyn560   3 weeks ago

    A half billion years of evolution, just for us to clog it with red meat cheese and fried food

  • Fabricio Fercher
    Fabricio Fercher   3 weeks ago

    Emotions are in the brain, not the heart. This mythological notions are not science!

  • Bob Bowles
    Bob Bowles   3 weeks ago

    I just noticed the date this was uploaded - day before Valentine's!

  • Fadil Langston
    Fadil Langston   1 months ago

    What about the evolution of spooky, scary skeletons?

  • Nate
    Nate   1 months ago

    It's not the first video on PBS Eons where I notice this but I must say I find it really good that he talks of a "healthy debate" among researchers. He acknowledges that there are currently different opinions on the matter without any drama. Disagreeing about something and debating about it can lead to better understanding. It allows people to think in more than one way about the evidence we have and THIS to me is the heart (pun fully intended) of the scientific process. It's a good thing.

    TOZTYBUNZ   1 months ago

    Sorry but I heard stinks 0:39

  • arno kosterman
    arno kosterman   2 months ago

    A ant runs vaster in constant motion.than Lepra😍 if we look from tham in there own dimentions towarts it's inviormant. To underatand howe the hart wurks in its own manivistation you need tu understand the proton😍Nice ro see the diverences of harts.IIs in a dolfin is tha hart point open🙄?I wish to understand.In mi excperience if the hart point is open we have fins in stade of lagges🙄This i wish to find in the knowledge if it is like that😍 so i can share it en go more in to the depts of it From the atomig plasmatic behaviure towats a grown entetyI have seen the manivistation of mi self 80 % just from understanding the atom the way it is shared in plasma science😍

  • Todd Mitchell Christensen

    I'd really like some more anatomy evolution videos. Why do we have lips? Why do some animals have beaks? When did muscles first appear? Why don't we have claws?

  • Bryan lozano leon
    Bryan lozano leon   2 months ago

    All these million of years my Heart took to create itself and develop... For her to come and destroy it 😢

  • Salvatore Escoti
    Salvatore Escoti   2 months ago

    It is a very flawed design. Multiple small hearts all over the body would be much more failsafe. It is strange that mammals have two kidneys if one would do the job perfectly by its own. But we have only one heart even if multiple hearts would be much better. So much for INTELLIGENT DESIGN!!

  • Hot Key
    Hot Key   2 months ago

    How about the evolution of the pancreas?

  • River Loves Musicals
    River Loves Musicals   2 months ago

    Love the video. But how do you make a video on the evolution of hearts without talking about the amazing complexity of crocodile hearts???

  • shadowblobSS
    shadowblobSS   2 months ago

    What I gathered from this video, scientists must have great eyes, cause I can't see any heart in a fossil.

  • Sachin Rao
    Sachin Rao   3 months ago

    Hi.Could you do a video on the evolution of the brain? And, I really admire your work. It's a beautiful learning experience. Thank you.

  • Chris Metcalf
    Chris Metcalf   3 months ago

    The fact that a vertibrate heart develops the same way - I mean come on, if you have any doubts about evolution, explain that.

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese   3 months ago

    Thanks! I do have one minor complaint [I know, I'm sorry ;) ]. I think this video would have been even more entertaining / informative, if you had included some numbers regarding when oxygen became a thing, when multicellular life started using it widely, and tracking the evolution of the heart along with the rise in atmospheric oxygen. Just trying to help! ;) Rikki Tikki.

  • One Nation Under God
    One Nation Under God   3 months ago

    Amazing that our heart is so developed after just 35 days from conception. Such a shame some people believe abortions should be allowed clear up to birth.

  • SSFandomLove
    SSFandomLove   4 months ago

    I love this channel but every time I watch this guy’s video I keep getting distracted by his non-stop hips thrusts 🤣I would keep wondering why he’s doing that and then I would keep missing segments of the video lol(By the way I absolutely do not mean getting distracted “that way” 😅)

  • 1of3
    1of3   4 months ago

    Very informative. Maybe do that for other organs/problems like kidneys or waste disposal

  • Bethany Linebarger
    Bethany Linebarger   4 months ago

    I am still waiting on the episode covering the evolution of a the placenta that gave rise to live birth being a "thing." Did I just miss it?

  • S
    S   4 months ago

    Can you also do a video on Bioluminescence that must have also existed countless times in our past and not use exist in today’s time. The ocean must have had it back then numerous times for example.

  • S
    S   4 months ago

    Can you do a video on the evolution of bone to mobility for sea, land, and sky creatures... and some of its return to the previously mentioned niches.

  • nil bogg
    nil bogg   5 months ago

    I would like to see the "Evolution of the BRAIN". It is after all, the most important organ. It MUST be well researched...right?

  • Aishwarya Singh
    Aishwarya Singh   5 months ago

    Can you please do a video on the possibility of immortality in multi-cellular organisms!!

  • Joseph Banatlao
    Joseph Banatlao   5 months ago

    Wait, you mean it didn't came from Kingdom hearts?!

  • Tyler Merlin
    Tyler Merlin   5 months ago

    A wealth of information explained extremely well. Thanks.

  • Teacup Toe
    Teacup Toe   5 months ago

    Can you tell the story of gums? It's weird having pink squishy stuff around our teeth like that

  • sollidottingen
    sollidottingen   5 months ago

    I'm pretty sure people also say they'll give the D to someone.. Or the finger.

  • Thomas Just
    Thomas Just   5 months ago

    Music was unnesesary, romanticism was also not nesesary...It bored me and I lost interest...thumbs down