Watch This Overweight Beagle's Fitness Journey

  • Published on: 05 December 2019
  • If you need some inspiration to stay healthy this holiday season, there’s one influencer you should follow on Instagram: a beagle named Wolfgang. When the obese dog was fostered in May by a Phoenix woman, he weighed 90 pounds. He’s now 62 pounds, thanks to his owner keeping him on a short leash with a strict diet and intense workout schedule. But he still has a long way to go.’s Summer Delaney has more.
  • Runtime : 3:23
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  • Him Him
    Him Him   1 months ago

    How is he soooo fat?

  • Sam Kip
    Sam Kip   2 months ago

    You go wolf gang. U r pawsome. #fitness inspiration

  • Mk 3
    Mk 3   3 months ago

    There should be no such thing as kill shelters

  • Instruella
    Instruella   3 months ago

    I had a beagleHis name was CarverHe was my first dogHe died on Friday, September 13th 2019. I love you Carver.

  • Malm alf
    Malm alf   3 months ago

    Wow a dog lost weight and I didn’t

  • Ogga Bogga
    Ogga Bogga   3 months ago

    If a dog can do it then I sure can

  • Shxrd Eclipz
    Shxrd Eclipz   3 months ago

    Dang it I think he ate the props pig family

  • Cat Wayne
    Cat Wayne   3 months ago

    When to much chonk is to much.

  • 13th Evergreen
    13th Evergreen   3 months ago

    Live how the trainer is as fat as the dog tell me about how the dog need to loose weight lol

  • Willem TL
    Willem TL   3 months ago

    I want a freaking montage with hardcore workout music in the background PERIOD!

  • No Reply
    No Reply   3 months ago

    Lol with toys in her mouth. How cute

  • Darko
    Darko   3 months ago

    After thanksgiving

    FREE TAY K   3 months ago

    When you go on a family trip so you leave the dog with grandma

  • s
    s   3 months ago

    What a savage lost weight is a doggo and is named W O L F G A N G

  • 7
    7   3 months ago

    Wolfgang, like “Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All” kind of gang?

  • KTM Trooper
    KTM Trooper   3 months ago

    I like em big i like em C H O N K E Y