The Glaring Engineering Mistake That Made Wind Turbines Inefficient | Massive Engineering Mistakes

  • Published on: 27 August 2019
  • Scientists and engineers detail the glaring mistake that rendered wind farms inefficient and costly.

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  • Runtime : 7:47
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  • gmc9753
    gmc9753   8 hours ago

    So what's the big deal? They obviously create these with replaceable blades. As time goes on, we get better and better materials that will last longer and longer. I'm sure they never thought a blade would last forever.

  • Eric Cuthbert
    Eric Cuthbert   10 hours ago

    wind turbines are an eye sore on the landscape, if the were all painted (Green), they would blend into the environment, and not be so noticeable.🌴🌴🌴cuthberteric2017@gmail. com

  • Ritternkreis
    Ritternkreis   15 hours ago

    What's going on with this stupid research? This problem is solved by a 5 years old!The dust hits the blade, why does it damage the edge? Because it hits HARD! You need to cover the blade with a smoother material, not tougher. Then, the momentum of the dust will be absorbed at impact. Because the wind acts in molecular level the significantly difference scale from molecular to particulate may not affect the generated power!

  • Barry St. Cyr
    Barry St. Cyr   16 hours ago

    Now you have epoxy and glass fiber pieces polluting the air and water, not to mention birds being killed.

  • Kalina Dog
    Kalina Dog   18 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but I find it suspicious how I have seen the crazy haired women on so many different kinds of scientific shows. Plus, she doesnt get that much airtime either. Stick with a specific field woman, than I can start listening to you more seriously. Oh yeah, dropping the whole talking to us like children thing would be a good start.

  • Eddie
    Eddie   18 hours ago

    Lol his demonstration is like a 5th grade science experiment🤣😂 this guy knows what he’s talking about🤣

  • Derek Trounce
    Derek Trounce   19 hours ago

    Uhm simple fix use a 3M film protection layer on the leading edge

  • Steven On
    Steven On   19 hours ago

    This is so friggen stupid. Just look at the headlights of any modern vehicle. Their plastic, and worn after a couple of years use. Now look at the painted metal next to the plastic headlights. It's not as worn.So make the blades out of painted metal.

  • Greg Myatt
    Greg Myatt   20 hours ago

    Cant see why they didnt know or expect this would happen. Same thing happens to boats that are made out of the same materials.

  • wisconsindabber
    wisconsindabber   20 hours ago

    Why don't they use a Aluminum cap on the leading edge? Yea it would add some more weight to the blade but you would think it would be stronger against abrasive forces

  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston   21 hours ago

    The blades aren't biodegradable. Old blades are shredded and placed in landfills. Additionally, work blades have a tendency to kill birds.Not exactly clean energy.

  • Bruce woolford
    Bruce woolford   23 hours ago

    Hmm. Funny how aircraft propeller makers have known about that little nugget of info since the early 1920s. Wood propellers are built with a metal strip, usually copper or copper alloy, covering the leading edge to prevent such damage occurring.

  • The Lenawee Trekker
    The Lenawee Trekker   1 days ago

    So you need all these fancy engineers and scientists to tell you something about air that anyone who rides a bicycle or motorcycle knows instinctively. Really!

  • TechNoirTV
    TechNoirTV   1 days ago

    I reminded why I hate and never watch discovery Channel

  • Global Atheist
    Global Atheist   1 days ago

    Of course they didn't get them right the first try, that's to be expected. Why do you think you don't see any Model Ts being built these days. I'm sure they're working to get better all the time and it's worth it.

  • Bill Hansen
    Bill Hansen   1 days ago

    Looks like another government funded business required to install leading edge metal strips. Has anyone added up the amount of energy to produce and install these wind machines? What is the payback versus burning natural gas? My guess is the turbine will break and be destroyed before it is ever profitable.

  • Boxy Brown
    Boxy Brown   1 days ago

    Should've went with nuclear energy, creates 300x less toxic waste per kwh than solar even. Green weenies!

  • Jean Gomez
    Jean Gomez   1 days ago

    Put some weight on the tips of the blades.

  • Aaron Uribe
    Aaron Uribe   1 days ago

    Umm engineers have known for at least a decade that wind farms are boof. What about land fragmentation throughout wind farm areas? Local fauna displacement during construction? Lets ask real questions

  • AV8R Tom
    AV8R Tom   1 days ago

    So how much energy must a wind turbine produce before it surpasses the amount of energy used in mining the materials used in its construction, shipping those materials, all of the manufacturing and installation involved in putting a wind turbine in place? I’m willing to bet far more energy is used to manufacture and install, Service and maintain a wind turbine then it will ever produce.

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx   1 days ago

    What’s the difference between Engineers boots and farmers Boots ?The engineers boots have the shit on the inside .

  • Dave Davis
    Dave Davis   1 days ago

    Well, it’s like “sandblasting” stuff in a workshop.

  • Glenn Felpel
    Glenn Felpel   1 days ago

    Drama, drama, drama, this is engineering not a brain dead TV show.  Just understand the problem and work on it.  But thanks for the technical information it the video.

  • Brian Gebert
    Brian Gebert   1 days ago

    Kind of like all the migratory birds these things kill every year. I like how a migratory bird is considered an impurity.

  • Inhuman Filth
    Inhuman Filth   1 days ago

    I always thought the term wind farm sounded wierd. I grew up on a farm and you cant grow wind....

  • Dee B
    Dee B   1 days ago

    "Maintenance free"? WTF. a gradeschooler would get mad at you.

  • Mac Gyver
    Mac Gyver   1 days ago

    Wind doesn't blow in just 1 direction lol

  • Cabra Vision
    Cabra Vision   1 days ago

    Small turbine on individual homes is better than this

  • Billy Hunt
    Billy Hunt   1 days ago

    They don't tell you that to make these turbines creates more pollution than they stop, just like recycling creates more pollution than it stops

  • Nathan Lovel
    Nathan Lovel   1 days ago


  • Marty Lynchin
    Marty Lynchin   1 days ago

    How about you stop wasting your time with this hippie crap and make some Nuclear power plants?

  • David F
    David F   1 days ago

    They are killing bats and birds.

  • Jack Srstka
    Jack Srstka   1 days ago

    Thorium nuclear and natural gas carbon capture are the future. Wind and solar suck ass

  • davetileguy
    davetileguy   1 days ago

    uhhhhh saltwater is corrosive you morons. hmm I geuss more tax dollars will fix it.