The Glaring Engineering Mistake That Made Wind Turbines Inefficient | Massive Engineering Mistakes

  • Published on: 27 August 2019
  • Scientists and engineers detail the glaring mistake that rendered wind farms inefficient and costly.

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  • Runtime : 7:47
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  • kurt robinson
    kurt robinson   9 hours ago

    As someone who retired from fixing what engineers screwed up, sounds about right.

  • Herbert Shallcross
    Herbert Shallcross   14 hours ago

    What is a wind turbine blade after it's service life is over? Toxic Waste.

  • superrf85
    superrf85   17 hours ago

    Planned Obsolescence. If the blades and other parts lasted forever the companies that make them would go out of business.

  • Felix Sanchez
    Felix Sanchez   20 hours ago

    Cuando el huracan maria paso por Puerto Rico destruyo todas las aspas de la wind farm de Naguabo que son como 25 but past true the Villalba farm no damages are all y son allmost 100 wind turbines tose two farms era close to the sea

  • davidparkowski
    davidparkowski   1 days ago

    These wind turbines will never offset the carbon emissions that went into its manufacture in its lifetime. Not to mention the fact that they have to be maintained due to stupid oversights.

  • Pack Money
    Pack Money   1 days ago

    Really the engineers were surprised to find that the wind turbines were getting damaged by seaspray and particles in the Wind?!!! WTF

  • Jason Evans
    Jason Evans   2 days ago

    Offshore wind energy is cheaper than new nuclear power.

  • Kent Bøllund
    Kent Bøllund   2 days ago

    I used to be an blade maker at SiemensI dont know where they picked up those "experts" but they clarly dont kvow what they are talking about."The balde moves at 180 MpH" No it doesnt, the tip of the blade can. its sciens 101, the blade is moving in a circkle sov the speeed of the center is actualy 0 MpH.Damage shown in the documentary. The outher layer of fiber on the lead edge can be coroded but right under it there is an reinforsment, sow the shape of the wing is kept intakt.And yes there can be some blades that are not up to standard (like in every other things) remember every blade made in the world is stil hand made and variets a litle form balde to blade but the amout of QC put into every proces along the production change, i will say it's minimal"I need to put on cloves, before i tuch the exposed fibers. Because its some nasty things" Yes it can itch like insulation form a house. But it depends on what kind of fibers they are, some are actually soft like cotton. The ones the are touching are defently not itchyOne start to wonder who have paid for the documentary...... Maybe the oil or coal industry?

  • METO U
    METO U   2 days ago

    I wonder why they dont also have solar panels on the part that does not spin

  • Chris Burn
    Chris Burn   2 days ago

    Wierdly dumbed down presentation style but still a subject I learnt something about so it's a win!

  • NotJo
    NotJo   2 days ago

    The mistake was it's entire concept. Hydro turbines are far superior. 70% of the planet is covered in moving water and constant. Wind is highly INCONSISTENT

  • Chris Miles
    Chris Miles   5 days ago

    “Engineers were wrong”Mechanics everywhere: <zero surprise>

  • Diego Raffa
    Diego Raffa   5 days ago

    Thanks for the clickbait title and the apocalyptic music

  • Fabiafidus
    Fabiafidus   5 days ago

    This is acturally good knews. With problems come solutions to more effective turbines

  • no name
    no name   5 days ago

    What a bunch of idiots why didn't they consulted with aviation? Propeller blades suffer the same type of damage that's why they get change on time or condition.

  • Light on the Inside
    Light on the Inside   1 weeks ago

    Weird that they didn't even consider UV damage even a factor, because once that white coating is gone it's free range on corrosion.But honestly it sounds like the whole solution to this issue is epoxy and fresh coating every year or two. Doesn't seem like a big hurdle to jump over.Maybe even consider some tougher materials on the end of the turbines blade edges, thin titanium or alluminum should work.

  • DayRider76
    DayRider76   1 weeks ago

    I thought the mistake was how many of these are stacking up at my local landfill?

  • S E
    S E   1 weeks ago

    Wind energy is an environmental disaster

  • Curas1
    Curas1   1 weeks ago

    Here's a non scientific thought, just have certian areas where old style windmill houses are allowed.Easy to maintain, no bird deaths and cheap to make.Might not get the best wind to power but really sometimes less is more.

  • David Baucom
    David Baucom   1 weeks ago

    imagine that.....some bleeding heart climate alarmist moron said wind turbines are maintenance free to make them easier to sell. What about the giant massively expensive planetary gearbox these use? need water kept out and oil kept in. Bearings will wear, bearings will fail, paint and coatings that keep epoxy from UV damage need to be inspected and replaced. mouth breathing alarmist troglodites

  • Re Light
    Re Light   1 weeks ago

    Someone somewhere showed what percentage of renewables, mainly just wind and solar produce in world energy needs today. It was less then, I forget five percent or one percent. This is after trillions of dollars invested in them. I also watched "The planet of the man/human". It's so fucking sad. Without tritium power plants in play, control of population, whether through education or more malice ways and change in diets, we are never going to beat fossil fuel addiction, before it kills us all.

  • Nooruddin Faraz
    Nooruddin Faraz   1 weeks ago

    Iam From INDIA. plz call me 7406604940 I have a solution for this. Cheap and effective.

  • Big Deeper
    Big Deeper   2 weeks ago

    I have a solution that does not use a windmill, thus solving the problem totally.

  • Daniel Clawson
    Daniel Clawson   2 weeks ago

    Isn't it CURIOUS how the producers didn't mention the non-stop SLAUGHTER of WILD BIRDS being pulverized by these blades as a major factor in the damage they discuss? They talked about the sand particles, sea spray and salt - but WHY did this documentary HIDE the damage caused by flocks of seagulls, eagles, osprays, etc all being pounded into bits every day? Not just a Glaring Mistake. No this OMISSION WAS ON PURPOSE. We wouldn't want to discuss the darker side the technology Green Energy would we? (Perhaps RED ENERGY - would be a better name?) Oh...yes...not to mention the fact that these expensive giant machines might just be the BIGGEST WASTE of $$ ever. They ALL BREAK DOWN, are super expensive to build AND maintain and of course they slaughter countless wild birds... Sorry Discovery Channel - the real truth is hidden here.

  • Suleyman Eliyev
    Suleyman Eliyev   2 weeks ago

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  • dnsmithnc
    dnsmithnc   2 weeks ago

    Now, if they can only fix the visual blight caused by these behemoths.

  • Dreamclaw
    Dreamclaw   2 weeks ago

    The future of world energy is fusion reactors. Wind and solar energy is a dead-end.

  • Tony Koenig
    Tony Koenig   2 weeks ago

    This problem was solved almost a 100 years ago on wooden propellers by puttin metal over the leading edges, its that simple

  • Spencer Howard
    Spencer Howard   2 weeks ago

    I apreciate all the comments warning that like other videos posted by this channel, the title is misleading.Here's how you retaliate, watch only a little bit of the video, don't comment, thumbs down and close the tab/video and watch something else, clicking away when you watch less than half of a video helps bury it in the algorithm.

  • dallas jackson
    dallas jackson   2 weeks ago

    Why do the people in the U.K. make fun of the rest of the world but they make these videos? I am starting to think they're all a bunch of idiots.

  • hello hun
    hello hun   2 weeks ago

    I am so glad the black dandelion haired woman explained this to us. An English older engineer with an accent is so confusing .

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace   2 weeks ago

    Nuclear is the future. Not this crap. Sooner we accept it the better as it will get more money and become more and more efficient and safer!!