17 Moments The Kardashians Wish Were Never Caught On KUWTK

  • Published on: 20 December 2019
  • The Most Uncomfortable and Cringe Moments From Keeping Up With The Kardashians That They Wish Wasn't Caught On Camera.
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    Keeping Up With The Kardashians is never short on drama, and there have been some explosive scenes in the history of the show. But there have also been a lot of more subtle cringe-inducing scenes and we’re going to look at some of the most awkward of them all. What could go wrong with sharing a hot tub with your kids, girlfriend, and ex-girlfriend? Well, just ask Scott Disick who got called out by not only his current partner Sofia Richie, but the mother of his children Kourtney Kardashian! Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s breakup was excruciatingly public but despite the cheating, he hasn’t given up hope of reconciliation. But Khloe’s reaction when she received a diamond necklace was absolutely brutal! These siblings have a reputation for being real with each other, but was Kourt a little too honest about Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala outfit? This famous family is known for their over-the-top parties but the fancy decorations are almost always combined with uncomfortable interactions. Corey Gamble might be one of the newer additions to the crew, but he has a hard time getting along with anyone other than Kris Jenner which has led to some explosive confrontations.

    Which one of these KUWTK moments made you cringe the most? Or is it one that we didn’t include? Take a moment to share your favorite uncomfortable scene from this famous reality show with us in the comment section and don’t forget to give this video a like and click the subscribe button for more great content from The Talko.

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  • _Official_Cinna _
    _Official_Cinna _   3 weeks ago

    Scott and kourtney are PUSSYS for not using physical Disciplineon their children

  • She Savage
    She Savage   4 weeks ago

    How do u throw a candy land party with no candy. That would be something that comes up in a therapy session when I got older.

  • Sannah Kakar
    Sannah Kakar   1 months ago

    They get wat they want coz they were brought up spoilt. And um what will their children then grow up to be? cough**cough spoiltttttttttttt

  • Brianne
    Brianne   1 months ago

    Im sorry to say it but corey is right... Kourtney takes all this time off from her obligations and focus on being a mom but her kids are beyond terrible. And she was offended when khole choose kim incase anything happened to her. Because kim doesnt put up with all of that... Those kids are beyond spoiled and if they arent held accountable then they will be terrible people when they get older... I mean just think of what that nannie has been put threw to lose it and quit. Thats not for 1 time. And it shows that kid has no respect. To physically hurt the women who is taking care of her. Why is it ok for her to be hurt and nothing happen to the kid.

  • Ariane Quenard
    Ariane Quenard   1 months ago

    I think Scott was right about getting mad at Corey. I believe children should never be physically punished. That might make them a bad person, who will later grow to be exactly the same as their parents, hitting cligdren and making them unhappy. Children are humans, just because they are younger than their parents doesn’t mean their parents should have every single right over them. Every kid has gotten angry at one point and lashed out.

  • Faiza Hanif
    Faiza Hanif   1 months ago

    Ok how anyone can be so sure that they didn't want this to be on camera?? It was all planned and intentional

  • Ava Carter
    Ava Carter   1 months ago

    did you notice how many time she said needled to say

  • Wania Abdullah
    Wania Abdullah   2 months ago

    Where tf is Kendall?she important as well..HELLOOOO

  • RReal LLife
    RReal LLife   2 months ago

    My opinion on the spanking comment is that the dad was correct that you couldn't spank the kid, but he should've been calmer. Also I completely understand why he said to spank her, but there are other ways like time out or, they should discipline her more.

  • Aria Grayson
    Aria Grayson   2 months ago

    Tristan was showing off for the camera trying to redeem his image. And Scott is a grown man in comparison to sophia. So if he acts differently with the mother of his children do keep in mind they have an entirely different relationship.. For her to try and compare the two is absolutely disgusting.

  • hildeliza martínez
    hildeliza martínez   2 months ago

    Pff! Scott reaction to Corey's suggestion is too over the top... your kids are spoiled man!! spanking them is not gonna scar them for life.

  • Mamamia
    Mamamia   2 months ago

    Malika is an opportunist: money is her motivation

  • kawsar ahmed
    kawsar ahmed   2 months ago

    Lol 2:50 and 3:15 Video evidence Kylie wears extensions!!!:D

  • Juanita Minjares
    Juanita Minjares   2 months ago

    They are a joke. Not role models at all. Liars. Just to stay on air.

  • infamous_ pickle
    infamous_ pickle   2 months ago

    I feel like khloe gets dragged into everything lol 😂

  • Madison Childress
    Madison Childress   2 months ago

    Am I the only one that is on Corey’s side, and thinks Penelope should have got her butt beat for lashing out over a car seat???

  • M A R S T E A
    M A R S T E A   2 months ago

    I love how the sisters always go to Khloé about a fight or sum

  • Liz Brown
    Liz Brown   2 months ago

    One time on kuwtk in Chris's or khloe's closet had coke or. Meth on a mirror. In a earlier season

  • Cathy Shurelds
    Cathy Shurelds   2 months ago

    they probably do need a spanking the spoiled brats That's what they probably is and I don't blame that nanny for for quitting they'll probably disrespectful just like their parents are and they probably don't even have time for those kids That's why they probably so unruly 😠

  • Clara McGee
    Clara McGee   2 months ago

    Lmao why is Khloe always pulled into the middle of all the arguments

  • VPC
    VPC   2 months ago

    No one:The Talko: cHloE aND tRiSTaN

  • jennifer white
    jennifer white   2 months ago

    Khloe Kardashian is by far the best Kardashian in the family. She seems to be the most real person of all the sisters. Khloe keep it up your so beautiful girl inside and out! This is the only reality show I watch and its because of her I keep watching it.

  • Crafty Club
    Crafty Club   2 months ago

    Rather than always saying it WHY NOT show us the whole scene??!!!

  • Lucy Kate
    Lucy Kate   2 months ago

    2:24 am I the only one that thought khole looked just like kris AM I GOING CRAZY