Is Amazon Basics better than Liqui Moly? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 08 April 2019
  • The oil competition series intensifies as Amazon Basics competes against Liqui Moly. Is the low-priced AmazonBasics full synthetic 5W-30 motor as good or better than Liqui Moly's Top Tex 4200 5W-30 full synthetic motor oil? I am not sponsored by Liqui Moly or Amazon Basics. I purchased both of these products using my own money. I am not sponsored by Amazon, Liqui Moly, or by any product manufacturer. 100% of Project Farm videos are ideas that come from those leaving comments. So, thank you very much for requesting this video!

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    In the previous episodes, Amsoil won over Royal Purple and will advance to next round in the oil championship series.

    Red Line won over Walmart's SuperTech and will also advance:

    The testing methods outlined in this video are my own and not performed using expensive oil lab testing equipment or following the ASTM, SAE or API testing standards. The three tests outlined in the video include tests for viscosity at varying temperatures, film strength, and evaporative testing. In my opinion, the testing approaches used in this video provide consumers with valuable information on choosing the right motor oil for their specific application. Hope you enjoy the rest of the video and thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • Nenad Stojkovski
    Nenad Stojkovski   1 days ago

    Liqui Moly have the best tech specs and it is a lot better oil than Amazon's. You can't judge only by high and low temperature tests. Those bearings that you used have nothing in common with engine cylinders, pistons, crank and camshafts! Your test is a JOKE period.

  • Belisarius
    Belisarius   4 days ago

    Folks, this is what in engineering we would call a Mickey Mouse methodology that has nothing to do with actual liquid properties inside a hot high pressure system, expected to hold an engine together, without any air bubbles or seizures, all the way to 400 km/hr. Or your average 250 km/hr Autobahn... The moment we talk heat, we now talk a higher number, e.g. 40. There are dozens of critical properties that this metal on metal joke never recreates. Besides, unlike in Hyundai engines, performance engines DO NOT RUB METAL ON METAL INSIDE- and are not expected to. Slice open a 15 year old performance German engine, and original tooling marks are still visible, unaffected by piston movement. In the end, just warming up an oil, or just dropping it at -20C does not talk as to how it starts behaving the moment the ignition is switched on...

  • maxvader6
    maxvader6   5 days ago

    What am I doing.. should go sleeping instead watching four oils in a race 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Matthew Chetcuti
    Matthew Chetcuti   5 days ago

    You should try it against the liqui moly synthetic oil. The one you user is a synthetic blend. Not a full synthetic.

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony   1 weeks ago

    Have you tested various 0w-40 oils? My Porsche dealer recommends mobile1 in my Cayenne.

  • elbart1000
    elbart1000   1 weeks ago

    The liquid test isn't correct... You want the maximum of lubrication and when the winner is amazonbasics, the smoother oil wins.So in this case liqui moly wins the second test for me.

  • g g
    g g   1 weeks ago

    Hello the links in your description go to the youtube studio URL instead of the video URL. Thanks!

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar   1 weeks ago

    Please make a video about (20w50) liqui moly, Amazon basic motul, mobil . Which oil be best for use?

  • ed holler
    ed holler   1 weeks ago

    These results are quite surprising. I really expected liquid moly to dominate. This is great info to know. I believe im going to start using amazon oil. I would really like to see a friction additive show down, for example zzdp (zinc) vs other borate additives

  • E. Peres
    E. Peres   1 weeks ago

    German rules. The best cars of the world.

  • vidright
    vidright   1 weeks ago

    So Amazon Basics is better at low temperatures, Liqui Moly is better at high temperatures. But for that low price, Amazon Basics defenitely is a good deal.

  • GodZilla Owner
    GodZilla Owner   1 weeks ago

    That´s a joke? Never seen such a non-sense test...

  • MrNeutron98
    MrNeutron98   1 weeks ago

    Some interesting fact about LiquiMoly:Liqui Moly had a nice boss. Quote:"Through advertising campaigns of his company, in which he appeared himself and emphasized the social responsibility of his company for local jobs. He participated several times in TV talk rounds, and spoke in favor of minimum wages and higher top tax rates.As a co-initiator of the wealth tax initiative, he is now committed to the reintroduction of wealth tax. In addition, he clearly criticizes the dominance of the financial industry over the real economy and calls for stronger government regulation of the financial sector. In this context, he accuses the governing politicians who do nothing in this direction of corruption or stupidity." Thats not the average philosophy of every boss and especially not AMAZON which tries to avoid as much taxes as possible but maxing out profit everywhere.

  • Tristan Hipps
    Tristan Hipps   2 weeks ago

    these tests really dont mean much in an engine. a better test would be to run each oil for the same time and send it to a lab.

  • Domke
    Domke   2 weeks ago

    Ohh my... please do not listen to this dip shit. Liquid Molly does state of the art testing on all of its oils and other products. They are known globally to be one of the best manufacturers of motor oil. Amazon basics is not

  • 0biito火
    0biito火   2 weeks ago

    Ok, but how will the amazon oil work after (for example)10 months or 1year of use?

  • Eintrachtminecrafter
    Eintrachtminecrafter   2 weeks ago

    Amazon basics is no option for me because it has no Mercedes-Benz specification

  • Walt Howington
    Walt Howington   2 weeks ago

    Is it true what I have heard that US synthetics are just hyper-refined crude oils, and EU made synthetics have never been in the ground? Also, what about LL-01 certs that the LiquiMoly has and the Amazon doesn't?

  • bienenpaps t
    bienenpaps t   2 weeks ago

    Liqui moly is made for driving without limits ...😊🙌👍

  • JoJo NoNo
    JoJo NoNo   3 weeks ago

    I've mention this a few times in the past, with regards to the actual amount of time the motor oil in inside of a running engine. All military vehicles, including billion dollar bombers, have timers on them. So, if you change your oil and other fluids based on miles driven instead of running hours inside the engine your motor oil may degrade way past the point where you should change them. I change my motor oil every 100 hours. If I was on the Interstate for 100 hours I could travel 7,000 miles at 70 MPH. I typically only log about 1,100 to 1,3,00 miles in 100 hours driving around town. So, I'd have closer to 300 hours on my engine if I waited for the odometer to hit 3K miles. That would be about 20K-21K miles driven at 70 MPH on the Interstate.

  • Andrej V
    Andrej V   3 weeks ago

    What is the sulfate ash spec of the Amazon oil?

  • DJJumpdancer
    DJJumpdancer   3 weeks ago

    i couldnt find that amazon basics engine oil at amazon

  • melo beaSt
    melo beaSt   3 weeks ago

    You appear very fussy, that an American product has beaten a German product. But why you compared a pure gasoline oil with an gasoline and diesel (ACEA C3, for particle filter) oil?Why you didn't take a pure Liqui Moly gasoline oil? By the way, LM has many different oils for many tasks. And the LM oil has much more licenses from car manufacturers, what is more expensive.

  • Charles Whyde
    Charles Whyde   3 weeks ago

    Best content provider, others should model to this level of quality.

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess   3 weeks ago

    Does the Amazon oil meet 507.00 oil spec rating? Why are these being compared?

  • Paul
    Paul   3 weeks ago

    Have you tested jigsaw blades?

  • Hans Holt
    Hans Holt   3 weeks ago

    IMHO the test is not absolut valid for the question, which oil is better. The cold fluid test isnt so good, because we dont have a comparison for a calibrated 5W oil. Maybe the amazon oil is more like an 0W oil. If somebody prefer an oil with good cold start performance, he should use a 0W-XX oil, instead of a standard 5W-30. I have some confusion about this abrasion test. Which pressure was put on the bearing, what was the exact oillevel on the roller? That should be exact calibrated.The more important qustion on oil is, on which age, which level of performance the oil keeps. What is about the hot perfomance. Did it still have its lubricating attributes, when its hot?What is about the cleaning performance? Heat consumption?

  • mariusz p
    mariusz p   3 weeks ago

    Can you put amazon 5 30 synthetic oil in diesel engins???

  • THEashbeck
    THEashbeck   3 weeks ago

    It's amazing what people do for money 😂😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • Ron Kögel
    Ron Kögel   4 weeks ago

    Please Test Motul Oil against some other oil.

  • MyloFresh87
    MyloFresh87   4 weeks ago

    when americans thinking that german stuff is best^^ ... greetings from germany ^^ :D

  • Ricardo Benin
    Ricardo Benin   4 weeks ago


  • RO _BMW
    RO _BMW   1 months ago

    Fck that, i dont trust this test. Why the fck would be a cheap oil better then a high qualitiy one. I am using only high performance oil and i drive a bmw 335i n54 with over 540 hp. I will never put a cheap oil into my engine! You can say wathever you want, put cheap oil in your car but dont complain if your engine will blow off.