Is Amazon Basics better than Liqui Moly? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 08 April 2019
  • The oil competition series intensifies as Amazon Basics competes against Liqui Moly. Is the low-priced AmazonBasics full synthetic 5W-30 motor as good or better than Liqui Moly's Top Tex 4200 5W-30 full synthetic motor oil? I am not sponsored by Liqui Moly or Amazon Basics. I purchased both of these products using my own money. I am not sponsored by Amazon, Liqui Moly, or by any product manufacturer. 100% of Project Farm videos are ideas that come from those leaving comments. So, thank you very much for requesting this video!

    In the previous episodes, Amsoil won over Royal Purple and will advance to next round in the oil championship series.

    Red Line won over Walmart's SuperTech and will also advance:

    The testing methods outlined in this video are my own and not performed using expensive oil lab testing equipment or following the ASTM, SAE or API testing standards. The three tests outlined in the video include tests for viscosity at varying temperatures, film strength, and evaporative testing. In my opinion, the testing approaches used in this video provide consumers with valuable information on choosing the right motor oil for their specific application. Hope you enjoy the rest of the video and thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • Ricardo Benin
    Ricardo Benin   1 days ago


  • RO _BMW
    RO _BMW   2 days ago

    Fck that, i dont trust this test. Why the fck would be a cheap oil better then a high qualitiy one. I am using only high performance oil and i drive a bmw 335i n54 with over 540 hp. I will never put a cheap oil into my engine! You can say wathever you want, put cheap oil in your car but dont complain if your engine will blow off.

  • Skilla001
    Skilla001   2 days ago

    Für diesen Test hättest du das Liqui Moly Top Tec 4600 5W-30 müssen. Noch besser währe ein Liqui Moly der Synthoilklasse!

  • Nemo
    Nemo   3 days ago

    take: Liqui moly is the most overrated and overpriced oil, it's absolutely nothing special but it suckers in the german car fanboys with it's big MADE IN GERMANY labels. there are many oils available that are better AND cheaper, and many more that are just as good for less.

  • omar k
    omar k   4 days ago

    do the new kirkland signature oil!!!!! 2 5 quart jugs for 30 bucks

  • mihai0377
    mihai0377   6 days ago

    Amazon is the best joke ever when it comes to Shopping ! Chinese products at double the price ! Only good thing is fast delivery...but i rather wait 2 weeks and buy at Sale Price from China directly, rather than put more money into Jeff pockets for nothing ! Open your eyes people !

  • RoachKai
    RoachKai   6 days ago

    2 hours?? Somebody get this man a lazy susan!

  • dymsza
    dymsza   1 weeks ago

    i wonder if the winter test makes sense. Is the mass of the oil exactly the some in both case ? And would that affect the results

  • Robert Schulz
    Robert Schulz   1 weeks ago

    Isn't Liqui moly 5w30 4200 is a bmw ll01 oil? Meaning it's closer to a api 5w-40 with a 3.5+ hths? Amazon basics probably has a hths of 2.9?

  • lakkchina
    lakkchina   1 weeks ago

    Your doesn’t tell anything. I will buy liqui moly over Amazon Oil. Nothing in your test show scientific proofs. Where is the combustion in your test...? Where is the particles in the engine? Where is the burnt carbon? Where is the seals? Where are the bearings where is the load forces in metals with higher temps...? Just in case you always take foreign brands to find the losers

  • Frank Alley
    Frank Alley   1 weeks ago

    Might I suggest a minor change to your cold flow performance test? Freeze the race lanes too.

  • Fred Novak
    Fred Novak   1 weeks ago

    I don't know why this was so entertaining.

  • OdinAF
    OdinAF   1 weeks ago

    Amsoil Warranty is far superior to amazon.

  • WaynesMundo
    WaynesMundo   1 weeks ago

    Fantastic video. One oil i've always held in high regard was the Total Quartz 9000 5w40. Maybe one for the test?

    LALOMAN   1 weeks ago

    You be crazy if i'm putting that Amazon basics shit oil inside my BMW! HELL TO THE NAH NAH NA NA NAHHHHHH!!! Amazon basics oil is made of 70% water, 20% Crisco and 10% Dog shit!

  • jeremy pearson
    jeremy pearson   1 weeks ago

    Your wife is probably wondering why the coffee tastes different

  • TGE
    TGE   1 weeks ago

    Was thinkin' when usin' the bearing test stamp bearings for w/e oil n reuse 'em rotated however many degrees..should get about 4 tests out of each

  • P Joubert
    P Joubert   2 weeks ago

    You skipped the most important test. Which of these oils would be best for a Fryolator on Cape Cod in the summer? We're concerned about excessive evaporation. Ernie's Clam Shack, Provicetown.

  • wenn wenn
    wenn wenn   2 weeks ago

    Maybe Liqui Moly failed because of all those European specifications? 1:27

  • Alaa Sibai
    Alaa Sibai   2 weeks ago

    Great test. Thank you for sharing. I'm interested in seeing the same test performed on these two brands after 5k miles of usage. Just to see long term performance.

  • MrWilsonxD
    MrWilsonxD   2 weeks ago

    More Amazon oil full synthetic comparisons please!

  • sprinter1313
    sprinter1313   2 weeks ago

    amazon basic oil in americans tesla. ha ha

  • Auto H 203
    Auto H 203   3 weeks ago

    1. It-s LIQUI, not LiquiD moly2. Liqui moly has synthetis tehnology so not fully synthetic.The Synthoil range from liqui moly are the synthetics.

  • czhff9
    czhff9   3 weeks ago

    Liqui Moly also lost the evaporative test as it lost 0.609% versus Amazon Basics 0.604% loss (based on your before and after weights).You may want to consider using percent loss as your starting weights differed on both the lubricity and evaporative tests.

  • Barış Özbek
    Barış Özbek   4 weeks ago

    İt is better to prepare an excel table to show all the results of products.This upgrades your experiments.

  • Sebastian Tevel
    Sebastian Tevel   4 weeks ago

    You have already done an incredible amount of work for these tests. Next step.... would be a wear test after cooking the oil.I think that would be more relevant than doing the test with brand new oils. Nevertheless, thank you very much for the hard work!