Milk. White Poison or Healthy Drink?

  • Published on: 26 January 2020
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    Over the last decade milk has become a bit controversial. Some people say it’s a necessary and nutritious food, vital for healthy bones, but others say it can cause cancer and lead to an early death.

    So who is right? And why are we drinking it anyway?

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  • Jacob Day
    Jacob Day   1 hours ago

    Dear ad that played before this: no, i dont approve of trump. Please shut up.

  • Adrienne McCampbell
    Adrienne McCampbell   11 hours ago

    You didn’t mention this in the video but milk and cause cancer is it wasn’t washed I know how they make milk and if they didn’t add that special yellow soap thing before they made the milk then it would’ve had diseases and bacteria and stuff in it so my could get 10 so you could get cancer from out that way if you don’t clean it properly

  • Turtle Human
    Turtle Human   1 days ago

    If you guys wanna see the angry vegan comments go to newest first

  • Sirwaffle
    Sirwaffle   1 days ago

    We need milk for...C A L C I U M

  • Jumanji1467 Dwayne
    Jumanji1467 Dwayne   1 days ago

    Schodinger's milk is both healthy and unhealthy until you drink it.

  • Bad Username Creator

    65% of people are lactose intolerant?! SIXTY FIVE PERCENT?!?!! I know it's a lot higher in some places which brings the average up but that's WAY more than I expected.

  • elims FN
    elims FN   1 days ago

    Hol on ima brb I’ll get some kill from the store

  • Kevin Khatch
    Kevin Khatch   2 days ago

    Okay, but whoever eats dairy consumes only 100-250 ml / day? That's one tiny glass.

  • Jones
    Jones   2 days ago

    0:34 I sense a reference

  • Jaya Kumari
    Jaya Kumari   2 days ago

    So that's great that in india cows are said to be mother they are not forced to do anything and can walk all around and everybody feed them. lol cows in other countries

  • DKrazy
    DKrazy   2 days ago

    I drink a lot of milk. Not because it's healthy or I need it to survive, but just because it's friggin *delicious*.

  • Jerry Haster
    Jerry Haster   2 days ago

    i came here just because orange juice gang is c r i n g e

  • Invictus
    Invictus   3 days ago

    You guys draw the animals so fucking cute like wth

  • Daniel Richter
    Daniel Richter   3 days ago

    i watched this while eating ice cream and drinking chocolate milk

  • Ianzes
    Ianzes   3 days ago

    7:23 That couldn't be more false. Very rarely are dairy cows treated badly, most cows are treated better than some humans. While yes some cows are treated badly it's pretty rare for that to be the case.

  • Hunter Tipton
    Hunter Tipton   3 days ago

    I was scared to death when he said drinking more than four glasses of milk a day can raise the risk of cancer then he said well actually no

  • 16 GalaxyTab
    16 GalaxyTab   4 days ago

    좋은 말씀 감사합니다 구독 누르겠습니다

  • lobstrosity pat-a-pon

    Drinking glandular discharge from some animal? No fam, I'm good thanks. Water is the elixir of life.

  • Saheel Lodhia
    Saheel Lodhia   4 days ago

    Literally watching this while I have a glass of milk and cookies... Lol

  • BoyBalastog
    BoyBalastog   4 days ago

    Correction: it causes a lot of animal suffering in the US where the heavily subsidized dairy industry is politically influential. Plenty of countries and companies do not employ anywhere near the same degree of restrictive conditions for dairy cattle, and do not produce anywhere near as much wasteful surplus that an economic downturn would force farmers to simply dump excess milk, as happens in the US. The American dairy industry needs to transition out of an unsistainable economic model. It won't be easy, nor painless, but get rid of that problem and most issues with the dairy industry cease to be problems.

  • Valen Dreugh
    Valen Dreugh   5 days ago

    Thank god, I love milk and it's been a major part of my entire life. Though tbh even if you said it's totally bad for me I would be like "SO IS YOUR FACE!" and then keep drinking it.