Sebastian Maniscalco on Performing in Front of Stallone and Pacino

  • Published on: 06 August 2019
  • Sebastian talks about traveling with his dad, his love of eating, trying to make his daughter laugh, being in the movie The Irishman, performing in front of Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone, and hosting the MTV VMA's.

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    Sebastian Maniscalco on Performing in Front of Stallone and Pacino
  • Runtime : 8:26
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  • Arthur Schmon
    Arthur Schmon   1 days ago

    Is that Jacket supposed to be ahead of its time?

  • Tim Power
    Tim Power   1 days ago

    Is kimmel drunk in this interview?? He sounds on slow mo

  • NFL is rigged
    NFL is rigged   1 days ago

    It seems like Sebastian doesn't like Jimmy much, no?

  • Jeff Kennedy
    Jeff Kennedy   2 days ago

    What the he’ll happened to Kimmel? I used to like him. But he’s got to be the worst interviewer on tv. Somebody tell him it’s not about him.

  • MeMyselfand8888
    MeMyselfand8888   3 days ago

    I remember him from awhile back I’m glad he’s getting recognition. He is funny.

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper   5 days ago

    I do not know why SS was not in his seat but I doubt anyone ever saw two minutes of this comic and thought "he sucks". He is the funniest guy I have seen since Carlin.

  • W R
    W R   5 days ago

    Anyone know why he never mentions his mother and only his father?

  • Lisa C
    Lisa C   1 weeks ago

    💕💕 Sebastian!

  • franz stockmann
    franz stockmann   1 weeks ago

    Sebastian sold out to be on this creeps show! NOT FUNNY ANYMORE

  • Meek Mic
    Meek Mic   1 weeks ago

    The most underrated comedian. One of my very favorite along side russel Peters

  • MidnightMan
    MidnightMan   1 weeks ago

    Top of the line ! Get this guy a show already !!!!!!!!!

  • Lisa S
    Lisa S   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is so lame lol

  • desert sand
    desert sand   1 weeks ago

    This guy is so cool, I come from a generation of infantry nobody's that grew up in the desert and jungle, a total outdoorsman and somehow this guy vocalizes everything I've ever wanted to say since I was 5 years old, his Navy SEAL bit is my life. make an action movie dude, you so deserve it .

  • Dee Fit
    Dee Fit   2 weeks ago

    Kimmel is so annoying, his voice ruins this interview.

  • cassie Deer
    cassie Deer   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy great guest ..................Sebastian is the only reason I watched .............oh yea I watched when Laine was on..................Jimmy you used to be funny and had a great your job is Trump bashing and lying on him....................................are you from America????? you have illegal friends or a mistress...............who is illegal...............or a big secret you don't want to get out.................................WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DESTROY AMERICA????

  • zznidars
    zznidars   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy is almost as bad an interviewer as Fallon

  • Big Punisher
    Big Punisher   2 weeks ago

    We need to have Sebastian, John Turturro, and Joe Gatto in a room and see what happens lmao.

  • Ggg
    Ggg   2 weeks ago

    He is THE BEST !!#! Sooo darn funny and Jimmy K did amazing too

  • Mr Foxydoodles
    Mr Foxydoodles   2 weeks ago

    this guys gonna be huge, this guy looks like hes cut from an italian cloth older than the renaissance.

  • Connie Archer
    Connie Archer   3 weeks ago

    He is genuinely funny, I like him and I haven’t even heard of him till now that YouTube have him on my recommendations.

  • Dustin Henry
    Dustin Henry   3 weeks ago

    I'm so glad he ripped on millenials and safe spaces at the VMAs. Needed to be said

  • Jaz zo
    Jaz zo   3 weeks ago

    Hes the type of guy you gotta like somehow. Really slick and funny.

  • Biff Malibu
    Biff Malibu   3 weeks ago

    Kimmel and Fallon go over board on the fake laughs. Embarrassing.

  • Mike Knight
    Mike Knight   3 weeks ago

    This guy may as well be Jewish with the neurosis lol

  • Taj C.
    Taj C.   3 weeks ago


  • Kel B
    Kel B   3 weeks ago

    Sebastian is a great comedian. I think people like him because he is so genuine. He seems like the type of person who can't stand fake people.