Everything Wrong With The Happening In 21 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 15 January 2019
  • Oy.

    Thursday: sins of a "thriller"?

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 22:34
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  • BracEFacEDinO
    BracEFacEDinO   9 hours ago

    The fact that they didn't sin the obvious fake drink at 15:25 is a sin to Cinema Sins

  • Ronon
    Ronon   18 hours ago

    15:20 Whats with the wine in the glass? He's moving the wineglass around, but the wine stays in one place within the wineglass.

  • Rico Marcel
    Rico Marcel   5 days ago

    Is it just ME or is the wine in that glass not moving at all!?!?!! 15:24 bwahahaha

  • gbutreasful
    gbutreasful   5 days ago

    Bruh the stacies mom has me dying 😆😂🤣💀☠️

  • Shawn
    Shawn   6 days ago

    Gives movie a sin for an actor using the line "cheese and crackers" when he says "cheese and crackers" in almost every video

  • joshua gonzalez
    joshua gonzalez   6 days ago

    M. Night had the gall to make himself Joey 😂😂😂 wow.

  • I, Voyager1776
    I, Voyager1776   1 weeks ago

    Mandatory masks and (Anti)Social Distancing would have worked in this movie.In current day real life, nope, they're just f*cking retarded.

  • PunKick Jack
    PunKick Jack   1 weeks ago

    15:25no one. NO ONE? SERIOUSLY NO ONE?! will mention the fake wine in the glasses on the table and in his hand? Wth CinemaSins, sin on you!

  • J A
    J A   1 weeks ago

    15:21 I can't believe you didn't sin the wine for being so obviously fake

  • George Lawson
    George Lawson   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice the fake liquids in those glasses at 15:26 ?

  • Sheree Hi
    Sheree Hi   1 weeks ago

    Look at what happened with Trump and the virus: 20:30Not such a shitty movie with the virus today eh? Sadly people are that dumb.

  • Joey Mama
    Joey Mama   1 weeks ago

    No sins for the way those lions easily pulled that guy's arms off?

  • Joey Mama
    Joey Mama   1 weeks ago

    Yes, I just watched this again last night! The biggest sin IMHO should be Mark Wahlberg's "acting".

  • Péter
    Péter   1 weeks ago

    This movie is just a high budget Birdemic remake

  • LannyLog
    LannyLog   1 weeks ago

    Please take a sin off for using Ukee who is a real news caster even todayAlso, half of these are really just sins on Jeremy for not knowing the culture of Pennsylvania

  • Aiden Barker
    Aiden Barker   1 weeks ago

    I have been looking for the name of this movie for a very long time

  • Mikaela
    Mikaela   2 weeks ago

    the wine isn't moving @ 15:23

  • 124Eline
    124Eline   2 weeks ago

    Watching this movie now. Maybe M. Night was on to something

  • Vinn Dil
    Vinn Dil   2 weeks ago

    MISSED SIN: at 15:24, the liquid in the glass defies physics. Like doesn't move with the glass at all.

  • emily shrigley
    emily shrigley   2 weeks ago

    Hmm... wonder your feelings on comparing this to the current pandemic Lolol

  • Låzy_Rïvęr
    Låzy_Rïvęr   2 weeks ago

    This is BirdBox all over againAlso when Elliot is moving the wine in the glass, why isn't it MOVINGand terrible acting

  • Jacob Boston
    Jacob Boston   2 weeks ago

    13:40 ... Releases spores when theres too many of you together? Sounds like the base plan for the corona-virus!

  • Mrgreen1110
    Mrgreen1110   2 weeks ago

    I need someone to realize at 15:30/15:31 when Mark is holding the wine glass and sloshing it every way around...the wine never moves

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff   2 weeks ago

    I actually liked this movie when it came out. The concept was interesting. Mark Wahlberg’s acting was hilariously bad though.

  • Chris Laird
    Chris Laird   2 weeks ago

    Normally laugh my ass off with these videos and they are pretty accurate with their jokes.......but according to the map of infection, driving from Philadelphia to ohio would not be the closest non infected place to the west, which is only 5 hours but really you could drive 3 hours west and still be in Pennsylvania and be safe.....west Virginia is only 2 hours west and then 30 minutes south and it wasnt infected, so yes, they could have driven across state borders to a safe place and it still be day light.

  • Casey Sivard
    Casey Sivard   2 weeks ago

    What? No sin for John Leguizamo is in the movie, so must die, cliche?

  • Not CloudEclipse
    Not CloudEclipse   2 weeks ago

    15:24 How was it not a sin that the drinks were static in the cups?

  • Boz
    Boz   2 weeks ago

    15:22 ... they just thought nobody would see that there wasn't liquid in marks glass.

  • Morgan Lynch
    Morgan Lynch   2 weeks ago

    no one has realized that the wine doesnt move in his glass yet???

  • Gabriel Capito
    Gabriel Capito   2 weeks ago

    15:24-15:28 Mark is waving around a frozen glass full of wine

  • Al A-Las H
    Al A-Las H   3 weeks ago

    Why didn't the wine in his glass move though??

  • 5sonic
    5sonic   3 weeks ago

    anyone else notice at 15:24 Mark has a fake glass of wine that's painted on?

  • jwltiger
    jwltiger   3 weeks ago

    why doesn't the wine move in the glass...is it supposed to be fake in the film and if so, why is he picking it up as if to drink it....