WATCH PEOPLE DIE INSIDE! ӏ r/WatchPeopleDieInside PT. 18

  • Published on: 25 November 2019
  • Long time no see, huh? Well, I'm back with a new video!

    “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents.” - Bob Ross.

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  • Runtime : 9:46
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  • Mr Hexadus
    Mr Hexadus   3 days ago

    there selling for about 5000 dollars now...

  • Ardhito N.
    Ardhito N.   1 weeks ago

    it feels like ford did it on purpose

  • tony gilbert
    tony gilbert   1 weeks ago

    Harrison Ford's an asshole forgot without star wars he'd be a nobody

  • Keyaan Miah
    Keyaan Miah   1 weeks ago

    I didnt know an ipad can go upto 2000

  • Loony Titan
    Loony Titan   2 weeks ago

    wait a minute that doesn't make sense... dont turkeys lay eggs?

  • WhoFlungDung 148
    WhoFlungDung 148   2 weeks ago

    Somebody should start a go fund me for the guy at the end to get new i pad

  • Cj Aromin
    Cj Aromin   2 weeks ago

    Oh the chicken is pregnant!!

    ORIAN EVANS   2 weeks ago

    Idex in Russian language is a mountain goat...So lol, for me that was kinda stupid.

  • 718-Icsis
    718-Icsis   2 weeks ago

    2:54 She was killing that shit😍

  • paul johnson
    paul johnson   2 weeks ago

    7:45 - I'm not sure what the F she is doing, but she's cute as hell

  • ya boi EJ!76
    ya boi EJ!76   3 weeks ago

    THAT MULINIUM FALCON is the 2017 one that is only 800$

  • Reginald Andrews
    Reginald Andrews   3 weeks ago

    The girl dancing in the car....her dog was like: "Can't believe I'm with this embarrassing ass human!"😆😆

  • ray putnam
    ray putnam   4 weeks ago

    They really said at 4:30 that it was pregnant 😂

  • Abel Adiwiguna
    Abel Adiwiguna   1 months ago

    0:28 that joke isn't even funny, it's just rude

  • Grzegorz Miałkowski
    Grzegorz Miałkowski   1 months ago

    the first one with Harrison was staged and planed xd it's meant to be a sketch/joke

  • Sukndeez
    Sukndeez   1 months ago

    A turkey was pregnant with a chicken? Looks like someone failed biology

  • DiZZLE D
    DiZZLE D   1 months ago

    Dude at the fball game was so awkward and she didn’t even know or reciprocate any emotions leading up to that point. Put yourself in that situation and imagine someone doing that shit publicly. That wasn’t a confession in was a TRAP

  • MAUD
    MAUD   1 months ago

    What's the song the white girl is dancing to?

  • GJ kim
    GJ kim   1 months ago

    problem with youtuber is that they arent used to live audiences.

  • bean
    bean   1 months ago

    I love Harrison ford, but did he really have to such a dick?

  • chase's shit
    chase's shit   1 months ago

    the ea one the YouTuber nearly did a bad

  • Sum Thang
    Sum Thang   1 months ago

    That guy saying he was in love for 9 years with a girl he wasn’t even in a relationship with is some sad cuck shit 😂😂

  • Jo Baby
    Jo Baby   1 months ago

    0:24 I would of hit dude in the chin so hard he’ll break down just like them legos

  • Noah Hess
    Noah Hess   1 months ago

    I don’t understand why the girl dancing in the car was so embarrassed. She was probably going to post that to the internet why didn’t she just own it?

  • Yellow
    Yellow   1 months ago

    5:44 omg stan twice