5 Theories About The Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Published on: 17 November 2018
  • 5 theorist about the universe that will blow your mind. We take a look at these 5 theories about the universe that will bow your mind.

    Advancements in quantum mechanical theories and new technologies that allow us to better perceive our universe and understand the answers to questions we never believed possible to answer seem to be developing every single day as research scientists work to provide us with new insights and revelations to our universe that break the boundaries of what we ever thought was possible.

    From these findings will often spawn new theories and enlightenment's that will cause even the most stoic of people the need to sit back and collect their thoughts in order to come to terms with theories that are so mind blowing, they are often groundbreaking in their own right. So today, we will be visiting 5 theories about our very own universe that will absolutely blow your mind.

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  • g4do
    g4do   1 hours ago

    I've clowned a lot on a lot of these channels about the appearance of what the universe or what the universe is. Truth is , its simple to explain, but very difficult to understand by the human mind . Incredibly difficult. But they still try . In a way to explain the universe simply is to first explain what every scientist does not know . There is no such thing as "A" universe. If there was a word to explain what we should call this space we live in that exists within a much larger space, it would be called communiverse. You see , the so called ATOM, resembles a Galaxy which is so numerous there isn't a number to give as to how many there are . But , a further look would show our UNIVERSE, to be a smaller part of the actual UNIVERSE. If we could back away from our so called universe, it would look like a giga-galaxy or an enormous galaxy. And all galaxies have a center or nucleus, just as the Atom does . With the actual universe, there are unlimited realms that contain galaxies which the inhabitants think are universes. We do not live within a UNIVERSE . The so called universe we live in is more like a Galaxy, and the term Galaxy is not what you call a galaxy. You've been lied to . The universe is bigger than you were told . And, there are giga- planets larger than a universe that contains a lot of the elements needed by our communiverses for the processes of creation and destruction cycles. Incredible complication . We can study forever and never gain all of the knowledge of our realm , nor of the natural and true universe.

  • Tiff Pollack
    Tiff Pollack   14 hours ago

    Did I make all my memories up of my past before last Thursday? That’s now going through my head along w/ black holes and the big bang theory !

  • Jehtay Richardson
    Jehtay Richardson   23 hours ago

    We are actually living in the multi verse 🌌🌎🌏💭 💯💯💯

  • oldestnic
    oldestnic   1 days ago

    What is the definition of Universe? If there are Multiverses should they be subsets of the Universe? I always thought that the Universe was everything. If that is not the case can we describe a new set called for example Omniverse which includes all the Multiverses and then ask what created the Omniverse? I am glad I am a chemist. Now I know why that reaction on Wednesday was difficult to repeat.

  • Hitman Storys
    Hitman Storys   1 days ago

    Fascinating I always wondered If the universe is constantly expanding doesn't that mean you can go to a point where the universe hasn't expanded too.For example think of it like a bubble that your inside of, the bubble is the universe.If u walk out the bubble you would "Walk out of the universe" what is beyond the universe.

  • Katie Weaver
    Katie Weaver   1 days ago

    starting to think the long ass words are convincing me that this us true.

  • Richard Stull
    Richard Stull   2 days ago

    So let's say that our galaxy is traveling through a giant black hole, if that is what is occurring which I doubt, it still doesn't explain life and all the elements in our galaxy, the big bang occured by the hand of God and scientists can't prove otherwise , even if our galaxy is traveling through a black hole then where did the black hole come from, oh that's right by the hand of God!! Scientists, seriously!!!

  • Hammondfreak
    Hammondfreak   2 days ago

    Everything is an illusion but a very real one !

  • Vald Email
    Vald Email   2 days ago

    Someone sent me a link to this 2 Wednesdays ago... I am only paying attention now.

  • dasgutz37
    dasgutz37   3 days ago

    I once had a slide-rule flung at me for using the pronunciation 'stoyic' in class. Made me what I am today. A Tory.

  • Spartacus547
    Spartacus547   3 days ago

    So does that mean all the objects and things that you have the and had for years have been continually created last Thursday after last Thursday after the last Thursday till whenever you remember owning those things and what if you've done something for 15 years or longer 60 years for an old person, does that mean that that object has been recreated over and over and over ? Last Thursday 😂

  • Jake Blake
    Jake Blake   3 days ago

    Everybody was a gangsta untill he said said we might not exist

  • Big Fella
    Big Fella   3 days ago

    What I learned from this video: We live in a society

  • Jgburch
    Jgburch   4 days ago

    It's really The Matrix.

  • Christel Taljaard
    Christel Taljaard   5 days ago

    I love space so much that when I am grown up I am going into space direction things.The universe is way better than humans

  • Simba Lion
    Simba Lion   5 days ago

    tl;dr, I watched for 1.5 minutes and skipped forward a few times but there was zero content. always a red flag, probably a trap.

  • Navesblue
    Navesblue   6 days ago

    I've read too many damned comic books for the multiverse theory to have anymore impact on me. Like adapting to caffeine.

  • Trashman
    Trashman   6 days ago

    If I popped into existence last thursday, I've definitely met some folk who popped into existence a couple of seconds ago...

  • Temple Creations
    Temple Creations   6 days ago

    Dude what a ridiculously depressing framing you chose to talk about otherwise fascinating theories and concepts 🤦‍♂️ lighten up will you? Or is this supposed to be some sort of parody of comic relief? 😅 i’d call ‘too soon’ on the nihilism jokes, because lets be honest, we aren’t truly past it as a species. Its rough out there.

  • Bonnie
    Bonnie   6 days ago

    The Woman at the end or Gorilla thinking 🤔

  • Gary Valvoda
    Gary Valvoda   1 weeks ago

    we should use our universe to our advantage by shrinking the universe move to where we want then regrow it. we could move anywhere in a very short time

  • HiggsField
    HiggsField   1 weeks ago

    When I watch this, it put the madness of our world, in perspective.

  • Peter Anthony
    Peter Anthony   1 weeks ago

    So I have been in this shitty life for trillion times already

  • Sridhar N Rao
    Sridhar N Rao   1 weeks ago

    Ancient Indian sages say that existence has come into being and gone into oblivion and then came to be again and again - billions of times. Gōsvāmī Jī says :नाना भाँति राम अवतारा। रामायन सत कोटि अपारा॥ कलपभेद हरिचरित सुहाए। भाँति अनेक मुनीसन्ह गाए॥ करिअ न संसय अस उर आनी। सुनिअ कथा सादर रति मानी॥ [Sri Ramcharitmanas 1.33.2-4]“In every time-cycle, Śrī Rāma descends on earth to do his leela in diverse ways. Wise men who hear this uncommon legend of Rāma marvel not; for they know there is no limit to the stories of Śrī Rāma in this world. They are convinced in their heart that Śrī Rāma has appeared in diverse ways and that the story of Rāma (Ramayana) has been sung in Shat-Koti Ramayana(s) (*reference to both 1 billion Ramayana-s and the Ramayana composed by BrahmA in a thousand million verse, yet infinite*). Great sages have diversely sung the charming stories of Shri Hari, relating as they do to different Kalpas or cycles. Bearing this in mind the reader should not entertain any doubt and should hear this narrative reverently and with devotion.”A Kalpa = 1000 yugantars; 1 yugantar is made of 4 yugas, I.e., 4.32 million years.

  • Paula Garten
    Paula Garten   1 weeks ago

    Can there be more than one infinite-infinity of space-time?

  • tutorialAddicts
    tutorialAddicts   1 weeks ago

    In some cases in my life I felt like it happens before .... and i can't explain that moment ...

  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer   1 weeks ago

    Don’t hug me i don’t exist #dankifymemes

  • Blissed Out
    Blissed Out   1 weeks ago

    "Help us to solve these unexplained mysteries"... Good luck with that!

  • docbones213
    docbones213   1 weeks ago

    Yup. None of you exist. It's just me and my insidious nightmare.

  • Alem BEKEL
    Alem BEKEL   1 weeks ago

    Big Bang theory is a scientific guess that never ever provides proof of what happened billion of years.

  • Marshall
    Marshall   1 weeks ago

    One thing I never understood - time is said to slow down due to gravity but isn't it just the tools used to measure time that are impacted by gravity? If the gears in my watch slowed down because I was close to a black hole, I wouldn't say time slowed down. I'd say gravity changed the speed of the gears.

  • Arifa tahsin
    Arifa tahsin   1 weeks ago

    Why does the scientist forget a spiritual existence of man which gives a purpose to our life ....a higher achievement of values which is even more difficult than achievement of knowledge...the process of purification is continuous and eternal in time and space..leading to higher and better creations by the Will of its Creator.You are nothing yet u are something it's explained in the process of life and death for those who want to see it as a sign of God.