I Raid an END City in Minecraft (Epicly) - Part 31

  • Published on: 06 September 2019
  • Back after Honeymoon with the bois in Minecraft!
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  • Runtime : 31:3


  • Angeltastic games
    Angeltastic games   20 minuts ago

    Sorry to say this but your movement isn't following the movement that is and picture

  • Hollow Words
    Hollow Words   11 hours ago

    I never would have thought of using a piston like that

  • Pheophonix
    Pheophonix   12 hours ago

    11:25 I lowkey thought he was gonna say bitch lasagna

  • mariethesizzler 9492
    mariethesizzler 9492   13 hours ago

    Is anyone else watching the series again from the start? It "ended" too soon 😭😭 it was like a father too me

  • ShadyShin
    ShadyShin   13 hours ago

    felix: end citymy brain: NCT gotta go get em

  • ImNotAUsername
    ImNotAUsername   20 hours ago

    7:41 Man and his dog Mocks, Tortures, Sets on fire and Shoots a adult polar bear with a bow while the baby cub is watching in terror, the procides to yell at the cub to stop crying and attempts were made to hold it captive but fortunately fails.

  • Evan Kauffman
    Evan Kauffman   1 days ago

    Pewds: So, technically, the series is over in terms of storytelling.Also Pewds: Angers Jeb_, triggers a lightningstorm and battles water zombies sent by his old enemy.

  • Jennifer Orvik
    Jennifer Orvik   1 days ago

    29:55 put a redstone torch next to the dragon head, and the head will move. like for pewds to see!

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F   1 days ago

    How else is sad that the series is over

  • Mkt 1118
    Mkt 1118   2 days ago

    5:32 that song gives me ptsd from tik tok

  • Stina Pedersen
    Stina Pedersen   2 days ago

    Oop could pewdie pie maybe get a dog and name it Sven? I mean not a bad idea:)

  • Jonas Axt
    Jonas Axt   2 days ago

    there are no Minecraft eagles

  • Max Makewell
    Max Makewell   2 days ago

    Episode 5: I will never trust anyone againPresent day: so you 9 year olds said you can put Enders dragon 🐉 in boat

  • my_gummies_ uwu
    my_gummies_ uwu   2 days ago

    Felix should just try to find every really rare biome and item lol

  • Icy oof
    Icy oof   3 days ago

    He is in the nether XD

  • Linus Björklund
    Linus Björklund   3 days ago

    Min lilla syster:å nu ska jag titta på pewdiepie.åj va roligt mig:omg omg omg det är pewdiepie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evan M.
    Evan M.   3 days ago

    Felix trying to act like he hasn't researched/seen everything in the end.

  • Jamietheboywiththeipad S

    :me *sees pewdiepie walking on water cuz I haven’t watched the series fully*PRAISE JESUS!:me sees iceMe: .-.