I Raid an END City in Minecraft (Epicly) - Part 31

  • Published on: 06 September 2019
  • Back after Honeymoon with the bois in Minecraft!
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  • Runtime : 31:3


  • Bisector Gaming
    Bisector Gaming   11 minuts ago

    Felix:this makes perfect sense nether is the Netherlands and end is Sweden because there’s cheese everywhere Me:the Netherlands maces very good cheese

    AVIK BAJAJ   5 hours ago

    Isn't anyone disappointed that PewDiePie didn't use a trapdoor to get into a crawl position

  • Jo bloggs
    Jo bloggs   5 hours ago

    OK that is a end ship they are cool as hell

  • Hypickle David
    Hypickle David   6 hours ago

    9:54 him: stop crying! Stoopid Also him: killed his parent before

  • Nicky Riggs
    Nicky Riggs   14 hours ago

    Felix: If you fall down you lose all of your stuff.Me: Having flashback of him falling with pee-pee poo-pooR.I.P pee-pee poo-poo😭

  • Jyothiradithya Aswanthraj

    13:00 ... Ooo he collects ice to build a house for the polar bear14:30 .... Really... 😠😠

  • EJ Padilla
    EJ Padilla   2 days ago

    Felix: wow you’re a fast swimmer for a polar bearMe: um polar bears are really fast swimmers irl

  • Super M's
    Super M's   2 days ago

    Ill expect your farts-pewdiepie

  • Subim gautam
    Subim gautam   2 days ago

    you can continue the series by complete all the advancement of minecraft

  • The Spy
    The Spy   2 days ago

    8:03 was that a water monnument?

  • Shreyash Pilli
    Shreyash Pilli   2 days ago

    i love how he said how do i get in there and had ender pearls in his hand

  • Affak king
    Affak king   2 days ago

    Don't say who is hereWe never left.

  • Spreetam Preetam
    Spreetam Preetam   3 days ago

    Feigi was introduced at 5:30..The day when the water sheep spoke as a lighting to PewDiePie..but he didn't understand!!

  • Imran Arzani
    Imran Arzani   3 days ago

    i believe you felix, that you didn't use creative mode on the beautiful swedish boat.

    Jun ORDONEZ   3 days ago

    28:33 did you guys see the cross down there

  • Panagiotis fragos
    Panagiotis fragos   3 days ago

    whenever pewds talks about water sheep games makes a thunderstorm and yea I'm bored in quarantine so rewatch the series

  • Lio11
    Lio11   3 days ago

    It’s look like floki boat

  • Raihan Baps
    Raihan Baps   4 days ago

    He did use creative he can't get dark oak wood

  • K00GAN :
    K00GAN :   4 days ago

    four words that made my heart end last year “the series is over”

  • The Lonely Creeper
    The Lonely Creeper   4 days ago

    Pewds could literally make a five second video of him screaming and it would be the #1 video on trending