Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - Dream Events Reveal Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 16 September 2019
  • Hop on a hoverboard, throw down with Mario & Sonic, and blast your way to victory in new Dream Events! Play with (or against) family and friends. The game releases November 5 in the Americas and November 8 in Europe, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch!
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  • Runtime : 59
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  • Extranosense
    Extranosense   1 weeks ago

    Why does sonic still have his middle mouth

  • Trinity
    Trinity   1 weeks ago

    So no NiGHTS cameo?*executes the nearest electronic device*

  • Elijah Singleton
    Elijah Singleton   2 weeks ago

    This is the closest we're gonna get to a Sonic Riders sequalAnd after last time, I'm not even mad.

  • Xander T
    Xander T   2 weeks ago

    "Dream Racing?" That's a funny way of saying "Sonic Riders."

  • Victoria Bell
    Victoria Bell   3 weeks ago

    Dream Racing, aka, the only thing we'll ever see of another Sonic Riders game or Mario characters in Sonic Riders.

  • Jammin’ in The basement

    It’s hard to think that once, Nintendo and Sega once had a great ‘video game war’, and now, they are working together to make an amazing platform of games!

  • Ya ILikeMemes
    Ya ILikeMemes   3 weeks ago

    They remade sonic riders,splattoon,and sonic the fighter from what ive seen

  • Weegee Plays
    Weegee Plays   3 weeks ago

    i'm way too much hyped for thisprobally because i'm gonna see princess peach's feet in 4k

  • Shadow Android
    Shadow Android   3 weeks ago

    They only showed three events. So that kinda worries me.

  • Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic   3 weeks ago

    You better Miilieve it! #BringbackMiis

  • Antisch LP
    Antisch LP   3 weeks ago

    Hat jemand die HSV Flagge bei minute 0:46 - 0:47 gesehen?

  • RPGamer
    RPGamer   3 weeks ago


  • Tiago- Series
    Tiago- Series   3 weeks ago

    Finally a game I’m really looking forward too

  • Just Charlie
    Just Charlie   3 weeks ago

    The game is very good in my opinion but I would like miis in there too!

  • Knight of Night
    Knight of Night   3 weeks ago

    Dang, they don't just have Peach's Castle, they have the one specifically from Mario Odyssey.

  • Lanre Akerele
    Lanre Akerele   3 weeks ago

    I'm waiting for a moment patienly when both Nintendo and Sonic would announce a Mario and Sonic standalone game, not just sports

  • Gamer Massi
    Gamer Massi   4 weeks ago

    WOW this franchise has really been modified over the years! I can't wait to see how it plays out.

  • wolfguy23
    wolfguy23   4 weeks ago

    WAY PAST COOL ^^Also, thumbs up if what sold it for you was SONIC RIDERS RACING!!! ^^

  • KraziStrawz
    KraziStrawz   4 weeks ago

    If we're getting a stage from Forces, we better get one from Mania as well

  • Blue Blaze
    Blue Blaze   4 weeks ago

    Post Sonic Riders comments here.

  • ATurtl3 Gaming
    ATurtl3 Gaming   4 weeks ago

    I can't wait until I'm able to make bowser beat his kid up in dream karate.

  • Evan Baker
    Evan Baker   4 weeks ago

    Who knows the name of the song in the trailer

  • cixlo
    cixlo   4 weeks ago

    This is the same game from rio. Nothing new at all, they didn't even beef it up like mario kart. Sonic still make money just let cs2 die already.

  • Dylan Jackson
    Dylan Jackson   4 weeks ago

    I have never seen my happiness revived like this

  • Andrew Zukovsky
    Andrew Zukovsky   4 weeks ago

    Can you make the remaining 12 playable characters into the Dream Events please?

  • Xenemous
    Xenemous   1 months ago

    2020: Tokyo Olympics2050: Mario Olympics

  • FinalFatality
    FinalFatality   1 months ago

    The Extreme Gear racing game is the only thing that truly matters anymore. if this is the closest i'll ever get to another Sonic Riders game, i'll gladly take it

  • Juan L
    Juan L   1 months ago

    Super Mario Odyssey and Sonic Riders? Nintendo and SEGA, TAKE MY MONEY!

  • hound122100
    hound122100   1 months ago

    Please make the Dream Fencing like the 2012 version!

  • William Kozak
    William Kozak   1 months ago

    Hey Nintendo can you put sonic colors on the Nintendo switch