The Nova Effect - The Tragedy of Good Luck

  • Published on: 23 July 2019
  • A short fictional story about a series of events that cause the sudden appearance of intense change in a man's life.

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  • Runtime : 5:55
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  • dipsyfriday
    dipsyfriday   2 hours ago

    Moral of the story is - "Everything is Nothing, and Nothing is Everything"

  • Chelsea Ryder
    Chelsea Ryder   18 hours ago

    Plot twist: The driver and the rabbit were both the doctor, who was trying to save Eric's life

  • Jesse Nielsen
    Jesse Nielsen   22 hours ago

    Man this is such a roundabout way to describe “blessings in disguise”. Not exactly deep.

  • Movie Crew
    Movie Crew   1 days ago

    So in short everything happens for a reason and the reason is unknown to you for some other unknown reason

  • Phinehas Priest
    Phinehas Priest   1 days ago

    ... and while he was walking the dog, a stranger went to his place and raped then killed Vanessa. When he got home, he gave up on trying to understand all this luck in the universe crap.

  • JDR
    JDR   1 days ago

    After fucking watching this video I went out for dinner and I slipped on black ice hurting my elbow.

  • Largo Charles
    Largo Charles   3 days ago

    So its like pygmalion effect? (For what i know, it was the effect and cause whatever it is)

  • Prince Charming
    Prince Charming   3 days ago

    Well .life is the adventure that we all looking for .

  • Frank Lotion
    Frank Lotion   3 days ago

    Black bears..beets..battlestar galactica!

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K   3 days ago

    This isn’t really an “effect”. It’s just life.

  • Frankie Carter
    Frankie Carter   3 days ago

    Don't got a new letter not have a new one or my stalkers gone answer to it

  • VerticalFlyingB737
    VerticalFlyingB737   3 days ago

    Doctor: Bad news, you have a tumor in your brainEric: Ok, what's good news?Doctor: We found a tumor in your brain.Eric:nigga what the fuck

  • Ramon Miranda
    Ramon Miranda   3 days ago

    I almost skipped this video....I’m really glad I didn’t

  • Szethe
    Szethe   3 days ago

    This is exactly what Nietzsche meant by the future consisting of chance and necessity. All that is to be occurs as it always and already is becoming—in other words, fate is real on this fundamental level of necessity and chance becoming future.

  • Felix Karl
    Felix Karl   4 days ago

    Well, this reminds me of this one scene in the movie "Charlie Wilson's War".

  • Matthew Bittenbender

    I’m working on a story about a a master of fate who walks among us. He not entirely omniscient, but can affect and keep track of many people at once. He walks among us taking the most obscure and generic form of every generation. He takes an interest and more than a little pleasure in creating life changing moments both fortunate and unfortunate. He senses joy and anguish and relishes sweet irony. But his curiosity isn’t satisfied until he sees what lesson you took away from it all.Some are huge and unavoidable. Some changes are imperceptibly small which send butterfly affects rippling through time and space not to be realized until much later. All that matters to this master of fate is how you react and if you let it lead you or you lead it. He watches to the end and whether it takes days or decades. He has been there since the first microbe and he is always watching. He walks hand in hand with the forces of universe and gods of old weaving history. We all can affect and be affected. All outcomes are possible until you decide or not to act. He is like Schrödinger and we are his cat. Would you find short stories such as this interesting? Would it be best as a novel, series of shorts, graphic novel, manga?

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez   4 days ago

    Shit I think I should go and get a brain scan just in case FUCK

  • Rondell Gayle
    Rondell Gayle   4 days ago

    Well made video, great job telling this story.

  • مجوود
    مجوود   4 days ago

    وعسى ان تكرهوا شيئا وهو خيرا لكم

  • Ravisankar Ganapathy

    The twist: The Rabbit, Vanessa and the speeding truck belongs to the doctor. He set them up perfectly to lure Eric and make some money out of him....😃😃😃The doctor somehow manipulated Eric to believe he has a tumor prompting a surgical correction.Eric realizes it lately while taking his dog for a walk. Moment after realization the dog notices a cat and loosens itself from Eric.This time Eric wasn't anxious about the loss of his dog knowing that it would return anyway in a week time with a manipulator.A week later his door knocks following the sound of Woof Woof... Eric answers the door pointing his shotgun. A moment later two shots were heard...PEACE.

  • Hrilekha Deka
    Hrilekha Deka   5 days ago

    While im going through the comments I wish that I had commented THAT

  • C uhh heese Cuff
    C uhh heese Cuff   5 days ago

    I've always wondered what this was called."Good Luck" disguised and/or leads to "Bad Luck". And vice versa, the more you know. 🤷🏽

  • asiancowboy4u
    asiancowboy4u   5 days ago

    People like you are what’s wrong with the world!

  • asiancowboy4u
    asiancowboy4u   5 days ago

    I never curse really (nor ever leave comments for that matter), but this was a fucking waste of time and life. I kept watching hoping at one point that this video would make a point and throughout the whole video it never once said what the nova effect was. I got the gist of it, but what was the point? If everything in life is linked like that (which it is; or you could choose to view it as such); then you could technically link each and every moment of life... and I’m pretty sure that’s called LIVING FUCKING LIFE!!!?! Jesus Christ!!?! Was that just a few of your moments that YOU happen to link together... yea cool story bro!!! I wasted my time watching it and now I AM choosing to waste more time just to leave a comment to you! The video was pointless and shit, but the comment is so worthwhile right now! That’s how fucking stupid it was... that I’m now getting satisfaction from telling whoever the fuck made (as well as decided to put up; just anyone that was even slightly involved in this video) this video off!!?!

  • Kk K
    Kk K   5 days ago

    Dan g erics

  • Batty Verti
    Batty Verti   5 days ago

    And if he would not have homed nova none of this would have happened. Thanks nova

  • Scott Coggins
    Scott Coggins   5 days ago

    Anyone else play his videos at times two because it's so fucking boring and slow at times 1

  • Kp Muni
    Kp Muni   5 days ago

    Life is written everything happens for a reason