Tacos, Twerking, and Tijuana | Growing Up Eileen S1 EP 3

  • Published on: 22 March 2018
  • Lourdes brings Eileen back to her roots by taking a girls trip to Tijuana! Eileen's grandma shows Eileen where her and her grandpa first met and their dream for a better life in the US. Walking down memory lane brings them to their favorite taco shop across the border.
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    Eileen is a rising Hispanic beauty influencer, and her mom Lourdes is the matriarch of the family. Eileen is talented but she is truly influenced by her crazy and opinionated mom and aunts. Lourdes is the ultimate “momager” and modern version of Lucille Ball. Eileen is growing up, but at the end of the day family is everything!
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    Created By: Kevin Stalker
    Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
    Producer/Director: Kevin Stalker
    Supervising Producer: Tara Cole
    Producer: Jackie Merry 
    Associate Producer: Andrew Oliver

    Director of Photography: Kevin Castro
    Camera Operator: Kevin Stalker
    Camera Operator: Anais Bergues
    Sound Mixer: Monson Douglas

    Editor: Shayna Thea and Ali Gould
    Assistant Editor: Jose 'Taco' Cruz
    Post Production Assistant: Anais Bergues




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  • Runtime : 12:31
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  • Berenice Galvan
    Berenice Galvan   4 days ago

    Lourdes gets to the taco place and says ; ME DAS UN TACO CON TODO PORFAVOR 😂🌮

  • mari
    mari   2 weeks ago

    They throwing up gang signs lol @ 3:56

  • beri sings
    beri sings   2 weeks ago

    She got to the taco place and said ME DAS UN TACO CON TODO PORFAVOR !!!!!

  • Camille Guillory
    Camille Guillory   1 months ago

    I love Eileen’s mom she’s so nice and cares so much about her family.

  • Aisha M
    Aisha M   1 months ago

    when she said that was her mom I was like whatttt tf

  • Miguel Torres
    Miguel Torres   1 months ago

    whats that song name the one that starts at 3:20

  • Maria Cazares
    Maria Cazares   1 months ago

    Maria Cazares Wilmington 💖 Eileen 🌹 and Lourdes 🌹 and Dad and yaaas and Growing and Lilly💋 and 👪👆😀🌹✌💋 👍💞 and Family

  • Andrea Sigala
    Andrea Sigala   2 months ago

    Pause at 9:27 Ooh Lilly! I’m loving that pose!

  • ula sao
    ula sao   2 months ago

    what's the song at 3:19 ?

  • stop
    stop   2 months ago

    Lourdes talking about her dad is making me cry this family is perfect

  • Delya Posas
    Delya Posas   4 months ago

    I was crying 😭 when you where talking about your dad

  • Raul Salazar
    Raul Salazar   5 months ago

    Your grandmother started the first word of faith movement in mexico then it came to the us if you speak it will come to pass for a price!!

  • Casey Benavides
    Casey Benavides   6 months ago

    Everyone goes to that place when they go to TJ lol it's bombbbb

  • Andrea Vera
    Andrea Vera   7 months ago

    Bro there’s always dogs on the roof in Tijuana lol

  • lyssa love
    lyssa love   7 months ago


  • Wize One
    Wize One   8 months ago

    Lourdes is 39? I thought she was 50 she looks older especially her body.

  • Eridani Mendez
    Eridani Mendez   8 months ago

    It’s one am and I’m over here tearing up, that was such a beautiful and special moment.

  • B
    B   8 months ago

    They pulling up to Mexico in that SUV!??

  • carol vazquez
    carol vazquez   8 months ago

    My grandparents were from a poor side of Mexico Guerrero

  • Delfina C
    Delfina C   8 months ago

    I only watch this because of the tia

  • Nuvia Casillas
    Nuvia Casillas   8 months ago

    The only pretty one out of this whole thing is the aunty 👏🏼😂

  • Princess Eilani
    Princess Eilani   9 months ago

    You know what is so funny Eileen’s tia said tacos are life I was like “yeah they are me and my mom just ordered tacos”😂🤣

  • Metro Pcs
    Metro Pcs   10 months ago

    Omg i live in Ca Fontana and we always visit TJ because my grandpas oart of family lives there

  • avery rose
    avery rose   10 months ago

    does anyone know the song when there entering mexico?

  • Cathy Morales
    Cathy Morales   10 months ago

    What’s the song at 3:20 ?? Please and thank you (: