How to Pull Apart a PINEAPPLE | Pineapple Peeling - Fruity Fruits

  • Published on: 15 March 2019
  • Let's see if the #pullapart #pineapple technique is as easy as it looks. And if you don't have time for that pineapple #peeling business, I'll show you 2 other ways to open a pineapple because it's the BEST.

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  • Runtime : 9:36
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  • Tashmarie Smith
    Tashmarie Smith   15 hours ago

    Maybe because I am allergic why this is gross to me.

  • Viana Oliveira
    Viana Oliveira   1 days ago

    She spend over half video talking about the pineapple.

  • Cindy Rom
    Cindy Rom   2 days ago have my mouth WATERING!!I I also peal it like YOU do...makes more sense!!! I LOVE fresh pineapple, but I DO like it ripe!!! Yummmmm!!! 😜

  • NorthernLights
    NorthernLights   2 days ago

    Now I know why in Dutch we call pineapples "ananas". The things you learn on YT 🍍

  • JarAxe
    JarAxe   2 days ago

    2:01 Aha. Now I know why we Scandinavians call it ananas. Never really thought about it before.

  • Henry Everhart- Martinez

    I love it! I buy them so cheap here in Thailand. I have the at least 3 times a week and especially love the small ones that look like hand juicy and sweet! Now I want some.....

  • jadehare
    jadehare   2 days ago

    I’ve also seen people save the peels and core of the pineapple and ferment it

  • Ricky Saull
    Ricky Saull   3 days ago

    Everyone keeps trying this with regular pineapples...There is a Japanese variant of the pineapple called a "snack pine" with much softer flesh. That was the type of pineapple used in the video original video that went viral. Regular pineapples that you pick up in most grocery stores will not pull apart easily.

    YMIINAR   3 days ago

    I hum and do a little dance when I’m eating something yummy, just like you! 8:08

  • Luda Sergeychik
    Luda Sergeychik   4 days ago

    Nice presentation, and now I want to go get some pineapples and try that!

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger   4 days ago

    I kind of what to eat the eyes, can I eat the eyes?

  • Candy Crush
    Candy Crush   4 days ago

    The best method to pull apart a pineapple is on a channel called @harrietinthekitchen wow how i liked the video

  • Kartik Jayaraman
    Kartik Jayaraman   5 days ago

    Its tastier when you grow your own:

  • Sutsuj Uaedneir
    Sutsuj Uaedneir   5 days ago

    I get ichy af in my throat and mouth whem i eat one peice but i lovvveeee it

  • Angelique Adila
    Angelique Adila   5 days ago

    Am watching this with light saliva oozing out of my mouth

  • adrenaline
    adrenaline   6 days ago

    8:12 thats literally the one way to do it, if you leave the 'eyes' on you're a retard

  • Sorcha Gartland
    Sorcha Gartland   6 days ago

    Is anyone else tempted to make a pineapple version of a jack-o-lantern??? or is it just me!!!

  • Reece
    Reece   1 weeks ago

    That's where Executor has 3 head.. they come together to make 1. Oh

  • Ajay Singh
    Ajay Singh   1 weeks ago

    watching video first time. saw the intro and subscribed. great intro.

  • Jeanette Kniebusch
    Jeanette Kniebusch   1 weeks ago

    I heard you should juice core more bromden in there.Should juice all that waste when cutting little brown parts out.

  • AnnWith APlan
    AnnWith APlan   1 weeks ago

    Nothing wrong with the core. I sometimes eat parts of it. But mostly I'll throw small pieces of it into the juicer.

  • tony j
    tony j   1 weeks ago

    well she in my head in the morning

  • draconian45
    draconian45   1 weeks ago

    I tried it before and it was just a pain in the butt. I'll just use a knife.

  • thomasthemtman
    thomasthemtman   1 weeks ago

    Also...... 3:53 is complete BS That is NOT easy to just"PULL RIGHT OFF"