Breaking Bad Ending Explained, Part 1: Did Walt Win or Lose?

  • Published on: 19 January 2019
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  • Runtime : 20:21
  • Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan Bryan Cranston Walter White Aaron Paul Jesse Pinkman Skyler White Anna Gunn Breaking Bad Ending Breaking Bad Finale Breaking Bad Ending Explained


  • The Take
    The Take   1 years ago

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  • Adam Abbas
    Adam Abbas   15 hours ago

    The fact that people are still analysing this show speaks to its greatness.

  • GamerPants 77
    GamerPants 77   1 days ago

    started becomig a loser when he walked the dark path

  • dhruv
    dhruv   3 days ago

    Walt was just a "nice and decent family guy" and yea from one perspective you can say thats how one should be and yea maybe one should be. But remember , how everyone perceived him. A wimpy guy who can't do shit because he's too nice to do so. He never would have won at anything had he continued with that. He failed to find balance between being nice and being assertive just like all of us struggle to do and then jumping from his good side he went onto a complete devil. He failed to find balance as walter as well as Heisenberg. If you ask me. He was never meant to win the way he approached things. But i believe , even though it cost him everything , he did win.

  • Kamen Rider
    Kamen Rider   3 days ago

    Walt's life is just Batman but without costumes and shit.Walt is Batman = both of them is being is considered as "bad guy". but, all they did are good things.Jesse is Robin = they sticks up with the main guy (i.e. Batman/Walter) but at the end they abandons their own mentor.Skyler is majority of society = praise the main character when they did some good things, but at the end they betray the hero that saved their asses after everything went down.Flynn/Walt Jr. is minority society = at first, they supports the hero. but, at the end they all jump into the same hate bandwagon with the majorities.Holly is every youngsters = idiotic and can be manipulated at first, but at the end they are all the same.Walt did live long enough to see himself becoming a villain but he died heroically.btw, english is so damn hard, i've had a hard time to write this shit.

  • Draxis32
    Draxis32   4 days ago

    Funny thing. I don't see that. I see the catharsis point when Walt visits Elliot and Gretchen, as the begginning of the season 5 is kicked off by them. Also, they were the ones to stole the company's ideas from Walt and screw a once genious man into absolute irrelevance. This bitterness from the past is what made Walt make his decision in the "Gray Matter" episode, to go cook and inevitably become the meth kingpin. He wouldn't accept being hired just for health insurance into a corporation because of his problems with them in the past, and the disease gave him the motivation to jump that "good guy" pedestal he once stood upon.

  • Ankit Jain
    Ankit Jain   4 days ago

    just finished watching BBI literally cried from the inside when HANK diedfor me he was a goodman but a sad end when he had it allI felt so bad for hank and gomi when they were outnumbered (although i knew todd’s gang will definitely come )If only WW hadnt called the gang

  • Adil Ahmed
    Adil Ahmed   5 days ago

    14:16 thatd be the COVID-19 I gave you..

  • Not Spider-Man
    Not Spider-Man   6 days ago

    I don’t believe that “Walt lost. Heinsberg won.” It’s clear that by the end both personalities formed into one.

  • infinite p
    infinite p   1 weeks ago

    I'll bite, Hank didn't deserve what he had coming.

  • LoyaltyOverEveryting
    LoyaltyOverEveryting   1 weeks ago

    Walt won, his family lost.He was King Midas in reverse though everything he touched turned to shit but he got what he wanted personally

  • Sardo Numspa
    Sardo Numspa   1 weeks ago

    He won because he lived after being told he would die...

  • mpkunz6336
    mpkunz6336   1 weeks ago

    Ya know, I'm still not convinced that we saw Walter White actually die. I kinda want to see him turn up again.

  • jairus
    jairus   1 weeks ago

    id finish it (March 26 2020)

  • David O'Rourke
    David O'Rourke   1 weeks ago

    17:36 Can somebody explain to me how Jesse Pinkman was "Innocent"? Please I have to know how anyone can arrive at that conclusion?

  • Ray Von
    Ray Von   1 weeks ago

    Without watching the video... He won.. Course he won

  • McLarenMercedes
    McLarenMercedes   1 weeks ago

    1. His original goal for going into the meth trade was to make enough money for both his children to be financially secure and afford university after he's gone. He succeeded with that. 2. He wanted to correct the wrong he had done with Jesse. After all he had had a huge part in making him an accomplice of his and inevitably led him into a fate worse than death - being kept as a chained slave worker for Jack Welker and his nazis. He succeeded with that.3. He wanted to live his life to the fullest in his last time alive and tap into all the unfulfilled potential he had had his entire life but which never materialized until he became a genius of chemistry - albeit in an illegal trade manufacturing meth. He succeeded with that.4. "Heisenberg lives." While it may not have been his intention to become an immortalized legend whose reputation has led people to believe "he is still out there" , he left his mark and will be remembered. What did he really lose? Hank and his name as a "good, honest man". Hank was never that close to him even if he admitted he always admired Walt. The "good, honest man" he was led him to work as a teacher and make ends meet by working extra at the car wash.

  • ItIsFunnyDamnIt
    ItIsFunnyDamnIt   1 weeks ago

    Walt totally won hands down. He achieved everything he wanted before his inevitable death. His family may have hated him, but Walt did it for him. The most telling sign of that was long before his death. During his intervention that Skyler, set up. When Walt finally gets the pillow and it's his turn to talk. He talks about how all his life he felt he never had a say so in anything. It was clear he truly loved being a criminal because for the first time ever. He was in control and during his time as a meth king pin, he had never felt more alive, even though he was dying. It really wasn't so much about his family, but about Walt getting the final say so, doing things his wzy, being the boss, being in control. An like the video said he had a smile on his face as he lay dying because he knew he won. He got everything he set out to do done. This was definitely a total win for Walt through and through. He died happy. He won.

  • Aiden Goodrich
    Aiden Goodrich   1 weeks ago

    the only people in this show who one was walt and jesse. maaaaybe saul depending on what happens

  • Harper Blanks
    Harper Blanks   2 weeks ago

    There was a previous scene showing Walter testing the car key fob to activate the gun, so the audience should know the significance of the keys during that meeting.

  • Soumyasish Bhattacharyya

    That's right. Walt showed Elliott and Gretchen their true place and his place. He was the king,the true owner of Grey Matter. The ultimate chemistry maestro

  • Chris Quaile
    Chris Quaile   2 weeks ago

    He lost. The reason he started all of this, although he admitted he liked the life he had led for 2 years was for his family. And he lost them.

  • Usha Nair
    Usha Nair   2 weeks ago

    With all of his intelligence, he could not see that his 7 barrels full of money is of no use if he has no one to enjoy it with. He failed the moment his son rejected his money. His blood money. He could have died an honourable death leading an honest life and surrounded by family. Instead he acted like a desperado and his ego made him commit all sorts of crime, enough to ensure a first class ticket to hell and in that process, ruined the life of his family.You can't take your money with you. Even if you are HEISENBERG!

    ANURAG KANDARI   2 weeks ago

    The video keeps asking Was it worth it? Here is my 2 cents. Walt gets cancer and he does what we see on the show or Walt just lives the same crappy, powerless life which according to his family is acceptable and he dies nonetheless.....He lived only after he got the cancer....Skylar is a bitch and his retarded son who just keeps saying Why don't you die....don't seem to be a compelling reason to just don't live the dangerous life that he eventually did......He provided for them . Walter White or Heisenberg are one...He lives through his legacy and makes the viewer happy.... Don't know who gives a shit about Skylar or Flynn...

  • roro woodsy
    roro woodsy   2 weeks ago

    listen here. WALT died a long time ago. Heisenberg won this battle and the war

  • Keith Burns
    Keith Burns   2 weeks ago

    Walt lost. He lost his family. Without love there is no life

  • Mara Bornemann
    Mara Bornemann   2 weeks ago

    The way Brock looks at Walter in the show makes me think he knows he was poisoned by him

  • Sergio
    Sergio   2 weeks ago

    He didn’t win. He lost his family, millions of dollars, his brother in law died in front of him, his own child told him to die, he was public enemy number one, and his family was looked at as suspects. How is this a win?