Traveling Cross Country Living In Our Tiny Home Van

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
  • In this video we traveled across the United States while living in the tiny home van that we built together. We were faced with extreme weather conditions and many other obstacles. Things... went down


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  • Runtime : 38:42
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  • Mo Shadid
    Mo Shadid   27 minuts ago

    u got that big ass car whip with no backup camera

  • Isabella Ealy
    Isabella Ealy   3 hours ago

    I wanna do one of these with you guys 😁😁😁

  • Bethany Sheehan
    Bethany Sheehan   10 hours ago

    petition for them to do this the summer and actually go to Nashville

  • Ishmaria ._.
    Ishmaria ._.   18 hours ago

    I live in Kansas and our sunsets are so pReTtYYy

  • Jess Clark
    Jess Clark   1 days ago

    Ok but graysons face at 36:11 was so cute oh my gosh! I literally can’t explain how much I love him! 🥰😘

  • Keller Matthews
    Keller Matthews   1 days ago

    Uhhhh @38:38 Ethan what da heck is dat pause it I dare you

  • Sarah Barah
    Sarah Barah   1 days ago

    This is probably my favorite video of theirs and idk why.

  • Reed Robinson
    Reed Robinson   1 days ago

    Btw the biodegradable shampoo is not actually quite what it seems. It’s still really bad for the environment and messes up lots of eco systems. A lot of the environmental friendly products aren’t quite white they seem.

  • Brennan Kaplan
    Brennan Kaplan   1 days ago

    that’s a really far zoom for the camera!! it’s also a really quality camera holy hexk

  • Lauren Goodman
    Lauren Goodman   1 days ago

    Ethan: Out of Colorado and into denverYeppp cuz that makes sense lol

  • Kaylee Skye
    Kaylee Skye   1 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about them sleeping with shoes on....

  • Juliana Linker
    Juliana Linker   1 days ago

    grayson and ethan genuinely just being really happy to be in new jersey is the best thing ever

  • Colby and Sam
    Colby and Sam   2 days ago

    G: you fixed something?! E: 👍G: that's my little boi

  • Alli S
    Alli S   2 days ago

    My dad, sister and I almost drove from Ontario, Canada to Alberta, Canada

  • Cheyenne Smith
    Cheyenne Smith   2 days ago

    no one gonna talk about how far they just zoomed in

  • Annabel Burke
    Annabel Burke   2 days ago

    Guys I looked it up appeles are already vegan

  • Sadie Kera
    Sadie Kera   2 days ago

    No one: Grayson saying “nevaduh”. Locals: bruhh

  • Errin Moodley
    Errin Moodley   2 days ago

    Is no one gonna talk about how Ethan was the one to wake up Grayson this time?😂😂

  • Aerial Circus
    Aerial Circus   2 days ago

    14:39 am i the only one who washes their mouth out with water after brushing ur teeth?

  • Caylen Alms
    Caylen Alms   2 days ago

    "I wonder if it's snowing in Colorado" I live in's always snowing

  • Absolute Sunshine
    Absolute Sunshine   2 days ago

    Ethan: i guess someones ready for bed.nobody:gray: i GuEsS sOmEoNeS rEdEy FoR bEd.

  • Jenny Benitez
    Jenny Benitez   2 days ago

    Greyson: we’re somewhere in Utah 2 minutes later The Dolan Twins: We just saw a UFOPeople that live in Utah: 👁👄👁

  • chunky Charli
    chunky Charli   2 days ago

    I live in Tennessee but not Nashville but I live close to it

  • Aly Anna
    Aly Anna   2 days ago


  • aiden is cool
    aiden is cool   3 days ago

    when the dolan twins step wheel in your state 😍

  • Kenzi
    Kenzi   3 days ago

    i’m from kansas and when they said you can only pass in the left lane i didnt think that it was only kansas!!

  • Alexa Rose
    Alexa Rose   3 days ago

    Dolan twins: “it’s below freezing” “the roads are covered in ice “Me: come join us for a Michigan winter 😂🥶

  • Karalee Weiland
    Karalee Weiland   3 days ago

    I cringed so hard when he said Nevada but hey Arizona that’s me

  • Jessie Goss
    Jessie Goss   3 days ago

    Hey guys share this beautiful country singers link please. Thanks God Bless love your videos. Great Job on your mom's garden. Bailey Wesberry

  • Lizbeth Erazo
    Lizbeth Erazo   3 days ago

    my phone is right next to me and when Grayson said "Hey Siri" my phone turned Siri on! lol

  • candypaintxx
    candypaintxx   3 days ago

    this was so fun to watch 😂 an assortment of unexpected problems and quite the learning experience

  • Dayanara Rodríguez
    Dayanara Rodríguez   3 days ago

    I cringed when Ethan went in the water with his watch on. It’s probably waterproof but I still cringed idk why