this gun is cursed

  • Published on: 19 July 2019

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  • Runtime : 10:7
  • fortnite fortnite battle royale gameplay lazarbeam cursed funny comedy


  • Jada Mojica
    Jada Mojica   1 hours ago

    i mean...... it would kinda be cool to have a power ranger crossover as my step dad...... i meannnn......

  • Binh Thao
    Binh Thao   9 hours ago

    It very bad I used it and then I kept dying

  • Mst Scpx
    Mst Scpx   15 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2025

  • mclennwi mtb
    mclennwi mtb   18 hours ago

    5:56 someone in the killfeed was called use_code_lazarin case anyone was wondering.

  • Francis Kick
    Francis Kick   18 hours ago

    At 5:56 in the chat it says use code lazar

  • Big Stickman33
    Big Stickman33   22 hours ago

    You talked about montez Ford's and Braun strowman there wwe wrestlers 2:30

  • Vicky Armitage
    Vicky Armitage   1 days ago

    HI lazerbeam im a big fan I like your dumb ** science

  • AK47 Gaming
    AK47 Gaming   1 days ago

    You posted this video on my birthdayThank you so much

  • Neon Klips
    Neon Klips   1 days ago

    Is everyone going to ignore the fact that at 5:56 when fresh killed someone his name was use code lazar

  • Javell Kelso
    Javell Kelso   1 days ago

    At 5:53 fresh killed someone named use code Lazar. RESPECT

  • Joudy Madian
    Joudy Madian   1 days ago

    lannan: i thought i would get kills also lannan: having 1 killfresh: having 13 kills

    KT BROS   1 days ago

    For real I can never get kill with that gun

  • Mattland 1226
    Mattland 1226   1 days ago

    I found out the meme he uses is seach nek minute meme

  • Mihajlo Gladanac
    Mihajlo Gladanac   1 days ago

    Lazar:LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING Me:Thats what she said

  • Blake Miller
    Blake Miller   1 days ago

    How many times did hey say “I’ll be fine”

  • Aston Lewis
    Aston Lewis   2 days ago

    5:54 we not gonna notice the guy called use. Code lazar

  • Andrew Gordon
    Andrew Gordon   2 days ago

    We have removed the tactical shotgun due to an issue that makes it very weak. When we've fixed the issue we will bring it back but more stronger

  • Pepsi Nep
    Pepsi Nep   2 days ago

    Did anyone see when that kid name was use code lazar when he was flyin through the storm

  • Drempty
    Drempty   2 days ago

    Only of carrying was a thing