• Published on: 07 March 2019
  • RUDE CUSTOMERS THAT WENT TOO FAR! Have you ever seen angry people in public before like an employee or manager? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! WATCH Rude Customers Get What They Deserve

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  • Runtime : 10:14
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf   1 years ago

    What would u do for some fresh cookies???

  • Tamara Jackson
    Tamara Jackson   28 minuts ago

    That women on the self check out clearly doesn't know what a SELF- checkout is🤣😂🤣😂

  • Symphony Cuizon
    Symphony Cuizon   1 hours ago

    Can she just eat her face and shes a small vloger like 😂

  • Hollywood 123
    Hollywood 123   2 hours ago

    She gets that because she’s standing on it so that’s why no one’s coming to help you because you’re standing on it and you’re being really rude

  • Hollywood 123
    Hollywood 123   2 hours ago

    And why is there anyone stopping her in there like stop just stop please you’re not even kicking her out there to chill

  • Hollywood 123
    Hollywood 123   2 hours ago

    Call the police on her call the police on her he’s ruining the store I’ve course why does everyone ruin places are they just having a bad day and I just want to destroy your whole tire store that’s weird

  • Hollywood 123
    Hollywood 123   2 hours ago

    Do you should call the police on the second clip because rude she is so rude

  • Hollywood 123
    Hollywood 123   2 hours ago

    First clip you did that you’re really mean like they’re not even doing anything wrong you just have to wait two minutes and that’s all

  • Andrea Santo
    Andrea Santo   3 hours ago

    Thats whats happening right now in everywhere :(

  • Sophia Paul
    Sophia Paul   3 hours ago

    All that girls fans in the first clip are rude to

  • Georgie Edwards
    Georgie Edwards   3 hours ago

    this girl literally had to wait two minutes for cookies AT MC-DONALDS so she started arguing for an hour "I aM a bloGGeR" two subs "gIve me mY mOney GivE mE MY mOney" they do spit in food they will so be nice :>

  • Caitlynn Bayoneta
    Caitlynn Bayoneta   3 hours ago

    I hate that cookie girl. If I was an employee I would not give her her money or her fresh cookies and punch her in the face.

  • Caitlynn Bayoneta
    Caitlynn Bayoneta   3 hours ago

    It’s not the employees fault your card got declined. You just broke af.

  • Antonius Budisetiawan

    Chocolate chips ??? It’s too good - SPLATTER OF GORILLA SHITS TO BE EXACT !!!

  • Doogie da Horse
    Doogie da Horse   5 hours ago

    For some cookie I would wait and pay and thanks bye and eat them~

  • Shrïmp
    Shrïmp   14 hours ago

    If ur a employee and someone is being that rude get a cup of coke without a lid a yeet it into there car Mhhahah 😂 best revenge

  • peep yeet
    peep yeet   20 hours ago

    Cookie monster as human female:G I M M EM A HM O N E I

  • One Cent
    One Cent   21 hours ago

    Bro Leahs face watching the girl getting angry bout cookies is a mooooood

  • lizbeth rey
    lizbeth rey   22 hours ago

    Now I know y when I went to the store it locked like trash

  • Raigan Hicks-Watson
    Raigan Hicks-Watson   1 days ago

    that woman who threw that tea i SCREAMED i love tea (love ur vids kee it up)