LAMELO BALL Spire WANT ALL the SMOKE - Rocket Watts goes for 64???

  • Published on: 27 January 2019
  • LaMelo Ball and Spire took on a physical St Ed's team that pushed them to the edge during a testy game in Cleveland. LaMelo Ball distributed the ball with skill throughout the game, while Rocket Watts scored an incredible 64 points. St Ed's featured strong play from Montorie Foster and Grant Huffman.
  • Runtime : 14:32
  • LaMelo Ball LaMelo Ball gets heated LaMelo Ball Spire Rocket Watts Drops 64 POINTS LaMelo Ball Catches TRIPLE DOUBLE! LaMelo Ball & Spire ANOTHER FIGHT?! Sends Message To McDs All American!! LaMelo Ball Gets Heated Spire vs St Eds Melo Ball Lavar Ball CityLeagueHoops MSHTV LaMelo Ball Lavar Ball


  • SplashBoy
    SplashBoy   4 days ago

    He look like he been playing basketball since the 70s 😂😂

  • Glady Dela Cruz
    Glady Dela Cruz   4 days ago

    What the he lookin like an 47year old man with that hairline

  • Tsunami 85
    Tsunami 85   1 weeks ago

    #1 stayed behind after the game to mop the floors and lock the gym up

  • Marqiis Samuels
    Marqiis Samuels   1 weeks ago

    Lavar laughing the whole game got me weak😂😂😂

  • Monnniiieee
    Monnniiieee   1 weeks ago

    He just need to let the hair go 🤦🏾‍♀️ it’s so far back 😦

  • Mike T
    Mike T   1 weeks ago

    Bro why yall flaming meechie like that 😂

    GOD_OF _CLASH   1 weeks ago

    whole white team is nothing but a trash talk

  • J.Y.A DaPro
    J.Y.A DaPro   1 weeks ago

    Lavar laughing so hard because he see his kindergarten batchmate still playing lol.

  • fahd khali
    fahd khali   1 weeks ago

    Why does that bald dude look like he takes it up the ass lol

    GFG RED   2 weeks ago

    His hairline moves out of the house before he did

  • 1 A
    1 A   2 weeks ago

    #1 need a weave

  • 1 A
    1 A   2 weeks ago

    This was his senior year. Hes nowhere close to lonzo skill level when zo was a senior

  • Jacobo Martinez
    Jacobo Martinez   2 weeks ago

    My man #1 mad cause he can't even see his hairline in the mirror

  • Christopher Coccagna
    Christopher Coccagna   2 weeks ago

    Everybody all over dude with hairline but the young fellow strapped up and played more D than most everyone in the comment section ever has....

  • Robert
    Robert   3 weeks ago

    #1 is good and all but dood is hella cringey

  • Move like _snake
    Move like _snake   3 weeks ago

    4:26 I love how melo doesn’t entertain these niggas who like to fight to show that they’re “hard” like someone falls into you and they start stomping their feet an beating on each other, like grow the fuck up I paid to come and watch basketball ball not for you to showcase your “masculinity”

    BLITZ 2 NETWORK   3 weeks ago

    Leave that mans hairline alone he didn’t do nothing to yall

  • WhoIsKD
    WhoIsKD   3 weeks ago

    13:45 I hope dudes okay, he for sure grabbed his hamstring after that attempted poster

  • ANGEL 10
    ANGEL 10   3 weeks ago

    Bro why is this old guy playing

  • IamDaysia
    IamDaysia   3 weeks ago

    2:30 mane said get that outta here 🤣

  • Hugo Gomez
    Hugo Gomez   3 weeks ago

    On god you a bitch if you on here talking shit on a nigga that you don’t even know 😂😂

  • Harri
    Harri   4 weeks ago

    Come on bro, why would u not shave that shit off mannnn. Boi looking like nick fury ass over here

  • Neal Pradier
    Neal Pradier   1 months ago

    I thought number 1 was the basketball coach 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️💯

  • Dill Dough
    Dill Dough   1 months ago

    That dudes graduated like 6 times.

  • cobz
    cobz   1 months ago

    who else searched "lamelo vs bald guy"??

  • Russel stlln
    Russel stlln   1 months ago

    Is that guy the one that has the biggest airport in his head overage coz he has hair that my grandad would like to have

  • Clover Pothead
    Clover Pothead   1 months ago

    U know why lavar is laughing? The hairline man is his HS classmate LMAO