Tips for Keeping Proper Hygiene During Pandemic

  • Published on: 05 April 2020
  • The coronavirus pandemic is making meaningful changes to the way we go about personal hygiene. Inside Edition spoke with Dr. Rashini Raj to get some tips about what sort of precautions you should be taking when coming in and out of your homes. Ideally, you should remove your shoes before entering the house, and the clothes you just wore out should be taken off and washed as soon as possible. Most importantly though, wash your hands!
  • Runtime : 2:12
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  • Aa BB
    Aa BB   1 months ago

    What’s happening INSIDEstupidity?Where’s Ur favorite SCAMMER drOz?Keep featuring him so U can help him SELL SCAM SUPPLEMENTS 😜🤪🤣💯👎

  • Syisp
    Syisp   1 months ago

    0:00 Wait, I’m i the only one who showers naked?

  • Marc Madera
    Marc Madera   1 months ago

    Like for example taking a bath with clothes on 😂

  • HopefulDavid
    HopefulDavid   1 months ago

    Im honestly making no changes to my life.

  • Jina Dorce
    Jina Dorce   1 months ago

    I think what I’m doing is working- I’m healthy and clean soo

  • noname22541
    noname22541   1 months ago

    "First, take off your shoes" well, that explain flat curve in Asia.P.S. Pandemic or not, take off your shoes. It's gross.

  • Dawn B
    Dawn B   1 months ago

    The fact that "take off ur shoes " is the first tip...disgusts walks around in their house with their shoes on? Everything from outside would literally be on ur floor. Disgusting.

  • tito yama
    tito yama   1 months ago

    I was positive for covid19 3 days ago that same day I drank a 3/4 of tequila then yesterday I went to check myself again and I was negative for covid19

  • James Benentt
    James Benentt   1 months ago

    I have my own car so I don’t need remove my shoes or clothes 😂and do people need to know when to shower everyday duh don’t be nasty now

  • CrxyNxry
    CrxyNxry   1 months ago

    Of course the chinsse teacher know everything

  • Askar Razik
    Askar Razik   1 months ago

    ring or my life? i cant make my mind

  • Wesley Hutcheson
    Wesley Hutcheson   1 months ago

    My brother still doesn’t shower or wash his hands, or change his clothes, and still stinks.

  • Under Watch
    Under Watch   1 months ago

    Have any tips on why I should care about a fake pandemic, let me know when worldwide deaths hits 200 million and ill pay attention. Until then its not even close to a deadly pandemic lol

  • Tony Black
    Tony Black   1 months ago

    Don't see people in the shower to often wit clothes on

  • Tong Po
    Tong Po   1 months ago

    Shower with your underwear on?

  • juicyluxury
    juicyluxury   1 months ago

    don’t normal people do this normally?....

  • Maggie Bojcik
    Maggie Bojcik   1 months ago

    Why haven’t people been doing this in the first place

  • Auntie M
    Auntie M   1 months ago

    Seems a bit extreme to take your shoes off if no one coughed or sneezed on you. Sounds like someone trying to impose their way of life on me.My shoes go through a lot, mud puddles, wet grass, dry grass, dirt on the sidewalk and street. Covid-19 should worry about those germs attack it..

  • TheFirstMateFoxyShow
    TheFirstMateFoxyShow   1 months ago

    Me goes shopping at Costco.Someone is behind me.Then I pull out my tape measurer.

  • K.D
    K.D   1 months ago

    Someone stole my shoes..

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device   1 months ago

    Why dont they tell people to ALSO WASH YOUR FACE AND MOUTH when you wash your hands?

  • Lars DEM
    Lars DEM   1 months ago

    Can we just have one day without covid 19 and its news

  • kylie reeder
    kylie reeder   1 months ago

    doctor: “you have 2 minutes and 11 seconds left to live”me:

  • Samsng Device
    Samsng Device   1 months ago

    When you come home remove your cloths so your partner can...

  • Janice Hayashibara
    Janice Hayashibara   1 months ago

    From what I heard from online people, they tend to used the same toilet for a month, even after showers, and I offend see women not washing hands after they use the washrooms in malls and other places 🤢

    DEGOLYER FILMS   1 months ago

    stay away from (every) dirty ass liberal - problem solved 👋🏼🎤

  • ganja gun
    ganja gun   1 months ago

    I started washing my hands so much they started getting dry lol I use lotion afterwards now

  • BJ22
    BJ22   1 months ago

    Wtf. Who wears their shoes in the house?

  • jjh lk
    jjh lk   1 months ago

    Who showers in your swimsuit?

  • KaMau Mau
    KaMau Mau   1 months ago

    Awww, look at the saltines as they try to look hygienic and haven't learned yet.

  • •Hypnos •
    •Hypnos •   1 months ago

    Proper hygiene is a MUST EVERYDAY OF OUR LIVES. And not just because of a pandemic.