GUYS try GIRL PRODUCTS // Dolan Twins

  • Published on: 24 May 2016
  • We got our mom to go out and buy us girl products that she thought we would be unfamiliar with. We learned that we would probably not survive if we were girls lol..


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  • Runtime : 6:58
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  • Megan Ice
    Megan Ice   14 hours ago

    5:56 people in 2020 will get it

  • Keirja Scott
    Keirja Scott   5 days ago

    me: hiding from all these things grayson & ethan: playing with them

  • Max
    Max   5 days ago

    seeing this...they could easily passing as a gay couplechill just a joke

  • Annie XX
    Annie XX   5 days ago

    How tf did ethan stick those lashes on better and faster then i could ever???

  • Mariella Grais
    Mariella Grais   1 weeks ago

    They were taping and licking PADS to their mouths

  • Mariella Grais
    Mariella Grais   1 weeks ago

    If only they knew what they were really putting on their fingers...

  • Mariella Grais
    Mariella Grais   1 weeks ago

    They literally started fighting with TAMPONS, I mean like come ON!

  • Kyara Fanning
    Kyara Fanning   1 weeks ago

    Ethan Licked A Pad Grayson Put on on like a mask and they both smelled them

  • Berry Bar
    Berry Bar   1 weeks ago

    I felt their pain when they touched the hair thing Idek what it’s called 😂😂

  • Fatma Ahmad
    Fatma Ahmad   1 weeks ago

    Ok am I the only dying when he slapped his butt 5:39

  • 07Hannah
    07Hannah   1 weeks ago

    2020 anyone ?? Love how they can put on eye lashes way better than me 😂😂

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K   1 weeks ago

    "They look like stingrays" 😂😂

  • Naomi Garrett
    Naomi Garrett   1 weeks ago

    The Dolan twins... Making face masks out of pads, before the pandemic😂

  • Naomi Garrett
    Naomi Garrett   1 weeks ago

    When the Dolan twins can put on lashes better than you can... But you're a woman😂

  • Kaylyn Poe
    Kaylyn Poe   1 weeks ago

    I love how they were just casually playing with tampons! I was laughing so hard!

  • Desi Door
    Desi Door   1 weeks ago

    The dolan twins are very intelligent

  • Jaylah Yeakel
    Jaylah Yeakel   1 weeks ago

    When he slapped gray with the tampon at 4:30 lmao

  • Destiny Skelnik
    Destiny Skelnik   1 weeks ago

    tell me why ethan applies fake lashes better than i do

  • deanna byers
    deanna byers   1 weeks ago

    i like how the argue over who gets to wear the bra

  • Haven Uhl
    Haven Uhl   1 weeks ago

    Why did they pick the pads??? 😂😂😂

  • Aubrey Manser
    Aubrey Manser   1 weeks ago

    5:17 idk why this is so funny to me but it is

  • Autumn Calhoun
    Autumn Calhoun   1 weeks ago

    Ethan: burns himself with a curling brush Grayson: “ DiD iT bUrN u”Also Grayson: *puts his finger on the curling brush and burns himself*😂😂

  • Hollie Vlogs 188
    Hollie Vlogs 188   2 weeks ago

    Im dying when the were playing with the tampons and girls looking at this a different way 😹😹

  • Sydney
    Sydney   2 weeks ago

    Grayson: ow! I just got hit by a boobie!Ethan: hey.. that’s not a bad day. I was dying!!😂