We Put 1000 Expanding Dinosaurs In A Hot Tub!

  • Published on: 01 February 2020
  • In today's video we're putting 1,000 expanding dinosaurs in our hot tub. How full will it get?

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  • Runtime : 11:4
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  • Slimers Slime
    Slimers Slime   3 hours ago

    Who else thought she was eating the dinoraus

  • Allison Minchew
    Allison Minchew   5 hours ago

    At the beginning of the video is so funny how nate plays with dinesor

  • Goofy Gamers
    Goofy Gamers   5 hours ago

    I once had a penguin one of those and it got so big to the point I put it in the bathtub and filled it will water and it still kept getting bigger

  • Goku Jr
    Goku Jr   21 hours ago

    if you have a big pool put 10,000 dinos in the pool

  • E
    E   1 days ago

    Iceland, I went in a Hotub in -10 degrees fun, UNTIL you have yo get out.

  • Isabella Swan
    Isabella Swan   1 days ago

    What happens if you put them in the liquid nitrogen

  • Michael Tomlinson
    Michael Tomlinson   1 days ago

    just because you filmed something, doesnt mean you should post it

  • Lisards Cool
    Lisards Cool   1 days ago

    Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal !!!!!!

  • Tiffani Kuszak
    Tiffani Kuszak   1 days ago

    Nate: And kids, that's how dinosaurs went extinct. Me: Wow. That's cool!

    ULTRA   1 days ago

    One time I had one of those and let it grow and forgot about it and it got over a foot long

  • Genji Nenji
    Genji Nenji   2 days ago

    The ones that are “not enjoying the heat” is extra chunky

  • bad joki
    bad joki   2 days ago

    I know exactly how that slime feels bc I’ve had expanding lizards and they excrete that stuff

  • zachary wilms
    zachary wilms   2 days ago

    Guys don't judge me but I think calli is a pyromaniac

  • troy tejero
    troy tejero   2 days ago

    Where can we buy the dinos i need dem

  • Marshmello lover
    Marshmello lover   2 days ago

    Nate: if we want extras we have 24 extraCalli : 2 seconds later lights one on fire

  • Potter Peep
    Potter Peep   2 days ago

    So are calli and Nate a thing, cuz we all know they bangin. I ship it. But like really are they a thing?

  • H. Animates
    H. Animates   2 days ago

    Put 100 expanding underwear in hot tub

  • Stephen Niece
    Stephen Niece   3 days ago

    The blended dinosaurs looked like crushed fruity pebbles and spaghetti o's

  • Nick Sepe
    Nick Sepe   3 days ago

    They’re so uncomfortable to watch

  • Fire Craft
    Fire Craft   3 days ago

    At 0:00 Nate is satisfying his inner child

  • Savana Moon
    Savana Moon   3 days ago

    Do it again but with those pill dinosaurs