• Published on: 03 July 2018
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  • Runtime : 20:54
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  • Emma AWESOME
    Emma AWESOME   1 hours ago

    can we talk about how grayson said should i have tits for this

  • Nevaeh Givens
    Nevaeh Givens   2 days ago

    They should have a series called Cooking With The Dolans and have special guest YouTubers to try yours guys food to see who made it better

  • Super SavageSlimer
    Super SavageSlimer   2 days ago

    Ethan: imagine going to a restraint and the chef in the back is like.. starts to fake cook This is me cooking but with sunglasses onGrayson: I dont think I would eat the plate Me: eat the plate?

  • Super SavageSlimer
    Super SavageSlimer   2 days ago

    Ethan: it’s a little darkGrayson: YOU HAVE SUNGLASSES ONI don’t know why this made me laugh so hard😂

  • ruby
    ruby   2 days ago

    18:18 gray going for another one 🤣🤣

  • Jessie Thomson
    Jessie Thomson   3 days ago

    When people comment 2020 AnYonE it's like obviously if they reply there in 2020

  • Tasty Kid
    Tasty Kid   3 days ago

    Literally nobody: Not even ethan:Grayson: Gives the camera the most sexy look on earth 🔥

  • Анастасия Дробан

    There is one meme food I know in Russia. As you know, there are a lot of smokers here)🇷🇺(NEVER SMOKE, it's bad for you!) You need one peace of black bread(IDK if you have something like that in US) and a cigarette. Shake off cigarettes ash on bread and add some salt. People are saying that it tastes like omelett. Bon Appétit!From Russia with love❤️

  • Bib1027
    Bib1027   1 weeks ago

    But if Grayson hadn’t put the butter on the blue macaroni then it wouldn’t have tasted as funny.. 🤨

  • Victoria Romano
    Victoria Romano   1 weeks ago

    Actually, Grey is correct. Although it does not boil faster, it does flavor the pasta more and gives it a more bold flavor. I'm a chef lol!

  • yumna waqar
    yumna waqar   1 weeks ago

    Holy shit that PoWerONI scared me to death I was peacefully chilling wearing headphone and all of a sudden Grayson goes POWERONI like dude relax

  • Marli Gilkes
    Marli Gilkes   2 weeks ago

    Did they just use a knife they dropped on the ground

  • Marcus Davis
    Marcus Davis   2 weeks ago

    Why does earthen look kinda high though. Right after 5:54 look at his eyes.

  • Harleigh Reese
    Harleigh Reese   2 weeks ago

    Everyone is always spazzing out about Grayson... butttt.... ETHANNN🥵😂

  • Madelyn Ohmit
    Madelyn Ohmit   2 weeks ago

    Isn’t Ethan supposed to be afraid of strawberries because of his trypophobia.😂

  • Arianna Nodari
    Arianna Nodari   2 weeks ago

    You are supposed to put salt in the water when you cook your pasta! Trust an Italian Girl! 🤙🏻Love you guys💕

  • P e a c h y
    P e a c h y   2 weeks ago

    Them:STRAWBERRY PIZZA IS GROSS before they try it. Also them:*eats pineapple pizza*

  • Kevin Barry
    Kevin Barry   2 weeks ago

    9:01 all the Italians watching this are crying... poveri italiani, gli americani fanno sempre le pizze più merdose9:36 another RIPPPPPPPP

  • Lexie Lee
    Lexie Lee   2 weeks ago


  • Gonz0d
    Gonz0d   2 weeks ago

    Gordon Ramsay been real quiet since this

  • Lily
    Lily   2 weeks ago

    Grayson : "if that was the only thing I could eat, I would eat sand"Few Years later...the survival challenge : if you really have nothing to eat, you Can go eat the STRAWBERRY PIZZA but ya loose !