Does Water work better than Penetrating Oil for Rusty Bolts? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 29 April 2019
  • Does water work better than penetrating oil for removing rusty nuts and bolts? Also, can water or penetrating oil climb a vertical surface and creep into a rusty nut or bolt? I've had quite a few viewers recommend water over using penetrating oil for removing frozen nuts and bolts. What about diesel? In this video, water, diesel, 3-in-1 oil, Gibbs, Free All, and Mouse Milk compete to see which product is best using 3 separate tests. The Project Farm channel is not sponsored by any of the manufacturers of the products tested. I purchased all of the products tested in this video. Hope you enjoy the video and hope you provide comments on future video ideas! Thanks for all who recommended this test. 100% of the videos on this channel are viewer recommended ideas.

    Previous video on penetrating oils (Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster, Kroil, WD-40, Acetone/ATF, and Royal Purple): Which Penetrating Oil is Best? Let's find out! - YouTube

    Penetrating oils tested: Brake Fluid, Seafoam Deep Creep, Fluid Film, BG In-Force, WD-40 Rust Specialist, CRC Knock'er Loose.

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 11:40
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  • Jim Breedlove
    Jim Breedlove   4 days ago

    One part type 1 atf 1 part kerosene 1 part acetone. Been a heavy machinery mechanic for years works great.

  • Dude S
    Dude S   6 days ago

    All in all it seems that there is not much difference in removing the nuts; it seems that they pretty much came lose with the same amount the got torqued.To me that means that the rust did not creep deep enough into the threads yet. Besides that, keep up the good work, I love your tests.

  • Mark Hide
    Mark Hide   6 days ago

    You also forgot lanolin or Aussies call it possum piss 👍🏻

  • Rage4Me
    Rage4Me   1 weeks ago

    We use Zep45. Seems to work just fine and doesn't smell bad.

  • K M
    K M   1 weeks ago please test the penetrating lube from the link. Thank you.

  • Cool as Ice
    Cool as Ice   1 weeks ago

    I don't think water had fair shot. The people using water are not letting it soak. They're most like using it on a bolt or nut they taking off immediately.

  • John Juneau
    John Juneau   2 weeks ago

    Why not include the old stand by, WD40?

  • AlainHubert
    AlainHubert   2 weeks ago

    I know it's not supposed to be used as that, but for years I've used WD-40 as penetrating agent to loosen rusty bolts and nuts with moderately good success. I would have liked to see it compared to specialized penetrating oil products.

  • Virgo
    Virgo   2 weeks ago

    Is the finale showdown up yet?

  • Robert Sepulvado
    Robert Sepulvado   3 weeks ago

    How does heat affect these products? I often use a torch to free larger nuts in severe conditions such as farm equipment.

  • The Noob Plays It
    The Noob Plays It   3 weeks ago

    Have you considered applying heat in conjunction with the penetrating oils? It would be interesting to see how the different products react.

  • neonhomer
    neonhomer   1 months ago

    You show Zep45, but you didn't test it... nor can I find it in a previous test.....

  • Chris Philhower
    Chris Philhower   1 months ago

    I worked as an Auto Tech for years. Never heard of Mouse Milk, Gibbs and Free All. Maybe they're Regional?? Always seemed to have better luck with PB Blaster.

  • Jason Harvey
    Jason Harvey   1 months ago

    The best stuff is a 50/50 mix. Auto trans fluid and acetone. Works better than everything.

  • Martyn Watson
    Martyn Watson   1 months ago

    Water caused the problem in the first place.

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear   1 months ago

    That pointing pen has been around for awhile. I've seen you use it as a pick , a gasket scraper and an inner ear scratcher. Is it just one pen taking this journey or do you have a box these? You should merch some. Pit your logo on them

  • Snorri Ö.K.
    Snorri Ö.K.   1 months ago

    It has been tested that hydraulic fluid works really well but since it is made out of 95% vegetable oil, that makes me wonder a bit whether it would be a cheaper but similarly effective rust penetrant?

  • Eric L
    Eric L   1 months ago

    It looks like the surface tension of the water caused the problem.....Would adding a small amount of soap change the results?

  • James Yoder
    James Yoder   1 months ago

    Have you ever heard of kroil it's a penetrating oil I've used in the past I would like to see you test it

  • Herman Finster
    Herman Finster   1 months ago

    Good stuff. I now check in with your videos before buying products. I especially admire your effort to maintain rigor and showing your work puts you a step above Consumer Reports. As I've mentioned before, in some instances (such as this one) the data are inconclusive because of small sample size and broad variation which make it difficult to say if the difference between the means is statistically significant. I've mentioned that the T test was designed for these situations. Your reply suggested you weren't comfortable with the required analysis. The Excell spreadsheet has several T functions built in to its statistical function library. Also, an explanation of T testing can be found here:

  • Tyler Wellman
    Tyler Wellman   1 months ago

    I mix my own penetrating fluid, sounds crazy, but it works really well for me, it would be great if you could test my mixture, 50/50 Seafoam Hydra Trans Tune and Acetone nail polish (I would rather use a stronger concentration of acetone if I had it available.) Maybe for the video you could try different mixing rations and a homemade mixture ChrisFixs video Homemade Penetrating Fluid claims is better than any product available, a 50/50 mix of Valvoline Max Life Synthetic ATF Dex/Merc and premium acetone. You could try different ratios to make a complete video/test? video if you are interested.

  • nilloc93
    nilloc93   1 months ago

    i think the biggest issue is that the torque is too low, to really show what the different oils can do, at ~130 ft/lb's no one is going to use a penetrant anyway on a bolt like that, you should use some 3/4 nuts and torque them to 300+ ft/lbs then see what they can do.

  • O Opii
    O Opii   1 months ago

    You should test the Tesla model s vs the Porsche. 🤪

  • Zach Oberheu
    Zach Oberheu   2 months ago

    Have you ever done one with PB Blaster?

  • Carl Wehner
    Carl Wehner   2 months ago

    Great video I look forward to a shoot out. Also your opinion regarding cost. There are several tests of using construction foam to make tires flat proof. I did not see a consensus. I would love to see your scientific approach to this issue.

  • Michael Y
    Michael Y   2 months ago

    You should to try out a half acetone/half atf mixure (automatic transmission fluid). I use this in a spray bottle like some other tests and it is the best even compared to penetrating oils.

  • Fred Roger
    Fred Roger   2 months ago

    I need help here I have aluminum mags rusted against hub wheels can't break them loose I tried everything , heat , banging ,WD40, WON'T SEPARATE my wheels. Should I use a blaster can or what should I do

  • Tom Prillo
    Tom Prillo   2 months ago

    Love your work! You absolutely positively without a doubt need to try Mopar rust penetrant. I have tried many of these and was blown away by how well the Mopar stuff works. Is seems to soften the rust and works extremely quick too. I will send you a can out of my pocket just to see how it does. Keep up the work we all appreciate and enjoy it!

  • seven dyseven
    seven dyseven   2 months ago

    Scotty Kilmer 's channel is another honest type, no B.S., no sell out character for anyone interested.

  • Johnny Mitch
    Johnny Mitch   2 months ago

    Sooooooo none of these "penetrants" actually penetrate the threads when a rusty nut is wrapped around them. Total waste of money and time. Just a placebo for us backyard mechanics. Only help is after the nut breaks free and is easily backed off, then the exposed threads will spin the nut easier still. FAIL.

  • CebsJr
    CebsJr   2 months ago

    So much penetrating in this video

  • TheShoelaceBandit
    TheShoelaceBandit   2 months ago

    I know a AC Tech that swears by soapy water. Have you tested soap or soapy water? In Theory you wouldn't want to let the soapy water dry out to be effective.