Does Water work better than Penetrating Oil for Rusty Bolts? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 29 April 2019
  • Does water work better than penetrating oil for removing rusty nuts and bolts? Also, can water or penetrating oil climb a vertical surface and creep into a rusty nut or bolt? I've had quite a few viewers recommend water over using penetrating oil for removing frozen nuts and bolts. What about diesel? In this video, water, diesel, 3-in-1 oil, Gibbs, Free All, and Mouse Milk compete to see which product is best using 3 separate tests. The Project Farm channel is not sponsored by any of the manufacturers of the products tested. I purchased all of the products tested in this video. Hope you enjoy the video and hope you provide comments on future video ideas! Thanks for all who recommended this test. 100% of the videos on this channel are viewer recommended ideas.

    Previous video on penetrating oils (Liquid Wrench, PB Blaster, Kroil, WD-40, Acetone/ATF, and Royal Purple): Which Penetrating Oil is Best? Let's find out! - YouTube

    Penetrating oils tested: Brake Fluid, Seafoam Deep Creep, Fluid Film, BG In-Force, WD-40 Rust Specialist, CRC Knock'er Loose.

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 11:40
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  • Amanda Lubyk
    Amanda Lubyk   1 days ago

    The torch probably would’ve beat them all ;)

  • Ebony Hayes
    Ebony Hayes   1 days ago

    Ever done a video on Screwdrivers,Phillips,flatheads etc durability performance etc thanks Project Farm Guy

  • Lawrence Porter
    Lawrence Porter   4 days ago

    Water is the only one that evaporates, probably quicker than it can climb.

  • Derrick Krauss
    Derrick Krauss   5 days ago

    And PB blaster to defeat them all. No seafoam ever

  • Nun Ya
    Nun Ya   6 days ago

    I always apply penetrating oil more than once.

  • Mizaru
    Mizaru   1 weeks ago

    Since water evaporates, the rusted part must be kept wet. 65 years of experience has proved to me that water is by far the best for softening rust.

  • jamoecw
    jamoecw   1 weeks ago

    if we look at how well the liquid did for the money spent water comes out well ahead of the other brands. now this has a lot to do with how cheap water is rather than the effectiveness of the liquid. basically if you take a look at the control (used in other videos, none used here) then took the average torque of the liquid and subtracted it from the control (how much the liquid helped) then took that number and multiplied it by the price paid (torque eased per penny) you get water as the front runner by a significant margin.not saying i would use water if i could use something else, but as far as contests goes this does give the water a nice little niche.

  • CommieCat
    CommieCat   1 weeks ago

    Try ATF and acetone. Bet you it will win

  • Will eye am Mile Hi
    Will eye am Mile Hi   1 weeks ago

    it's not a challenge without ( KNOCKS IT LOOSE ) by P B R or something with 3 initials

  • Un Perrier
    Un Perrier   1 weeks ago

    He's definitely not sponsored by water :)

  • wombatau
    wombatau   2 weeks ago

    Look how many subscribers you have now! Well done!Can you do a gun cleaner comparison? There is a home brew product called Ed’s Red that is touted as superior, but there are those (including myself) that worry that it could cause corrosion.They don’t need to be on guns or anything, just cleaning off rust, lubricity, corrosion, etc. Not much to see actually cleaning guns anyway, though a firearm/pistol would probably be a good add to a pic for the youtube preview.Thanks for all the quality work, I spend way too much time watching these.

  • ShadowTech
    ShadowTech   2 weeks ago

    You need at least 3 data points for each product for meaningful results

  • Michael Block
    Michael Block   3 weeks ago

    I know that water is used to free up stuck hardware by quenching after heating. How did this get communicated that it frees up stuck nuts and bolts by being used as a penetrant? Sounds like bad information either in the telling or the hearing.

  • Brian Park
    Brian Park   1 months ago

    Add hydrochloric acid to the water. (Is that what you used to rust the bolts?)

  • Darian Atkins
    Darian Atkins   1 months ago

    50/50 acetone automatic transmission fluid mix. The best ever.

  • Craig Heislen
    Craig Heislen   1 months ago

    I’ve always had a 50/50 mix of Acetone/ATF work the best.

  • marks mopar
    marks mopar   1 months ago

    I would have liked to see chain saw gas as a penetrating oil,I use that for freeing up old engines.

  • Dustin Schloesser
    Dustin Schloesser   1 months ago

    Try SOK penetrating oil. It’s hard to find on shelves at stores but can be ordered. It works like magic

  • Prashant Gawande
    Prashant Gawande   1 months ago

    Petrol, Soda Cold Drinks (coke, Pepsi etc.), please try these too.

  • Ali
    Ali   1 months ago

    Test h2o2... and h2o only( deionized water) ...

  • SetTheCurve
    SetTheCurve   1 months ago

    I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but I want to know if an engine will run lubricated with actual snake oil

  • J G
    J G   1 months ago

    Love all the videos this guy makes. Been watching him for awhile now. Informative, creative and extremely interesting

  • Reel-Lentless
    Reel-Lentless   1 months ago

    Great video. We have always soaked our chains from tow to chain saw in diesel. We run a lot of saw chains for trimming trees. Just pull them out of the diesel bucket, use them, throw in dry bucket, sharpen, throw in diesel again. Also dump old diesel in barrels for posts and other fence material. Diesel works great on 3 pt hitch adjusters, 5th wheel slides, or any other in the weather item that seizes up. You have great real world videos. We dont need expensive "penetrants/lubes" but they do work well. I remember a buddy in high school who lived in town and had no idea about really working on anything. He brought his mustang out to the shop (yes we had real V8 mustangs) to put new shocks on it. He could not get the rubber bushings on the shocks and I said SPIT ON IT. To this day 35yrs later he still laughs and says "spit on it" when we get together.

  • ZeruS117
    ZeruS117   1 months ago

    Should have added croil works like a charm

  • Dio Brando
    Dio Brando   1 months ago

    We have WD-40 does everything...

  • Sonny Dey
    Sonny Dey   2 months ago

    Why don't you test spring water & distilled water ??

  • Raman Kumar
    Raman Kumar   2 months ago

    U r very hardworking ....U diserve 10milion logical sub base....

  • Shadow 3091
    Shadow 3091   2 months ago

    At least these brands can say "Use our brand. We're marginally better than water"

  • Larry B
    Larry B   2 months ago

    Very nicely done video. SUMMARY: ALL of the penetrating oils are approximately useless. Based on the variance in the torque to loosen the nuts, I doubt any are reliably better than the control. And THAT seems to coincide with my experience with these products.