stop the reddit drama LWIAY #0094

  • Published on: 07 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 22:56
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  • SongbirdRen
    SongbirdRen   2 days ago

    Felix: Like if you would frick waterGirls with a detachable showerhead: 👀

  • Arcweeb
    Arcweeb   3 days ago

    15:48 Sans: Thanks bro

  • vanessa wijaya
    vanessa wijaya   4 days ago

    in 5:59 i love how he replaced the Soviet Union with China

  • Devon Choi
    Devon Choi   1 weeks ago

    gross the comments are filled with kpop stans

  • Bradley Taylor
    Bradley Taylor   1 weeks ago

    I've just realised I've been watching PewDiePie and lwaiy for ages and don't know what lwiay means 😂😂 any help?

  • td hanoi
    td hanoi   1 weeks ago

    Did he just confuse the Soviet Union flag with the Chinese flag

  • Daniel Huang
    Daniel Huang   1 weeks ago

    i got a unskippable adedit: that was a bug

  • Nile Aks
    Nile Aks   1 weeks ago

    12:56 why there is felix lee

  • Magi Gacha
    Magi Gacha   1 weeks ago

    pewd: Drake you can lick my..........nippels.I WILL LIKE THAT!!!

  • Squaredoodle animations

    I have an October 24th birthday. like this, so I become more popular. or put it on lwiay. I must have the more popular birthday!

  • Cadence H.
    Cadence H.   2 weeks ago

    A lot of people want to frick water

  • Halo Gamer
    Halo Gamer   2 weeks ago

    that was the soviet union not china

  • Rāñdøm Bøsñîän

    Felix is basically gonna Frick the worldJust not the ceiling gang cuz they suck

  • Emma de Winter
    Emma de Winter   3 weeks ago

    pewdiepie : Enderman like to do blib blob enderman: ...

  • Javelix
    Javelix   3 weeks ago

    Hold down 1 on keyboard for creepy glitched pewds

  • Rac00nzz
    Rac00nzz   3 weeks ago

    Is called mister worldwide litteraly yhe next second he mixes china and russia

  • Lxmonade_Tee
    Lxmonade_Tee   3 weeks ago

    Pewds: I'll frick a creeper and nothing else!Also Pewds: I'll frick a water molecule .

  • Erynn Anderson
    Erynn Anderson   1 months ago

    do you ever wonder if marzia watches these videos?

  • Caleb Bell
    Caleb Bell   1 months ago

    I know im late but I could enchant anything with any enchantment in. Old xbox 360 edition and maybe other old ones too, I don't know

  • Gage Walker
    Gage Walker   1 months ago

    got an ad for knock off pewds merch lmao

  • m schizzle
    m schizzle   1 months ago

    imagine being marzia in the other room and all you can hear with no context"I WOULD FRICK A WATER MOLECULE, SMASH LIKE IF YOU WOULD FRICK WATER MOLECULE"

  • Miliq
    Miliq   1 months ago

    12:33 I thought my computer crashed

  • Frantic-Spooky
    Frantic-Spooky   1 months ago

    2:29pewds: no likes drinking hot waterpeople who drink tea: am i a joke to you