Are These the Most Embarrassing Parents Ever?

  • Published on: 05 April 2020
  • Most youngsters can relate to these kids who have been totally mortified by their parents. One high school freshman demanded her parents not show up to a dance she was attending, but they just couldn't help themselves. A Colorado mom tried to provide a little entertainment for her kids when they all got stuck in standstill traffic, singing along to the Backstreet Boys and dancing on the highway.’s Mara Montalbano has more.
  • Runtime : 3:54
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  • Zali Phillips
    Zali Phillips   16 hours ago

    ik im late but anyone else noticed at 2:08 that the mom was repeating what her son said? looks like she told him what to say lol .

  • April Davis
    April Davis   2 days ago

    The first girl is so rude I had my dad there before and she screamed get out what's wrong with her.

  • Eisen Adler
    Eisen Adler   1 weeks ago

    Now don't you dare blame your kids when they don't want to hang out with their parents these days.

  • Shayla Ngo
    Shayla Ngo   1 weeks ago

    i embarrass my family more than they embarrass me

  • Isabella Lesher
    Isabella Lesher   2 weeks ago

    Isfg if that girl isn't a pterodactyl in secret, then I don't know what life is.

  • IG Midas
    IG Midas   3 weeks ago

    Finally no corona virus news

  • Cookie_Gacha
    Cookie_Gacha   3 weeks ago

    7 y.o kid: My parents suck!-The teenagers in the video: try living in my family!

  • Samantha Hauley-housden

    At least the second people weren’t stuck in traffic for 9 hours like I was when I was going home from a trip to the seaside it should of only took 3/4 hours!

  • TikTok Qweeen
    TikTok Qweeen   1 months ago

    I don’t know why hiding my face makes me feel less embarrassed

  • Mommyonamission
    Mommyonamission   1 months ago

    Aww the good old days lol. I miss doing stuff like this to my kids 🤣

  • Vanz
    Vanz   1 months ago

    That girl’s screeching noise can be used in horror movies

  • Terry Terry
    Terry Terry   1 months ago

    What about the woman who played Usher's yeah with her oven.

  • Qцёєи Bёє
    Qцёєи Bёє   1 months ago

    I'd be embarrassed to be that screaming girls parent 😐

  • Jmoney23Amor
    Jmoney23Amor   1 months ago

    i live in san diego and im a fan of the padres lol

  • Horny Devil
    Horny Devil   1 months ago

    somebody come ged-der she's dancing like a stripper.

  • XxJass SanghaxX
    XxJass SanghaxX   1 months ago

    And I thought my parents were embarrassing lol 😂

  • jk12324
    jk12324   1 months ago

    To be honest, unless the parents in the first video had a valid reason to be there, I think they should have respected their daughter's request for some personal space and privacy. It's not like she was a little kid anymore

  • Winnie Ferrer
    Winnie Ferrer   1 months ago

    Like - If you ever got embarrassed 😳 👇🏻And comment if you never got embarrassed

  • Chloe Ann
    Chloe Ann   1 months ago

    It’s kinda messed up for parents to purposely embarrass their kids. They loose trust and get real sad/mad seeing them laugh and their friends and people laughing

  • cheeto
    cheeto   1 months ago

    The mom in the shorts is so funny

  • Dave M
    Dave M   1 months ago

    K. but that moms hot.

  • Kimmy Bee
    Kimmy Bee   1 months ago

    OMG the Mom dancing in the traffic jam 😂🤣😂 I'm dying 😂

  • bLv Dinh
    bLv Dinh   1 months ago

    Man, this kids must have the best lives. Well, I cant say that. I assume it would have been really nice to have a parent be involved.

  • The only Dog
    The only Dog   1 months ago

    Is that a Jesus bobble head in the 2nd clip!!!