Cooking, But Not Really: LASAGNA!

  • Published on: 05 January 2015
  • This is for all of you people at home who also lack cooking skills :)
    Welcome to the first episode of COOKING, But Not Really...
    This also MAY be the LAST episode hahaha.. idk.. we'll see.

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  • Runtime : 8:21
  • Cooking (Interest) cooking but not really nigahiga ryan higa higatv Lasagne (Dish) Food


  • DreadPanda
    DreadPanda   3 days ago

    YouTube hella sus cause my english captions auto turn on only on ryan higa's videos like wtf

  • Ray
    Ray   5 days ago

    I’m only in elementary school and I think I can make this 😂

  • Wookiee Squad
    Wookiee Squad   2 weeks ago

    So Ryan is Japanese, Hawaiian, and Filipino?

  • Drunk Taco246
    Drunk Taco246   3 weeks ago

    when I was 7 I watched this, I re watched it and this gave me so many memories of the old ryan

  • Alex Su
    Alex Su   3 weeks ago

    4:08 me, you’re cooking, your just doing it lazily btw, no hate

  • Noah Yoon
    Noah Yoon   1 months ago

    little did anyone know that Ryan foreshadows James Charles with his voice at the beginning of the video

  • Ben McInnis
    Ben McInnis   1 months ago

    i like how the cooking but not really animated title shows Ryan cutting tomatoes with a meat cleaver.

  • Bre Cox
    Bre Cox   1 months ago

    Literally I learned about the can trick to get all of it out when this first cake out 5 YEARS AGO! And I still do it to this day

  • Vaishnavi Mohank
    Vaishnavi Mohank   1 months ago

    His cooking videos make me wnna stop watching master chef lol

  • Skelyboss
    Skelyboss   1 months ago

    I just noticed you have the same Almond Roca's as me, don't know why I saw this but.....

  • Falindevrie Riyadi
    Falindevrie Riyadi   1 months ago

    Exactly 5 years ago Ryan uploaded this video-5 January 2020I miss Sean

  • Wolfie-chan
    Wolfie-chan   1 months ago

    Im in 2019 and im watchig this after sean left

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy   2 months ago

    Make fried spaghetti

  • AdamSkii
    AdamSkii   2 months ago

    AyyI don’t care what I put because the video has only been out for four years now so doesn’t matter what I put bye

  • Anish
    Anish   2 months ago

    here for the Sean memories after Paco replaced him

  • Jade Watson
    Jade Watson   2 months ago

    I just realized that when they were listing the different other meals to eat, Ryan said hot pockets, chicken pot pie and ramen...which are the dishes they end up making eventually on this show

  • Derpy_Kitty Yuuki
    Derpy_Kitty Yuuki   2 months ago

    Imagine food king on Ryan and Sylvia’s channel and Ryan’s cooking but not really

  • Jason S
    Jason S   2 months ago

    Ryan: 1:55 who is this character Me: he sounds like James Charles

  • Madeline Voelkel
    Madeline Voelkel   2 months ago

    “That’s a good name right??” AGH COMING BACK TO THESE VIDS AFTER YEARS IS :,,)

  • Adi Das
    Adi Das   2 months ago

    god damn....i miss sean