Making My Brother Think We Got KICKED OUT Of Our House

  • Published on: 12 March 2019
  • I hired an actor to pretend to be our landlord and kick us out of the house... here's how Ethan reacted hahaha


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  • Runtime : 27:18
  • Dolan Twins Kicked out landloard


  • charlotte gaylord
    charlotte gaylord   11 hours ago

    why did the pen video while he was testing it say it was filmed april 6th 2017?

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   19 hours ago

    Love this. Lol Grayson tho when he finally gets a good prank

  • Ina Johnson
    Ina Johnson   1 days ago

    when Grayson said "Goodmorning" at 10.02 it was just😍

  • Kalyn
    Kalyn   1 days ago

    The dude playing the land lord is good because he was making me mad 😂

  • Veer Rawal
    Veer Rawal   1 days ago

    Grayson: "So then He'll know he just got pranked by his (more smarter) brother."

  • Chayse Delosh
    Chayse Delosh   3 days ago

    That guy was pissing me off and I new it was fake

  • Theresa Nguyen
    Theresa Nguyen   5 days ago

    I felt terrible for Ethan the whole entire time😭😭

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi   5 days ago

    Multiple Dolan’s... he must know about Jeff and Nolan..

  • Paige Stickney
    Paige Stickney   6 days ago

    did anyone else notice that the pen cam said it was 2017?

  • Hello Yellow
    Hello Yellow   1 weeks ago

    MY landlord kicked me out for fun sometime and he gave me 30 days tho but still...

  • Emely De La Rosa
    Emely De La Rosa   1 weeks ago

    I was scared af like he was kicking me out lmao, he is a great actor woow

  • Emely De La Rosa
    Emely De La Rosa   1 weeks ago

    Omg poor ethan was so serious 😂😂😯😯 my heart💔

  • tom shahar
    tom shahar   1 weeks ago

    Am i the only one that noticed the prank was in 2017 when this came out in 2019?? 23:42

    SILVER   1 weeks ago


  • r i l e y
    r i l e y   1 weeks ago

    I cant even see grayson with this haircut now 🤣

  • Jerry Maddox
    Jerry Maddox   2 weeks ago

    i don't know why but why does this dude look like bill nye

  • Ella Breanne
    Ella Breanne   2 weeks ago

    ethans poor face he looked like he was about to cry 🥺🥺🥺

  • Abi and Kellylyn
    Abi and Kellylyn   2 weeks ago

    omg ethans background is of him and his dad that’s so freaking sweet

  • Alex Harbula
    Alex Harbula   2 weeks ago

    Graysons acting was really good too this prank was gold

  • Bobbi Frank
    Bobbi Frank   2 weeks ago

    I literally just bought that same salt lamp by the pen cup

  • nicole johnson
    nicole johnson   3 weeks ago

    Sorrryyyy! Ethan is prank Lord!! That's the only prank that Gray actually did well!!

  • cxramel
    cxramel   3 weeks ago

    Im tAlkInG tO a PeNaNd iTs LISTENING!!!

  • Liam Kuennen
    Liam Kuennen   3 weeks ago

    Grayson:Me: “hOw DiD hE sEt Up ThE cAmArA”

  • Audrey Harris
    Audrey Harris   3 weeks ago

    Grayson, can you do a mental health kind of social experiment, like, see how Ethan would react if you did something or acted a certain way?

  • Shania
    Shania   3 weeks ago