Reacting To Ourselves After Surgery!! (We Remembered Nothing)

  • Published on: 20 August 2019
  • As you may have seen in the last video... we were off a da chain. This was our first time ever seeing what we did after our surgery because we remembered nothing...


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  • Runtime : 27:36
  • Dolan Twins


  • Madisyn Ormond
    Madisyn Ormond   7 hours ago

    did anyone else notice that when grayson guessed what he thought ethan said after surgery “wassup brotha” (4:01) he actually said we he said after surgery (11:11) ? just me ok

  • Nic P
    Nic P   8 hours ago

    Why did they have surgery?

  • Brailyn Stephens
    Brailyn Stephens   9 hours ago

    Ethan kept mentioning it was Tuesday and that they had to upload 3 times 😂😂😂😂

  • Julia Fox
    Julia Fox   1 days ago

    omg yall should drop som merch saying "is anistisa dairy free?"

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    I feel so bad for poor Ethan. He just wanted to sleep but Grayson kept scaring him awake lol. Poor guys 😞 😂

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    I swear I'm dying! Why tf are you guys so friken funny and delusional? Love you guys !!!!!

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    This whole video is just a FAT mood. Lol

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    Stap touching me brotha. Kinda a mood tho

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    Omg when Grayson gets back. Real twin brothers

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    Lol same happy tears. I'm literally crying!

  • Mariane Cousineau Rousseau

    Why does ethan always have to rap freestyle when he gets this medication that makes them crazy ? (remember the teeth removed)

  • MJR1202
    MJR1202   1 days ago

    anyone else laugh their ass off the whole video? bahahahaha

  • Dom Doyle
    Dom Doyle   1 days ago

    Lol love this. When you got taken away.

  • Giselle Grant
    Giselle Grant   1 days ago

    Ethan-Apple Juice?Ethan/Hell Yeah I want Apple Juice!

  • Gracie Viole
    Gracie Viole   1 days ago

    I am a twin but my twin died in my mums stomach:(

  • Alexandra Solis
    Alexandra Solis   1 days ago

    This reminds me of last was my first time smoking weed and I got high as shit like stoned and here I am the next day I don't remember anything from yesterday night 😅

  • Annie
    Annie   1 days ago

    I know im very late but i just got a birth control ad..... ThAnKs

  • Hi You
    Hi You   2 days ago

    Why dose Graysons nose look like it’s edited 1:18

  • not in my christain minecraft server

    this was posted the day before my bday, my birthday was on wednesday, i watched this video on my birthday though, my birthday is on friday this august it would make my whole entire year if you wished me a happy birthday on my birthday this year, love you forever ♡

  • Megan Mullally
    Megan Mullally   2 days ago

    Love how ethan is wearing the exact same thing even his hair just added a silver necklace

    IOONIE LOONIEYOU   2 days ago

    When the Twins had there wisdom teeth removed it's like they switched.

  • Abigail Kim
    Abigail Kim   3 days ago

    Ethan- “Is anesthesia dairy-free” 😂🥺19:37 made me laugh 😂

  • Caitlyn Pratt
    Caitlyn Pratt   3 days ago

    It is 5:00 here right now and I’m prettysure my siblings hate me now for laughing so hard and waking them up😂

  • Ellyn Zoller
    Ellyn Zoller   3 days ago

    I just had surgery too and couldn’t remember anything and I keep remembering things from it randomly 😂