Terrifying & Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni

  • Published on: 23 January 2020
  • Dave is back to frighten Jimmy with animals. This time he brings a Grey Fox, Slender-Billed Cockatoo, Rattlesnake and Wallaby. If you want to help the animals affected by the devastating bushfires in Australia you can donate to the International Fund for Animal Welfare: https://www.ifaw.org

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    Terrifying & Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni
  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • NearlyIndieOnly
    NearlyIndieOnly   1 hours ago

    I love jimmy but imagine being one of the few people on this earth that actually have a chance to pet and hold these animals and just being like no I’m scared for the sake of being funny for the audience.

  • canaryinacoalmine
    canaryinacoalmine   3 hours ago

    Started with one of my favorite animals, the fox. And ended with one of the most terrifying. But you got to give the rattlesnake credit they really do try and warn you where they are ⚠️

  • Évelyne
    Évelyne   5 hours ago

    everybody's gangster until the rattlesnake comes out

  • ejaz ahmed
    ejaz ahmed   7 hours ago

    how far we have fallen, to save animals we need paper toys(money). matter of fact to do anything we need self made paper toys

  • Garry G
    Garry G   15 hours ago

    Omg that snake had me scared already

  • ace regal
    ace regal   1 days ago


  • Blake Rowe
    Blake Rowe   1 days ago

    Thing about snakes is they do this thing called a warning strike, where they'll lunge at something, but won't open their mouths. They just boop you. Hognose snakes are known for this, they're very sassy

  • ddmn0_0
    ddmn0_0   1 days ago

    I think this is the only Dave Salmoni episode that Jimmy let dave talk...Please keep it that way!

  • Daniel Whyatt
    Daniel Whyatt   3 days ago

    I’m glad they actually brought up the Australian fires in this one. It only makes sense with the kind of animals he brings on that he brings up awareness for the terrible loss of life our planet is currently facing. Even he can’t let his nervousness around animals get in the way of this one.

  • pudge boyardee
    pudge boyardee   3 days ago

    So if you cant tell a wallabe is what happens when nothing can get at a population of rabbits for a couple million years. And that snake was being super defensive because it was exposed and surrounded by heat sources and vibration, it was not happy. He shouldve brought a larger branch for the snake to hide in a little, maybe a cat tree

  • Austin Mark
    Austin Mark   3 days ago

    why did he keep saying no no the snake is relaxed? no its not lmao. please dont go on national television and tell people that this is what a relaxed rattlesnake looks like.

  • Robin Yumnam
    Robin Yumnam   4 days ago

    Looks like Jimmy got some complains about not letting Dave speak

  • Jake Alejandro
    Jake Alejandro   4 days ago

    i really really love jimmy on a comedy action movie.

  • Robiplier
    Robiplier   5 days ago

    I thought his name was dave salami

  • natnael gym
    natnael gym   5 days ago

    Helping Animal 😭 so sad Many people lost their homes Many people dead because of warWhat happen with humanity so sad

  • Mar Pandz
    Mar Pandz   5 days ago

    Jimmy is reading You Tube comments that's why no interuption now

  • cb7pwn
    cb7pwn   6 days ago

    animals on late night, one of my favorite things to laugh to

  • Jesus Valle
    Jesus Valle   1 weeks ago

    These animals look terrified. looks at the fox. Please stop putting these animals for a show like this, they are clearly uncomfortable.

  • oddtoxin
    oddtoxin   1 weeks ago

    I kinda wish Jimmy was like conan and grow some balls and interact a bit more with the animals

  • lil'Peepzza
    lil'Peepzza   1 weeks ago

    even the camera man flinched, yet Dave stayed completely calm

  • Barbara Danley
    Barbara Danley   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy legit being afraid of rattlesnakes since he was bitten by one on the show before.

  • BigDaddyNanimal
    BigDaddyNanimal   1 weeks ago

    Bro i live in australia aint no wallaby dangerous. That's pretty much our version of a cat

  • The Kids Nice
    The Kids Nice   1 weeks ago

    Lmao the look on the foxes face 😂🤣😂 he’s like “who tf are these people?” 😂

  • Melanie E.
    Melanie E.   1 weeks ago

    Wow. Can’t believe he actually let Dave talk about the animals. Thank you 💜💜♥️💜♥️

  • sheeja thomas
    sheeja thomas   1 weeks ago

    Actually my phone slipped from my hand when the snake burst the balloonn

  • hdhejehwkaje
    hdhejehwkaje   1 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this one. Idk if its because Dave got to do a lot of talking and I know a lot of people complain the Jimmy interrupts him, or if its cause Jimmy and to sit crisscross applesauce on the desk or what

  • Fourth Prince 10
    Fourth Prince 10   1 weeks ago

    I hate the way he acts with the animals. Makes me wonder how he views is audience members. Do they think him acting simple is really funny.

  • Kovu Lion
    Kovu Lion   1 weeks ago

    That Fox doesnt want furries watching his junk