Top 10 Shocking Pawn Stars Discoveries

  • Published on: 05 August 2019
  • These shocking Pawn Stars discoveries were treasures in themselves. We’ll be looking at the most amazing things that have ever popped up on Pawn Stars. It’s true – you never DO know what will come through that door! WatchMojo ranks the most shocking Pawn Stars discoveries. What do you think was the most shocking Pawn Stars discovery? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Runtime : 15:4
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  • JP David
    JP David   3 hours ago

    customer: i have the single vial of the elixir of liferick: wow, im gonna give you 25 bucks..

  • Damien Holland
    Damien Holland   17 hours ago

    02:10 That high relief 1922 coin (or however you call it) he sold for 80k is worth $130,000. "USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1922 Peace Silver Dollar (High Relief Variety) (Proof Coin) is Worth $130,939 or more."

  • Richard Mann
    Richard Mann   18 hours ago

    Epstein never signed a contract with the Beatles

  • Gage is Me333
    Gage is Me333   1 days ago

    3:57 uncle Phil? That aint uncle phil, theres only ONE Uncle Phil😅😝Also judging from A LOT of these jokes/comments, im guessing this show has a history of seeming.... cheap? Rick constantly low-balling people? I wouldnt know, i dont watch it😅

  • jakisa kralj
    jakisa kralj   2 days ago

    Customer: I found holy grailRick: best i can do is 200$ and i'm making a huge risk, there are no many collectors of this..

  • Boston Towny4life
    Boston Towny4life   2 days ago

    Shit, that makes me want to start saving my nickles, dimes and quarters!!

  • Mukul Verma
    Mukul Verma   3 days ago

    Let's be honest, best thing to walk through that door is Rebecca.

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips   3 days ago

    The Beatles original contract. Can I use it as toilet paper

  • Lord Reiji
    Lord Reiji   4 days ago

    Like just for the beautiful smile and deep stare at the end of the video.

  • Felix No Mind
    Felix No Mind   4 days ago

    1:17 - 10 years later. He still has the guitar, and no money

  • Instagram:

    The sigar box was sold for around 550 000 usd in an action.. so the dude lost a lot of money.

  • maxx
    maxx   5 days ago

    I dont see any porn stars

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi

    The 1950s-60s Fender Strats sound amazing. I got my hands on a Mexican Fender Stratocaster for free because my best friend's uncle is one of those compulsive buyers. It was obvious he got ripped off a bit because the truss rod nut was broken off and had a fair bit of rust, so I had to replace the useless maple/rosewood neck with a new one. I also got "vintage" reproduction tuning keys, a new reproduction "vintage" bridge and a larger tremolo block. Then I replaced the shitty stock pups with those over-wound Custom Shop '54 pickups, and holy shit, the sound was a vast improvement. They were so much more "crisp" and clear than the stock pick-ups. "Clear as a bell" is one review I read with many others agreeing, and I'd have to agree with that too. The issue with single pups is that not being reverse wound, they can pick up on a lot of electromagnetic interference noise, but I solved this issue. I shielded the pups by lining the body cavity with several layers of copper foil tape as well as tracing the shape of the pick-guard onto one of those (8 or 10 mil IIRC) thick copper sheets you get at arts & craft stores then cut it out and used some spots of glue to hold it in pace making sure the copper sheet under the pick-guard is in contact with the copper tape in the cavities at several points that essentially creates a Faraday cage. And it worked beautifully at reducing any electromagnetic interference to almost nothing. I had originally bought those pups for my first electric guitar, a Squire Strat, and while the sound difference was like night and day when I installed the '54s. As Squire Strats use cheap basswood for the bodies it still felt very much lacking in the quality of sound. Everything on that guitar was so cheaply made, and the new '54s by themselves cost more than the entire Squire Strat "kit" with a bag, 5 watt amp, cables, tuner and stand. When I got my hands on that Mexican Strat that uses actual Alder (as they SHOULD) for the body and maple neck with a rosewood fret board. She has amazing, and CLEAR sound because of the heavy shielding. I eventually want to further modify it to make it my own David Gilmour "Black Strat".

  • General Obi Wan Kenobi

    Joseph Smith never discovered any "golden plates." That is pure con-man bullshit.

  • Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers   5 days ago

    Thanos: I have all six of the infinity stones.Rick: $1000 in cash right now. Thanos: These things can literally destroy worlds......Rick: I’m taking a huge risk Thanos.

  • marion stanley
    marion stanley   5 days ago

    The federal tax rate on collectibles is 28%. Would states charge the sales tax rate or the income tax rate on the sales in this video?

  • jbrisby
    jbrisby   5 days ago

    I can't stand dumb chicks posing as journalists. "Come on WatchMojo!"

  • Transedence Squad
    Transedence Squad   5 days ago

    The Jimi Hendrix guitar looked like a right hand played, Jimi played with the left hand.

  • Jacob H
    Jacob H   5 days ago

    Hey, she's kinda' cute...

  • Moe Yagz
    Moe Yagz   5 days ago

    Finally the face behind the voice...

  • Mishaal Abubacker
    Mishaal Abubacker   6 days ago


  • Andrew Thompson
    Andrew Thompson   6 days ago

    How sad is it that the Ford Bronco is close to the price of George Washington’s suit. That suit should be in a museum man. It’s invaluable.

  • saintconnor
    saintconnor   6 days ago

    im more interested in her education, tbh. how do you go: lets go ancient greek and japanese, its like she was thinking: ill do ancient languages and anime language.

  • Marcus StaAna
    Marcus StaAna   1 weeks ago

    It's nice to see a face reveal of watch mojo!!!!☺️❤️.

  • AmericanPride1234
    AmericanPride1234   1 weeks ago

    Id by the Bronco then picked OJ up when he was released from jail.  lol9-14-19

  • Ande Linn
    Ande Linn   1 weeks ago

    Why the fuck did he touch that suit without gloves??????!!!!!!!! That fabric is over 200 years old!!!!!! Dude It needs to be in a museum!!!