Top 10 Shocking Pawn Stars Discoveries

  • Published on: 05 August 2019
  • These shocking Pawn Stars discoveries were treasures in themselves. We’ll be looking at the most amazing things that have ever popped up on Pawn Stars. It’s true – you never DO know what will come through that door! WatchMojo ranks the most shocking Pawn Stars discoveries. What do you think was the most shocking Pawn Stars discovery? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Runtime : 15:4
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  • Chewligan
    Chewligan   5 hours ago

    Drop the pointless woman with glasses and retro mic and you've got a good upload.

  • ll Fallen ll
    ll Fallen ll   1 days ago

    Why did they feel it necessary for them to bring up JFK's assassination

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way   1 days ago

    Offer; 1,000,000 Rick; 5 bucks

  • Can I Ask You something?

    Did you guys know about auction? Museums? Specially collectors? That you can sell rare items

  • collin2clean
    collin2clean   2 days ago

    Seller: I have the original remains from Adam and Eve’s forbidden fruit.Rick: Let me call my expert in.God: Yeah, it’s real. I appraise it at about 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000Rick: Best i can do is $2, And i’m taking a HUGE risk here.

  • En La Cama
    En La Cama   3 days ago

    Seller: Ok here’s 100 tons of Incan gold,Rasputins Bible,Abraham Lincoln’s top hat,A crystal skull,The 10 commandments,The Holy Grail and Excalibur,Al Capone’s jewelry and cars,All the Holy Corpse parts,The Requiem Arrow,The Dragon Balls,The philosopher stone,The Infinity Stones,An Alien artifact from New Mexico,A full set of diamond armor,Mussolini’s pen,The bone of Dio,The Red Stone of Aja,Tupac’s chain,The Death Note and Ryuks pen,Kurt Cobain’s LighterThe thorn crown Jesus wore,And Gods hairOk how much do I get? Rick:I dunno maybe a paper clip or a cashew, I dunno I’m taking a huge gamble here.

  • Shaan Masters
    Shaan Masters   4 days ago

    First time I seen phoebe on watch mojo........very beautiful... Now Where's that rewind button!

  • Ya Yoi
    Ya Yoi   4 days ago

    The way the guy selling the guitar speaks makes me smile:)

  • Abrahan Beer
    Abrahan Beer   4 days ago

    Note to self: watch mojo voice unnecessary.

  • Jerry
    Jerry   5 days ago

    Rick screws another guy. Why I seldom watched these crooks.

  • emily martini
    emily martini   6 days ago

    thor:''i have a axe from a god myself ''rick:''the best i can do is 15 bolts of lighting from zeus''

  • 123morgan1231
    123morgan1231   6 days ago

    The OJ ford is now now displayed at the Alcatraz east crime mesume in pigeon forge TN! I saw it this past fall

  • Sierra Mikain
    Sierra Mikain   1 weeks ago

    I have seen many of your videos, but this is the first time I've seen your face. You are more beautiful than I imagined.

  • Jon Stamos
    Jon Stamos   1 weeks ago

    3:01 Is the greatest discovery, and all her cute greatness

  • Jan Lopez
    Jan Lopez   1 weeks ago

    You have to consider this is business, so he has to buy stuff at lower price so he can make a profit

  • Quentin Brooks
    Quentin Brooks   1 weeks ago

    Customer: I have 1900 oz of diamondsRick: Mmmmm so here this barrel is worth 25¢ and that ... Is that a truckload? Ok that truckload you got 45¢. Let me do the math mmm 70 cEnTs

  • Duke Knight
    Duke Knight   2 weeks ago

    I love how she says Rick is low balling at $350,000 when we all know she doesn’t have that much money

    MR. THUNDER   2 weeks ago

    How to sell for the highest price to Rick?Say your price by doubling it and he will pay more👍

  • Vegeta Dbiop
    Vegeta Dbiop   3 weeks ago

    I wont even watch video knowing Pawn Stars are all staged.

  • shannon .S
    shannon .S   3 weeks ago

    the shop has to earn some money off it when they sell it. it only makes sense he has to buy it for a lower price then what it is appraised for.

  • Countess Andrea
    Countess Andrea   3 weeks ago

    Good for the owner of the Hendrix guitar. These guys are absolute despicable scum. Total crooks.