Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

  • Published on: 09 February 2019
  • Always been a fan of those primitive building videos and just wanted to give it a try! Welcome to the first Ryan Tries episode!

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  • Runtime : 10:58
  • ryan higa higatv nigahiga primitive survival primitive building primitive technology epic snow fort


  • Shindinder
    Shindinder   3 days ago

    me and my friend making our snow castle in minecraft

  • Nervon Thomas
    Nervon Thomas   6 days ago

    It always seems to amaze me when I see that Ryan is so talented 👌🏾

  • Art of Troy
    Art of Troy   6 days ago

    Did anyone notice the snow toilet? XD

  • GamingWithKat :D
    GamingWithKat :D   1 weeks ago

    7:29 + 9:45those grunting noises thoAnd also Ryan wth xDThe funniest bit is 2:45

  • Kirious
    Kirious   1 weeks ago

    Ah, yes, a winter home for hobbits.

  • RL Dearborn
    RL Dearborn   1 weeks ago

    Yeah this is fake (well some of it) because you had to go inside overnight or else you would over freeze so you just made the light dimmer with photo shop or whatever then I see that you used logs as seats but I wondered why the logs were so well cut,maybe by a chainsaw...

  • Zang Shock
    Zang Shock   1 weeks ago

    That is awesome i will shout out you on my next video and build a snow fort like that

  • misstary13
    misstary13   2 weeks ago

    that..... you can play in that but i don't think camping there would work out too well.

    *AFK_ SPRITS*   2 weeks ago

    He said no tools, but where did he get the string to tie the Branches??

  • Kenclg Q
    Kenclg Q   2 weeks ago

    Ryan: we are going to make a snow fort! Me: I can do that. That’s is sooooo easy!!!5 MINUTES LATER IN THE VIDEO Me: ima go outside and build one! 5 hours later News: Welcome back everyone a guy found dead In his backyard coverd in snow

  • Wookiee Squad
    Wookiee Squad   2 weeks ago

    For day 2 to 3 they sleep on one side then they switch in the morning 🤨🧐

  • 沈Sandy
    沈Sandy   2 weeks ago

    Dear Ryan , can you do the cinnamon challenge?

  • SpoopBerry Sans
    SpoopBerry Sans   2 weeks ago

    nigahiga — the channel where nothing can make you laugh. literally. they just sat there and it was funny to me

  • KaaiPlayzPiano
    KaaiPlayzPiano   3 weeks ago

    I paused at 1:39's crazy scrollingFire breathingASMRSlime Toy reviews Fire breathing

  • Hotdog Man
    Hotdog Man   3 weeks ago

    Surely, i thought this was clickbait, but no...

  • chun mao
    chun mao   3 weeks ago

    how did you make the fire camp Ryan

  • chun mao
    chun mao   3 weeks ago

    Ryan the other side of the mountain has no snow

  • chun mao
    chun mao   3 weeks ago

    Ryan you said no tools but isn’t a rope a tool

  • Lord Flexi
    Lord Flexi   3 weeks ago

    Ok how much did you pay the snow

  • Ahmed Ashmaig
    Ahmed Ashmaig   3 weeks ago

    See you guys in another year when YouTube randomly reccomends it

  • JJCraze
    JJCraze   3 weeks ago

    Expectation: Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT!Reality: bunch of guys ramming into snow

  • Swaggie 250
    Swaggie 250   4 weeks ago

    How tf are you guys keeping a strait face

  • 2m1a_Arx
    2m1a_Arx   4 weeks ago

    how does this have less than 20 million views