How to Repair Rust on Your Car Without Welding (No Special Tools Needed)

  • Published on: 28 October 2017
  • Rust removal and repair. Repairing rust on your car is something that should be done quickly to prevent it from spreading. It can be easily done without welding, by using strong but inexpensive body filler. You can even paint the car yourself. Rust repair is common at the wheel wells and rocker panels of cars and in this video I show the proper and most thorough way to remove and repair rust.

    Glass Filler:
    Gold Filler:
    Adhesive Remover:
    Spot Putty:
    Body Patch Mesh:
    Dust Mask:
    Sanding Block:

    Rust Converter:
    Rubberized Undercoating:
    Filler Primer:
    Color Matching Paint:

    Power Tools:
    Rust Remover Disc:

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  • Runtime : 21:55
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  • insaneapples
    insaneapples   3 hours ago

    There is one thing I wish you mentioned in the video, and that is what to expect after a spot paint like this. If you're not painting the entire body panel, you will most certainly see a difference between the old paint and new paint, since the old paint likely oxidized a little over time. The clear will be even worse, the new clear is going to show a very noticeable line that you cannot sand away. This is really for getting a "40 footer" down to a "10 footer" which for some people is perfectly fine. Like you said, a million times better than a giant rust spot. But, I would recommend for anyone looking to bring it back to near-factory look, paint the entire panel, or make clever use of the body lines to hide it.

  • Oli's Repairs
    Oli's Repairs   15 hours ago

    Oof this is not a good rust repair. So much rust still left between the panels. Only way to truly repair rust is cut and weld

  • Da SlothMC
    Da SlothMC   19 hours ago

    I’m bout to buy a civic with some nasty fender rust thank god for you

  • Emi E
    Emi E   1 days ago

    11:00 Okey Im gonna send it!!! shifts down 2 gears

  • Rusty Bollinger
    Rusty Bollinger   1 days ago

    Your vids are well done. I like how they flow smoothly.

  • Greyson Francisco
    Greyson Francisco   2 days ago

    What about rust underneath a car ?, I have a 2007 ford sport explorer trac and it’s beautiful but it has rust underneath kinda bad, should I take it in to a shop or any options for my self personally ?

  • Zildjian Beats
    Zildjian Beats   2 days ago

    I did this and followed every step but I see harsh lines and it's a darker color even after I buffed and polished.... Ugh. I don't know what I did wrong. What do I need to do if I wanna restart? Just sand down to the primer again?

  • Hido G
    Hido G   2 days ago

    Did on my car! Thank you Chris!

  • Guy Awesome
    Guy Awesome   3 days ago

    Thank you Chris for putting up these videos.

  • TheCoolDave
    TheCoolDave   3 days ago

    Subbed a while ago, Thanks for the videos... I don't need car repair, my car needs some paint correction but, is in good shape besides that. I did pick up a really nice Webber grill that someone left outside, and the bottom panel is pretty rusted. This will work perfect for that and I should be able to get it looking great. The grill works beautiful and always wanted a Webber, I got a $1000 grill for $100, and with $75 in tools, I should be able to make it like new ! Thanks ! :)

  • blackschwarzenegger
    blackschwarzenegger   3 days ago

    Damn Chris that was a dope azz video. Great presentation bro and very easy to follow.

  • Rob C
    Rob C   3 days ago

    No no no no Its only a half million times better. Chris is actually 13 years-old permanently. He talks like a 13 year-old getting out of his room. I did this all by myself!!!! Man I cant wait to see this and show my 14 year-old girlfriend! She wears lipstick now and ......blah blah blah blah

  • J Johnston
    J Johnston   3 days ago

    What about cars that need new floor panels?

  • Cardinal Thunder
    Cardinal Thunder   3 days ago

    You sponsored by 3M or something? I was looking up what products to buy and I see the ones used in the video are Rustoleum and their logos are taped over, while your affiliate links are mainly 3M products instead. Seems sketchy.

    SHAUN CAMPBELL9   3 days ago

    Hi ChrisWhat about a vid about buying a Datsun 280z?All the best Shaun of NYC

  • Gamer pro 23 000
    Gamer pro 23 000   3 days ago

    Chris Take as long as you want Me okay it’s 1:00 AM now it is 11:59 lol

  • Gamer pro 23 000
    Gamer pro 23 000   3 days ago

    Stores: Chris makes videos now we won’t get the money :(Chris: hey guys Chrisfix here I am showing you how to save money on repairing your car

  • Ryan Brueckert
    Ryan Brueckert   3 days ago

    I got a harsh line of what I think is the clear coat and it won’t come off. Should I just start all over ?

  • david senneker
    david senneker   4 days ago

    Wow dude!! First of all you really got some great skills and you explaind it really well😄But im a noob, i have never done this before..i have a volkswagen polo from 98 and at the wheel arches there is some seriouse rust and im afraid it will efect rest of the cars components to.. so i live in the netherlands and what do you recommend to use to fix this?

  • Fizzy_B
    Fizzy_B   4 days ago

    I have a tiny rust spot on my car dont want it to get worse should i do the same as this video?

  • kimberly clark
    kimberly clark   5 days ago

    So this is well over a 100$ fix... Itd be insanely cheaper and easier to just get new panels at a pull apart & put them on.. in that case how would i get that back panel off? I'm trying to save this car from being a complete money pit & regretting buying it.

  • VeeDubGamer
    VeeDubGamer   5 days ago

    Does anyone know what ISP Space X use, because my current ISP drops out at 25 meters, yet Space X are able to keep a solid connection at 408 Km. Thanks in advance.

  • Data Glasses
    Data Glasses   5 days ago

    I miss aluminium tape to cover rust holes .....

  • w2e
    w2e   5 days ago

    bruh just go to Los Santos Custom

  • Garrett K.
    Garrett K.   5 days ago

    My 99 camry doesn't have rust this bad lol

  • X702X
    X702X   5 days ago

    كل هذا كم قعد عليه

  • Nomád Gördülő
    Nomád Gördülő   5 days ago

    Itt Magyarországon ezt gányolásnak hívják és kb 40 éves múltja van...

  • Sorrow 501
    Sorrow 501   5 days ago

    I like it how Chris is still hearting comments two years later. Cheers man

  • StrawberryKing0
    StrawberryKing0   5 days ago

    My dad literally just started having this problem on his 2004 Honda Accord and I've been a long time subscriber and when I saw the problem arise I knew exactly what channel and video to go to!! Thanks Chris you saved a lot of money for us!

  • jimmyray2008
    jimmyray2008   5 days ago

    You are very skilled and really good at makig videos! Very informative and really easy to learn from you! Excellent work my friend!

  • Lance Housego
    Lance Housego   6 days ago

    No hommo but I love you and all the videos you produce. Really high quality shit. Much appreciated!

  • Ryan-Lee Campbell
    Ryan-Lee Campbell   6 days ago

    How u doing bro. Amazing video. Can this be applied to bumper repair as well. I have a dent in the bumper of my 08 Infiniti g35x?

  • tom b
    tom b   6 days ago

    nice video. Already a subscriber