Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Andy Samberg

  • Published on: 07 September 2016
  • Dave brings out a kangaroo, a panther chameleon, a golden eagle and a bison that all make Jimmy and Andy Samberg very uncomfortable.

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    Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Andy Samberg
  • Runtime : 7:27
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  • Teach D.Berainman
    Teach D.Berainman   34 minuts ago

    They never let him finish the talkin they always have to interrupt with some stupid joke

  • daniel k. noguera
    daniel k. noguera   5 hours ago

    god that bison is so beautiful it made me shed a tear. no joke.

  • Analyz Gmz
    Analyz Gmz   14 hours ago

    Does he think it's funny when he refuses to touch the animals, even the tiniest one? That's so annoying. It's not funny.

  • GZA
    GZA   15 hours ago

    Kimmel is such a coward lol.

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye   3 days ago

    Amazing, I'd try to pet any animal thats not a spider denying that once in a lifetime experience is pre annoying to see

  • Dwaine Smith
    Dwaine Smith   3 days ago

    Liberals here deathly afraid of these beautiful animals but show them in a ilegal alien with a gun and their like oh yeah come on in

  • Mindblazter80
    Mindblazter80   4 days ago

    Let the animals be free in nature.. not in a studio..

  • Cjongco!
    Cjongco!   4 days ago

    Wish James corden will do this.

  • wood.hx6
    wood.hx6   4 days ago

    it seems like all the talk show hosts are trying to one up each other by getting bigger and bigger animals on their show

  • jizzy t
    jizzy t   5 days ago

    Just bring a bear next time

  • Kenny
    Kenny   5 days ago

    Imagine meeting that in the elevator

  • cody smith !!
    cody smith !!   1 weeks ago

    Talking about the eagleJimmy- " his hair went up"Dave- "yeah, when he puffed his fur up..."Me ".... I thought birds had feathers... Uh okay"

  • saytama b
    saytama b   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone notice the sounds the red shirt guy make while eating?disgusting pussy🤮🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢

  • Wayne Dinkins
    Wayne Dinkins   1 weeks ago

    I'm thinking what if that bull just let loose lol all dead

  • Santy Clause
    Santy Clause   1 weeks ago

    The red-furred adult fellas muscle up like pro athletes while standing maybe 30% taller, and 6'6" tops. The adult females are a light shade of slate blue. This one is a juvenile in its mid-teens (kangaroo years). Once he is an adult and feels his oats he may be a little more unpredictable, especially with his Does nearby. Tame Eastern Greys, which are smaller, even while used to crowds of people inside their pen will become testy about bipeds moving too near a Doe. They're a bit like roosters being jealously protective of their hens.

  • vegan
    vegan   1 weeks ago

    Dave, how would you feel if you were an animal in chain and your owner is interviewed for having animals like you on the show? Respect animals, do not confine then using chains. If you love some one / something, leave them alone, if they are yours they would come back to you, if they do not come back... they are not yours... and do not want to be yours.....You suck...and I think you should be chained like the animals.

  • Cecilia DeWar
    Cecilia DeWar   1 weeks ago

    I don’t like how the kangaroo was pulled off he was just trying to eat

  • HowToRainbowSixSiege
    HowToRainbowSixSiege   1 weeks ago

    I swear if someone says stop interrupting Dave again 😤 I like Dave and all but its a late night show what do you expect

  • Rajarshi Giri
    Rajarshi Giri   1 weeks ago

    "everything with a mouth bite"I know that from pokemon

  • konraddromero
    konraddromero   1 weeks ago

    Honestly, these guests are really I sulting to animals..wouldn't even offer a beer for friendship connection

  • Angrez
    Angrez   1 weeks ago

    Why is it that all celebrities are terrified of animals?

  • Anuar Hassan
    Anuar Hassan   1 weeks ago

    Imagine this: In order to subdue the native, the american government ordered the annihilation of 60 millions bison (Buffalo) which was the primary sourced of the natives protein! A feat not even the cruellest Mongol rulers can achieved.

  • The Observer
    The Observer   1 weeks ago

    As a Oklahoman, all I can say isLONG LIVE THE MIGHTY BISON

  • notinservice
    notinservice   1 weeks ago

    "No! I'm not Andy Samberg" - Robbie Shapiro, Victorious