• Published on: 17 February 2019
  • Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?


    Books mentioned in the endcard:
    'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
    'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick

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  • Runtime : 12:30
  • Loneliness lonely alone friends family social success happiness happy depression successful pain vicious circle social skills social needs survival ancestors Stone Age social pain rejection isolation exclusion renaissance western society individualism industrial revolution city city life big city life work modern modern life stress aging immune system cancer Alzheimers tinder Netflix BFF obesity smoking


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  • golf wang
    golf wang   11 minuts ago

    Damn ive been feeling like this for quite a bit just didn't want to admit it

  • William Eckman
    William Eckman   1 hours ago

    Me in quarantine right now.....ah who am I kidding, I always feel like this

    AHMET GÖR   4 hours ago

    there isnt bird in this video😂

  • KDG Wolf
    KDG Wolf   4 hours ago

    Me: watches this video " huh that is interesting" * realizes I'm in quarantine* OoO oh shiiii....

  • dont_touch_my_spaghett

    when two of your friends are on a trip together that you turned down so it's ultimately your fault that you are lonely so here you are watching this video

  • Synergy
    Synergy   10 hours ago

    This is kinda like me

  • Mr Fly
    Mr Fly   10 hours ago

    “I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.” ~ Robin Williams

  • somekidnamedold
    somekidnamedold   12 hours ago

    I feel lonely and feel like I’m only good for when ppl want things.

  • Rodrigo V Gaspar
    Rodrigo V Gaspar   13 hours ago

    Fuck. That hit me.Even more now during the Corona crisis.

    OOF OOF   14 hours ago

    Trough out My hole middle school We were allowed to use our phones in the break times, until this spring. When i suddenly dont have My Phone anymore i realize that i dont have any friends in class. Now im lonely every break time Just starting at others having fun :(

  • Nutalli
    Nutalli   15 hours ago

    Only allah can fill the void when you turn to him.

  • Dylan Hussie
    Dylan Hussie   15 hours ago

    So many lonely humans. Why don't we all just become friends? Jk....Unless? o_o

  • C104
    C104   16 hours ago

    could also be that I am an antisocial assholeAlso. something we found, a dog

  • Alan Z
    Alan Z   17 hours ago

    For me the lockdown (because of coronavirus) is nothing. I am in lockdown from 2014.

  • Alan Z
    Alan Z   17 hours ago

    It's been approximately 6 years, I don't have any friends. Not only in real life but also on social media. 😢

  • Rus Raul
    Rus Raul   18 hours ago

    Nobody's asking me to go outside...

  • Rus Raul
    Rus Raul   18 hours ago

    I don't even have friends

  • Haltorn
    Haltorn   19 hours ago

    Recently learned I was on the spectrum, I've had depression for a long time now, this video kinda hurts as it describes a big part of the process I went through and probably currently are still going through right now :(. I'm getting more and more social phobic, tired all the time, I just can't keep up x). I wrecked a relationship recently by just not being there and feeling lonely WHILE I was actively not being there. Everything social costs so much energy, this is so tiresome. I'm jealous of other people having friends and relations and all while at the same time knowing it's just me not doing enough. This is a rant I'm probably posting as to be an attention seeker so feel free to insults or whatever ^^ Anyway didn't see this video when it came out, luv ya Kurzgezgt :)

  • DancingCheese
    DancingCheese   20 hours ago

    can we please talk about this video’s beautiful color pallet?

  • Đeath Vader
    Đeath Vader   21 hours ago

    What does it mean if you're alone but you don't feel lonely?

  • I Love All Of You
    I Love All Of You   21 hours ago

    I have this secret talent or ability I can read people’s emotions with their body language,tone when talking and facial expression It sucks because I know who’s fake and who’s a real friend but I just ignore it ,’:(

  • Cassidy Franklin
    Cassidy Franklin   23 hours ago

    Sometimes these videos make me even more sad because it reminds me of sitting in the back desks of a dark classroom with my head down, trying to block the noise of this video.

  • Cassidy Franklin
    Cassidy Franklin   23 hours ago

    It's sad because I've felt this way far before the Corona virus started

  • Stanley
    Stanley   23 hours ago

    Watching this video is making me feel really good about the steps ive taken to break out of this feeling of loneliness and brought back self confidence

  • L. Willis
    L. Willis   1 days ago

    No large family or children, no common (homogenous) community, no tribe, no nation, no culture. no sense of belonging

  • chencoilufi
    chencoilufi   1 days ago

    I'd like to complement the information of this vid with the other side of the coin. I love being alone, clarifying my thoughts, finding my creativity, managing my emotions to feel lighter, making a plan for the future, polishing these plans, solving thoughts and messy things in my head that worries me, contacting with myself, having a good relationship with myself... Socializing too much may generate a disconnection with our own being and in long term, we may hate being alone because we don't understand the mess inside us. Loneliness and meditative moments are very important and require a different frequency in each one.

  • Captain_Cupcake
    Captain_Cupcake   1 days ago

    So, mental health wise at least, I've got stage 3 cancer and still smoke a pack a day.