• Published on: 17 February 2019
  • Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?


    Books mentioned in the endcard:
    'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
    'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick

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  • Runtime : 12:30
  • Loneliness lonely alone friends family social success happiness happy depression successful pain vicious circle social skills social needs survival ancestors Stone Age social pain rejection isolation exclusion renaissance western society individualism industrial revolution city city life big city life work modern modern life stress aging immune system cancer Alzheimers tinder Netflix BFF obesity smoking


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  • NinjaKnapp728
    NinjaKnapp728   1 hours ago

    Although we’re living in a world of social constructs and relationships, we also live a time where the world feels so.. small.

  • John McShane
    John McShane   2 hours ago

    Guess I should just fucking kill myself then

  • optimus prime
    optimus prime   8 hours ago

    Everyone is an enemy to me :(. Benefit of the doubt is too hard...

  • ucha bujiashvili
    ucha bujiashvili   8 hours ago

    How to fight loneliness Smile all the time Shine you teeth til meaningless Sharpen them with lies And whatevers going down Will follow you around Thats how you fight loneliness You laugh at every joke Drag your blanket blindly Fill your heart with smoke And the first thing that you want Will be the last thing you ever need Thats how you fight it Just smile all the time Just smile all the time Just smile all the time Just smile all the time

  • ninon _
    ninon _   10 hours ago

    9:07 yes yes yes yes Fuck I'm lonely

  • Towel :
    Towel :   14 hours ago

    If you feel lonley yust order a bitch

  • Yeetus The fetus
    Yeetus The fetus   18 hours ago

    Don’t worry guys I’m hiding in your house 💞💖 Your not alone

  • James Dumao
    James Dumao   19 hours ago

    Even people thought you're that optimistic in life still, loneliness can't be avoid.

  • Aditya Bairathi
    Aditya Bairathi   19 hours ago

    9:48 I felt personally and emotionally attacked. But then again, benefit of the doubt, I did click on the video to see 🤷🏻‍♂️ I learnt something, thanks again to y'all at kurzgesagt ❤

  • Millevenon 585
    Millevenon 585   23 hours ago

    Absolutely spot on. I want to make friends buts it's hard putting yourself out there. As 21 year old guy at college am trying to make friends but it's damn hard

  • Fibra de Herói
    Fibra de Herói   1 days ago

    In the beginning it's hard to deal with loneliness, but with time, you get used and became normal, unless, if you stay depressed. But, in other hand, if you have a good solitude you can even feel happy alone. 😉

  • Madame Nox
    Madame Nox   1 days ago

    This video, and optimistic nihilism have been the 2 most emotionally awakening videos I have ever seen, I would have never realized how I felt about these topics if it wasn’t so beautifully explained like you guys did. I do feel lonely, and i have experienced everything that was shown in the video. It lately has become to a point where it’s becoming a literal physical pain, like I often feel this pain and pressure in my chest when I’m sad. I also seem to be thinking the worst of others, if someone says something to me I often feel like it had a double meaning, and that they were trying to tell me something bad even thou what they said wasn’t even all that. And I sometimes feel like it’s better to just seal up all these feelings, lock myself away from everything and everybody and hoping that it will fade away, it never goes away, the pain just becomes stronger until you find yourself crying and yearning so hard for a simple hug. Your heart feels empty. And I’m actually very good in social gatherings, I’m not shy, I speak and express my opinion on things, I ask questions, I participate and I show empathy, but none of that fills the void.

  • invainraven
    invainraven   1 days ago

    I feel so alone I don’t wanna die I just wanna be happy

  • Edmund Danks
    Edmund Danks   1 days ago

    It's all my fault, there are times when I look at people and see nothing worth liking.

  • 【marking】
    【marking】   1 days ago

    My school had a speech about trying to help new kids by being their friends and speaking to them....Still, nobody talks to me at lunch..

  • Rumimaki Mai
    Rumimaki Mai   1 days ago

    Well well well..look at all these lonely people, including myself, lurking around here..how cute ♥

  • Rena Whitlock
    Rena Whitlock   1 days ago

    Why is YouTube recommending this to me when I’m feeling my loneliest? Is this trying to help me or something?

  • Riley Ann
    Riley Ann   1 days ago

    Thank you, You’ve made me feel the most human, the most normal in a long time.

  • Kenneth Ward
    Kenneth Ward   1 days ago

    I really needed to watch this video. Thanks @Kurzgesagt for bringing a little light into my day.

  • Aethro
    Aethro   1 days ago

    I don't matter in the eyes of the people I care about the most. The two people I feel closest to only keep in touch out of pity. We've literally hung out for 2 hours in the past 3 months. I'm probably going to relapse.

  • Sakamoto
    Sakamoto   1 days ago

    this is a recommended video, that have been recommended for me. huuuuhhn....im like that, but i just feel lonely, but i want to

  • Just Sam
    Just Sam   1 days ago

    The worst is having friend and telling them how they make you feel unwanted and left out or how your brain (now I know is definitely me) makes you think that you are being left out by picking up social cues the wrong way. I'm the kind of person thatwill look for anyone that might hear me out because I hate being alone. When I'm alone all my dark thoughts and overthinking do their tricks on me and they sink me into this rabbit hole that never leads to wonderland. It sucks and it hurts. Is like being in a constant breakup and the heartache is unbearable. Overcoming something like that alone sucks. We are after all social animals that thrives from connecting and bonding with others. I did found a oerson like that and by being my depressing me I pushed hin away and there's no way to having that person back into my life. It feels like grieving but the worst part isthat is alive abd well but just not sharing their time with you.

  • Prazloro
    Prazloro   1 days ago

    I just realised i watch this video way too often

  • Alex Broszkiewicz
    Alex Broszkiewicz   1 days ago

    I’m not going to lie this video kinda helped, it’s made me think in a different way you know. Thanks allot this was great

  • ebruayeee
    ebruayeee   1 days ago

    "To who are you talking the most?"Me: "me, myself and I."

  • Maxcina.
    Maxcina.   1 days ago

    This channel is my new favorite! I love this!

  • Ajay singh
    Ajay singh   1 days ago

    Ghosted by the one I've loved with all my heart and soul lead me to this sheer loneliness and I know I have to bear this alone...

  • Nchd Hxhx
    Nchd Hxhx   1 days ago

    You know,You don't need to be lonely because literally everyone is lonely..it's actually annoying,just be truthful and stop acting lonely.If you are lonely,STOP COMMENTING,Get Help rather than do nothing.

  • rickiex
    rickiex   1 days ago

    People view me as a social butterfly, I can excel in many social environment. I have tons of friends, but I feel quite lonely at times. The strange thing is, I don't really care whenever I'm by myself.

  • Faith
    Faith   1 days ago

    When you’re so lonely that even people in my dreams don’t like you or talk to you. :)Sleep was my only escape :(

  • Ride a bike
    Ride a bike   1 days ago

    Do you feel like there is no one who suffers like you?Thats lonely