• Published on: 17 February 2019
  • Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?


    Books mentioned in the endcard:
    'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
    'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick

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  • Runtime : 12:30
  • Loneliness lonely alone friends family social success happiness happy depression successful pain vicious circle social skills social needs survival ancestors Stone Age social pain rejection isolation exclusion renaissance western society individualism industrial revolution city city life big city life work modern modern life stress aging immune system cancer Alzheimers tinder Netflix BFF obesity smoking


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  • Adrian Ibarra
    Adrian Ibarra   1 hours ago

    Eso me pasó en la facultad. me sentía solo, pensaba q las personas solo están en lo suyo sin necesidad de relacionarse. Me pasé un cuatrimestre completo solo, pero después se me acercó una chica y me involucró en grupos de WhatsApp, de instagram, me explico donde puedo ir a consultar cosas, etc. Y gracias a eso tengo más coraje para relacionarme en la facu, ya tengo a mí grupo de amigos.Creo q depende de cómo te sientas afectará tu entorno.

  • vitoria maris
    vitoria maris   1 hours ago

    Esse vídeo foi muito significativo para mim

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn   1 hours ago

    Hi I’m bored, is anybody else lonely rn?

  • Karen A
    Karen A   2 hours ago

    Estoy pasando por algo similar y este video me ayudo muchísimo ❤ Gracias n.n

  • Liaqat Ali
    Liaqat Ali   2 hours ago

    The most helpful and best video of the day!

  • camel lyz
    camel lyz   2 hours ago

    Why I crying when watch this ?

  • A K
    A K   3 hours ago

    When I have a problem which I think people don’t care, I try to cut the relationship and feel lonely.

  • Emilia
    Emilia   3 hours ago

    this representation of loneliness as a hole in chest actually feels very accurate

  • Lost in Atlantic
    Lost in Atlantic   3 hours ago

    i am goiing to take the risk of reading coments of this video

  • pe ter
    pe ter   4 hours ago

    You are missing alot by scrolling to the comments before the video starts.

  • pe ter
    pe ter   4 hours ago

    You are probably watching with your right leg on top of the left one while resting somewhere.

  • Big brother
    Big brother   6 hours ago

    Being lonely isn't so bad. Its better than dealing with the morons I'm used to anyways.

  • IanAJS
    IanAJS   7 hours ago

    Why do i get scared by this ?

  • Jusike Leighton
    Jusike Leighton   7 hours ago

    I'm mad at my gf and im waiting for her to text me cause i don't wanna text first since i wasn't the one who made mistakes. So im here feeling lonely as helland im craving for cigs now.

  • C.B. Limpin
    C.B. Limpin   7 hours ago

    I feel sorry for myself... i never knew i had the worst case scenario...

  • Mira
    Mira   8 hours ago

    Anyone down for an instagram group chat for lonely ppl?

  • Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson   8 hours ago

    A lot of loneliness has to do with racism and racist generalizations: the belief that someone of another race doesn't know enough (or think enough like we do) to be worthy of our time to spend with them, BASED solely on their appearance. So, we congregate to other members of our own kind, leaving out that person who looks different, and feeling unwanted.

    TWICE JJANG   9 hours ago

    I moved to a school a year ago. I have like 5 friends in total. So we have our farewell coming soon and i didnt want to go because at every get together im always left alone. They talk about something that i dont know and when i try to talk with them theyll just judge me. Everyone have their own best friends. They'll go to them. So tbey asked why i didnt wanted to. I told them everything. And they didnt seem to give a fuck about it. They'd probably think that im being weird or something. But trust me it hurts everytime when they reject. I cant even talk and behave around anyone proparly. Im also getting poor at studies too. I dont know what happened to me. i had more friends and was a rank holder in my old school. Maybe i was supposed to be alone. I dont want to be with someone in school or at anyplace and still i cry because im fucking loneliness. I dont know why i wanted to write this but anyone who read this thank you so much.

  • The Ancient Ones
    The Ancient Ones   10 hours ago

    "If you feel lonely, You're lonely"Thanks i learned something new

  • Ammi bi Mguntdip
    Ammi bi Mguntdip   11 hours ago

    In my life i actually have no friends until now. Im in grade 5 and wen i eat lunch im far away from everyone because it feels like freedom. I always get bullied. But i accept that im lonely than having friends

  • Nicholas Lau
    Nicholas Lau   11 hours ago

    I been stupidly laughing at myself in my room couple of times at night. Im really lonely and It makes me mad at myself. Search couple of drugs if there's anything that can make like loneliness go away but, drugs that are illegal only.

  • thegamingspyro
    thegamingspyro   14 hours ago

    Who needs friends when you can have conversations with your own mind.

  • thin paper
    thin paper   15 hours ago


  • Brett Vogel
    Brett Vogel   15 hours ago

    It’s frustrating because it’s not me who turns down invitations to hang out, it’s the fact that I don’t get invited to anything. So fun having no plans on weekends and doing nothing

  • Chis
    Chis   15 hours ago

    I just want to tell people that I’m so lonely and that I want to be around them but I can’t because I can’t show weakness or make them think I’m unstable

  • shitward
    shitward   16 hours ago

    I've been extremely lonely lately, as I've come to the realization that most of my friendships throughout my 20 years of living have either ended badly or disintegrated on their own, giving me little hope in putting myself out there due to past trauma and little confidence. I've got one close friend who I love but we see each other maybe once a week since we're always on different schedules. A bitch is going thru it rn ☹

  • Conor
    Conor   18 hours ago

    we're all fucked