• Published on: 17 February 2019
  • Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?


    Books mentioned in the endcard:
    'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
    'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick

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  • Runtime : 12:30
  • Loneliness lonely alone friends family social success happiness happy depression successful pain vicious circle social skills social needs survival ancestors Stone Age social pain rejection isolation exclusion renaissance western society individualism industrial revolution city city life big city life work modern modern life stress aging immune system cancer Alzheimers tinder Netflix BFF obesity smoking


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  • Camila Chan
    Camila Chan   1 hours ago

    In the past year i make for the first time in my life a true friend, but seem's that life want's me alone, she's going to another country this year... :'(

  • FerChocolate
    FerChocolate   2 hours ago

    Ok, peor momento para que me aparezca esto...

  • Gav TV
    Gav TV   6 hours ago

    Jokes on you,my friends never call me!

  • Honey Cakes
    Honey Cakes   8 hours ago

    Well then I’m gone die 😂🙂😐😕🙁

  • Honey Cakes
    Honey Cakes   8 hours ago

    “How loneliness kills”Me:Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

  • damnedmadman
    damnedmadman   10 hours ago

    The problem is that most people are just fake. Showing off their best and hiding everything else. Always laughing, never thinking. Play their game or go away. When you're surrounded by this fake perfectness, you feel inferior and out of place. The more you are vulnerable, the more you feel lonely. The only way is to look for people with a kind soul. They won't be the coolest people around, but they will make you feel comfortable being your true self around them. They might be hard to find, as they will also probably hide behind a mask. I guess that's why so many people feel lonely!

  • Fran
    Fran   10 hours ago


  • CPM Anims
    CPM Anims   11 hours ago

    People who are alone drink more, eat bad food, don't make sport. So I don't think than that's the tension who destruct the health.

  • nithan nishri
    nithan nishri   13 hours ago

    I like being alone, it’s the best, I’ll buy my parents a vacation abroad just to be alone at home with myself, but being in class not talking with anyone while everyone is talking is the worst feeling ever.

    oXWEATHYXo   13 hours ago

    Am i the only one who thinks loneliness is the best ?

  • Robert Lindgren
    Robert Lindgren   14 hours ago

    Who else is here after being let down by someone you thought was your best friend?

  • Red Pink and twice
    Red Pink and twice   14 hours ago

    I am surrounded with people,but feel lonely all the time.And feel that i am not anybody priority and always their last choices .😄😛😪

  • Bhargav Sharma
    Bhargav Sharma   18 hours ago

    If you ever feel lonely don't worry kurgzgesagt is there for you.. And I am there for you too.. Dm me @bhargav.sharma.memes at instagram ♥ ♥ ♥ 😊..maybe we can share and talk about each other.. To feel more good ..im lonely you maybe too.. Don't worry.. You just got a new friend.. And I got a new friend too right??

  • Hosen Alem
    Hosen Alem   18 hours ago

    Wait, Why there is water on my Phone?..

  • Tekstar
    Tekstar   19 hours ago

    Sometimes it feels good to be alone honestly.

  • YoungBin Jin
    YoungBin Jin   23 hours ago

    Loneliness is a tough feeling. I also struggled to take it off of my mind because feeling loneliness was so painful. I thought I preferred to be alone over hanging around with my friends or the others, but it was my misunderstanding. I intentionally avoided my friend. As a result of it, only a few friends remained. I regretted my past decision doing that. Human being itself is a social animal and nobody ends up being alone. We have to have an interaction with somebody we love.

  • Redwolf Dogrocket
    Redwolf Dogrocket   1 days ago

    Reject a child from the warmth of the village.Do not be suprised when that child returns to the village and burns it down and finds the warmth denied it in it's flames.

  • Redwolf Dogrocket
    Redwolf Dogrocket   1 days ago

    Facebook is a huge contributer to male suicide rates.It's an illusion of being not alone. It's fake and allows liars to get social credit for doing nothing.

  • krips
    krips   1 days ago

    Enthusiastic soldier 45

  • cake man
    cake man   1 days ago

    YouTube gets me cause this was in my recommendations

  • ItzJam3z
    ItzJam3z   1 days ago

    Loneliness....Yea I felt that

  • Vanessa Kalakesh
    Vanessa Kalakesh   1 days ago

    Guys somebody help i cant do this anymore i cant i just cant deal with these feeling anymore somebody help me plz am dying slowly everyday and nobody knows

  • Laurie Pokin
    Laurie Pokin   1 days ago

    It's okay to be alone. Just . . . Sandor Clegane the mo fo, EVERY day! P.S. watch 'I Survived' for a reality check of how twisted a lot of people really are.

  • Paola Shak
    Paola Shak   1 days ago

    Sou sozinha e ja me acostumei nem reclamo tenho 0 amigos e 0 vida social .

  • Lillia Grey
    Lillia Grey   1 days ago

    As a very lonely person I have gotten some friends and it's more fun in the moment but it really doesn't change my self esteem when I'm alone. I also feel more pressure to stay in the crowd, which isn't always as exciting as you think it is. I like to think about stuff like this, the deeper side to things, almost philosophically. Not in a "everyone is so boring, I'm special" way but in a why do people act the way they do way. Maybe it's the good side to overthinking because I find it very interesting to hear observations I haven't heard before. I don't know anyone who shares this, and I've just kind of accepted that it doesn't interest most people.

  • itismedan1 !
    itismedan1 !   1 days ago

    Without this video I did not know I was lonely. And seems I've had it for some time.