Everything Wrong With Up In 16 Minutes Or Less

  • Published on: 09 March 2017
  • Up is one of the few Pixar movies we haven't sinned yet. So... upon realizing that... we went to work. Here are the sins of Up.

    Next week: Crappy action sins and more animated sins.

    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!

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  • Runtime : 16:42
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  • Neo Conker626
    Neo Conker626   3 days ago

    My friend you have never heard of the Pixar theory

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith   3 days ago

    Title: “... in 16 min or less”Length of vid: Yeah I idk about that

  • BlackJack on Blitz
    BlackJack on Blitz   4 days ago

    9:24 I agree.Dogs in the Up universe are probably intelligent just like us,However they communicate in such a way that we cant understamd them.The collars translate their language to human language such as English.These dogs probably also had some sort of translator devices on their ear to translate human language into theirs.Cuz of not,itll be hard to understand muntz's orders or communicate w each other.

  • Dany Hamandi
    Dany Hamandi   5 days ago

    I literally only came here to see if he would get depressed

  • Adam T
    Adam T   5 days ago

    I personally like the idea that the dogs called Karl and Russell ‘mail men’ because it’s just what dogs call humans. The first generation of dogs which travelled to the falls with Charles referred to them this way and it’s been passed down the generations. Same principle with the hatred of squirrels. Both constitute part of some sort of ‘dog culture’. Speaking of which, there are no female dogs. How are there still dogs? Charles didn’t genetically alter them so that they age differently... did he?

  • Blake Bass
    Blake Bass   6 days ago

    You already now that is this going to be good when there is 10 sins by 1 minute

  • Cool Channel
    Cool Channel   6 days ago

    I don’t remember some of these scence’s

  • Drew
    Drew   1 weeks ago

    2:36 my parents filled up a jar around that size with their loose change multiple times, and it's always been about 400 dollars. it's not that little of an achievement.

  • Ur local VBUCKs ScAm
    Ur local VBUCKs ScAm   1 weeks ago

    Even though cinemas is games this movie 116 sins , it honesty a great movie

  • Ali
    Ali   1 weeks ago

    also does the fact that russle looks like he rolled in dirt mean that he didn't shower before his meeting? but his mom still showed up and was fine? what happened? I'm confused

  • Quang-Long Dinh
    Quang-Long Dinh   1 weeks ago

    Here's a sin...The worker couldn't have bled THAT MUCH when he was hit over the head with Carl's cane. I mean, the ends are fitted with fricking tennis balls, not knife edges.

  • Alex Horton
    Alex Horton   1 weeks ago

    Why hasn’t he done shaw shank redemption. Oh yeah. It’s incredible

  • Benjamin Arehart
    Benjamin Arehart   1 weeks ago

    In defense of the coin jar, I had a jar about half that size, and when it was half full I managed to have over $100. Still unreasonable, but slightly less unreasonable.

  • Luke Venters
    Luke Venters   2 weeks ago

    This channel ruins more childhoods than film theory

  • Carter Elliott
    Carter Elliott   2 weeks ago

    3:28 He could've been driving a Ford Five Hundred...

  • Wes Idk
    Wes Idk   2 weeks ago

    this is probably one of the more fun cinema sins videos. He gets that it's a great movie with just kid movie logical errors

  • Stealthy Ninja 91
    Stealthy Ninja 91   2 weeks ago

    How do you mistake male man with mailman it’s not hard to understand

  • Faye Castleberry
    Faye Castleberry   2 weeks ago

    Take off 2 sins because u didn't look at the whole place, the thing has a forest around the middle of it

  • Erica Bogner
    Erica Bogner   2 weeks ago

    What is a birds favorite gun?A sniper. Get it🙂?

  • voice actor
    voice actor   2 weeks ago

    the kid is annoying but not enough for the old man to through him out if it was me i would throw him out and not think twice about it

  • Karolus Magnus
    Karolus Magnus   2 weeks ago

    I don't know about sinning the house landing right where they wanted it, that was the most touching scene for me.

  • Hexatron Original
    Hexatron Original   3 weeks ago

    Russel: I think it’s a bin chicken!Carl: Mate, it’s fucking purple.Russel: Well maybe it’s a gay bin chicken

  • Subro TDC
    Subro TDC   3 weeks ago

    There should be 1 sin which is that the movie ends Yes i am not even kidding.It was such a good movie.I wish it was never ending.Goodbye 👋.

  • Myztro's World
    Myztro's World   3 weeks ago

    Shout out to the only movie to portray pitbulls♥️

  • Dale Martell
    Dale Martell   3 weeks ago

    As for Doug, my golden retriever was smarter than 95% of the people I know. Great dogs.

  • Vaishakh Balu
    Vaishakh Balu   3 weeks ago

    This is the answer to his question at 14:16: ...... WITH THE LEAF BLOWER YOU IDIOT

  • Vaishakh Balu
    Vaishakh Balu   3 weeks ago

    Even though Ellie did not make up the phrase “cross your heart,” Carl still reacted to when Russell said it because it was their “thing.” That would be like remembering your dad when you play pass with someone, even though you didn’t invent the game. I love cinema sins, but sometimes they can be stupid

  • Shay
    Shay   4 weeks ago

    Why aren’t there any examples of South American wildlife in UP? Like jaguars or anteaters?

  • Nitro Wildfire
    Nitro Wildfire   4 weeks ago

    1:52 what happened to him not being able to talk for 60 years?

  • The Falcrom Show
    The Falcrom Show   4 weeks ago

    corporation who wants his house/land is Buy 'n' large they literally in every Pixar film except Pixar films date back from modern era

  • Jake Roux
    Jake Roux   4 weeks ago

    you should remove all of the sins for the sad montage

  • Jennifer Cook
    Jennifer Cook   4 weeks ago

    There's a Pixar Theory that Carl dated someone besides Ellie in college....

  • KT Gaming!
    KT Gaming!   4 weeks ago

    I’m going to give you 1000000000 sins for what you just did

  • Cataa
    Cataa   1 months ago

    Good idiot, we are calming down, the only bad thing about the film is that Charles was 89 and looked "good", NOTHING ELSE!

  • Cataa
    Cataa   1 months ago

    Carl was 78 and Charles 89