11 Times Harry Styles Was A Complete Gentleman

  • Published on: 18 June 2016
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    Let’s face it. When the words “celebrity” and “gentleman” come together, the person that probably comes to your mind is Harry Styles. If he isn’t, well, bear with me because these are all the reasons why he should be the first person you think of right here on listed.

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  • Runtime : 9:30
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  • Hot Cheeto
    Hot Cheeto   1 days ago

    that lucky person with harry's hair on their wig

  • Ffion
    Ffion   2 days ago

    Only 9 minutes..... Ummm it should be hours long🤷‍♀️

  • MoonNymph11 1
    MoonNymph11 1   2 days ago

    His mother should write a parenting book on how she raised him because he was raised really well

  • Music & Food
    Music & Food   5 days ago

    When he almost got hit by a car, laughed, tripped over a dog, then bent over and apologized to the dogWhere can I find a Harry? I want a nice guy in my life!

  • Linea Wilk
    Linea Wilk   1 weeks ago

    Didn’t even watch the video but I can already tell you : his whole life

  • Shrika P
    Shrika P   1 weeks ago

    Ugh, we all need to thank Anne for bringing this beautiful human into the world and raising him right.

  • Nancy Mezher
    Nancy Mezher   1 weeks ago

    Love harry styles is always a complete gentleman 🙂❤️

  • niamh kirk
    niamh kirk   1 weeks ago

    Harry’s a special human. We don’t deserve him. There’s no one else who makes that much of an effort for their fans and is as appreciative as he is. Like I’m sorry but there just isn’t. He’s so genuine and real and respectful and pure. He makes me so happy even when i feel like shit. No other artist is able to do that for me, so therefore he’s more than an artist to me. I look at him not as my BoyFRiEnD cus hes hot, but i look at him as the love of my life that happens to be one of the kindest and sexiest people alive. There. Mr. Harry Edward styles i love you for infinity and just wanna hug you and say thank you.

  • show off
    show off   1 weeks ago

    I think he keeps a great balance between being a gentleman and not beeing too kind.

  • My beautiful Hair
    My beautiful Hair   1 weeks ago

    I feel bad for the 613 people that disliked this video😔 they must really hate their life

  • Vale Dejo
    Vale Dejo   1 weeks ago

    update: one time Harry had a day off and spent 3000 dollars on pizza and gave them to homeless people 🥰😌😍💖

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob   2 weeks ago

    The speaker look exactly like Laura marano

  • Alison Conrad
    Alison Conrad   2 weeks ago

    Only 11 times I could list thousandsssss!!😂😂❤❤

  • Amber Kilbury
    Amber Kilbury   2 weeks ago

    I think Harry Styles has set my male expectations so high that I'm lesbian now

  • Axel Rodríguez
    Axel Rodríguez   2 weeks ago

    MCU Vanessa (Kate Beckinsale)Ass kicked by Raven daughter of trigton

  • MJ
    MJ   2 weeks ago

    I swear, the Clevver News staff are more Directioners than we are 😂💗

  • Alex Quinol
    Alex Quinol   2 weeks ago

    i love you, you deserve the love and the support.

  • Lisia Umney
    Lisia Umney   3 weeks ago

    Is anyone else cringing at her calling him ‘hair bear’

  • Lisia Umney
    Lisia Umney   3 weeks ago

    Is anyone else cringing at her calling him ‘hair bear’

  • Rose Mousel
    Rose Mousel   3 weeks ago

    Can you delete this and repost it with the name Harry Styles Is The Nicest Person To Ever Exist

  • Kenna Anne
    Kenna Anne   3 weeks ago

    Harry Styles restored my faith in humanity

  • Jessica
    Jessica   3 weeks ago

    When you donated your hair to the same company as Harry styles 🥺❤️

  • Salome Revia
    Salome Revia   3 weeks ago

    I’m not a fan but he is very cute and polite man 😊🙌🏼

  • Mrs Horan
    Mrs Horan   3 weeks ago

    I came here to say that he's always a gentleman