A Tour Of My House In The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Published on: 09 April 2020
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  • Runtime : 27:52
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  • Eclipse /NightMARE_
    Eclipse /NightMARE_   1 hours ago

    No, Jenna. You know what’s cute? Your smile at 12:23. That’s adorable.

  • The261ride
    The261ride   2 hours ago

    subs for raidRandom dps talking to me: dude, that's Jenna Marbles.Me: ?? No?Random: I'm serious!Me: you're bluffing and I don't believe you.Now I believe him

  • Marisa Andrews
    Marisa Andrews   7 hours ago

    wait I'm just seeing this --- please tell me one of your characters is a total flavortown...I think I saw you in Rimmen on Sunday. Miss Keisha-Omfg says heyyyy

  • My Name Might Be Connor

    I bought Summerset on preorder when that came out, and I’ve only played it once in all this time....I wish I liked it more

  • Cammy Primeau
    Cammy Primeau   1 days ago

    Jenna making her video game character eat an apple on the ground did more to make me happy than therapy ever has or will

  • Aidin Softić
    Aidin Softić   1 days ago

    CP-1196....I'm barely getting to 150. 5 year is fucking deducation.Love you ever more right now.

  • SaberC
    SaberC   1 days ago

    Did you really spend this much money on a videogame house?Yes.

  • Jordan Alexander
    Jordan Alexander   2 days ago

    I play ESO too! I love that game!!! I have the house in Southern Elswyre as well from getting the four tablets!

  • Msbeebeekiddo
    Msbeebeekiddo   2 days ago

    You are my favourite, you living your best life makes me stupid happy 😊

  • Jessi Heathen
    Jessi Heathen   2 days ago

    More Elder Scrolls! Fellow ESO loving Virgo here, wanna meet Dr Phil!!

  • Daryl Dillahunty
    Daryl Dillahunty   3 days ago

    Lmao idk why but Jenna saying “NO” so forcefully when Julien ask if it’s “like a shamwow” sent me 😂😂😂

  • 2caitz
    2caitz   3 days ago

    Tythis needs some milk 😩

  • Rin
    Rin   4 days ago

    Holy crap I’ve never played this but I’m gonna now! It looks so cool

  • Rosamund M
    Rosamund M   4 days ago

    I think the pool with the crystals in it is the most beautiful thing I ever saw

  • lady okuni
    lady okuni   4 days ago

    can i also just say, jenna is a pve healer?!?? gurl icon and mood ily

  • lady okuni
    lady okuni   4 days ago

    i like that so many people blatantly don't click let's play videos, even if it's jenna. this has to be one of her lowest viewed videos of this year. it's ok, it just shows the niche, and lack of interest

  • Violetteangel71
    Violetteangel71   4 days ago

    Jenna please make more of this content I find it soooooo soothing and I love how soft you’re talking 😭💓💓💓💓💚

  • Molly Maria
    Molly Maria   4 days ago

    GIRL give us more elder scrolls content...pleASE

  • DKS 001
    DKS 001   4 days ago

    just got on ESO last month. LOVE IT! Wish I could get one of those houses ... maybe someday, like in real life lol

  • Rønii Amuchii
    Rønii Amuchii   4 days ago

    I have legit no joke played elder scrolls for 20 or so minutes because a friend had it. And i have wanted it ever since :((

  • Criticorn
    Criticorn   4 days ago

    The game graphics are so sharp it's actually hurting my eyes

  • spacerobot66
    spacerobot66   5 days ago

    I think I’ll play this game just for the merchant and banker cat

  • maze
    maze   5 days ago

    I wasn't ready for how good she is at ESO.

  • Madeline Firnkes
    Madeline Firnkes   5 days ago

    Awww I wish I could play with you! I’m a healer too! I have played on and off on xbox since launch and is really happily surprised to see you still play it! You should do eso streams every once and awhile! I would def watch!

  • Doublekil
    Doublekil   5 days ago

    wait so what’s the actual game

  • mrsdrink06
    mrsdrink06   6 days ago

    Dang it, I got all excited thinking I could find Jenna in ESO and then realized she’s playing on a PC 😩 still awesome to watch and see this in her videos!!

  • J-hope's Tiny Heart Bag

    I can't believe she is still playing The Elder Scrolls... SHE MADE A VIDEO ABOUT HER ADDICTION FOR ALMOST 5 YEARS AGO!!! FIVE YEARS!

  • Unicorn Lynn
    Unicorn Lynn   6 days ago

    I love you so much!!! I been watching you since you got Kermit. Elder scrolls is my shit ❤❤

  • katelyn
    katelyn   6 days ago

    this is literally my favorite jenna video. it calms my soul.

  • Peyton Salazar
    Peyton Salazar   6 days ago

    Hey Jenna :) u might like riders of Icarus too cause it’s also a mmorp

  • Animal Crossing
    Animal Crossing   1 weeks ago

    you've played this whole time and ive never seen you 😭

  • Rachael
    Rachael   1 weeks ago

    I'm a PVE DPS - Magicka Warden, because I love my little murder bear with his glowing eyes. I only have the house in Eldenroot. My little Snugpod. It's dope. I play on Xbox so we can never be friends WAHHHHH :(

  • CalebElGrande
    CalebElGrande   1 weeks ago

    Damn watching this makes me wanna play this, I got this game but stoped playing it cause I had no one to play it with lol

  • TheStephbean34
    TheStephbean34   1 weeks ago

    I love ESO too, I am also a healer :) I see you have the same skills on your res staff as I do! Hell yea to healers!! If you ever want to grind sometime hit me up, NA PC, @Persephone420. Mainly play with my husband, have some other toons as well. :)

  • Lizzy Qualls
    Lizzy Qualls   1 weeks ago

    Love ESO I really really feel you I'm always organizing your loot