King Von - Back to the Block (Vlog Episode 1)

  • Published on: 21 May 2020
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  • Runtime : 8:15
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  • Anthony Lowe
    Anthony Lowe   20 seconds ago

    King Von Truly The GOAT 🐐🐐 Argue wimme

  • NoopyVille NikkoWorld
    NoopyVille NikkoWorld   30 minuts ago

    I was just telling ma homeboy this if u eating and ya homie broke u not a real homie you are who you hang wit

  • Ken Dickerson
    Ken Dickerson   42 minuts ago

    That's how u do the crew real shit 💯💯💯

  • SavageBeast 69
    SavageBeast 69   56 minuts ago

    mad fucking respect to Von. came through and fed the hands that fed him glowing up. got one big ass heart.

  • Eddo GT
    Eddo GT   1 hours ago

    I like how they count it up like it wasn’t already sorted 😭 von therl doe🩸🔥

  • precious love
    precious love   2 hours ago

    See why I love my OTF CREW (king Von, Lil Durk, booka) they look out for the fam back at the block.. Money doesn't change everyone, OTF gotta good heart❤ they always finna be blessed..

  • B Ropes
    B Ropes   2 hours ago

    This man wore a mask to walk into a house with hella ppl not wearing masks and take his off lol

  • Elite Chief
    Elite Chief   2 hours ago


  • My two bæs
    My two bæs   3 hours ago

    This how you hold your soldiers down

  • First Class STL
    First Class STL   3 hours ago

    The Realest shit I seen in the rap game this year.. salute von#onbro

  • Markice Williams
    Markice Williams   3 hours ago


  • J G
    J G   4 hours ago

    Anyone else aint read that vlog part and thought this was gonna be a song

  • black duel
    black duel   5 hours ago

    Oh please...that money ain't real man...yall suckas if u think its real....

  • GamingWith 77xAb
    GamingWith 77xAb   5 hours ago

    Ik y’all saw that handshake 👀 I could had messed it up 😂

  • Jalin Wilson
    Jalin Wilson   6 hours ago

    The sad part is i bet all them niggas waisted that money

  • henry brown
    henry brown   9 hours ago

    im gd i kinda dont fw dude but he just did some Bos sht..much love folks

  • S. Røbertsøn
    S. Røbertsøn   9 hours ago

    4:27 "I'ma bring out the choppa for this"No clue why but shit had me geekin

  • HunnidBandHuncho
    HunnidBandHuncho   10 hours ago

    Stg Ima Bless My Ppl Like This💪🏾 Real Niggas Break Bread‼️

    TRAP BLOCKENT   10 hours ago

    Only time Duck breaks bread is when his man's kill people

  • voteZDLR
    voteZDLR   10 hours ago

    Do they work for him or are they just like family he's taking care of? Either way it's dope I'm just curious

  • Drè Daÿ
    Drè Daÿ   11 hours ago

    Realest intro too .. broke bread with his ppl

  • Sxvaqe
    Sxvaqe   13 hours ago

    No one looking at how guy in all red walking 😂

  • theBlessed Family
    theBlessed Family   14 hours ago

    Yall check out Young South - Coming down from Dat Texas 🔥💯

    FACTS DC   15 hours ago

    I admire hustle and creativity but niggas that have REAL money don’t live in the projects and sit around counting 💰💰💰. I’m 44 and dudes I know have 6 or 7 legit businesses with houses on acres with pools and boats. These dudes won’t live to see September sad to say.

  • Mike H
    Mike H   15 hours ago

    If you don’t feed your wolves they gone put you on the menu, smart move

  • Bandman Von
    Bandman Von   16 hours ago

    Nan one of them said thank you when he gave them money smh

  • LIST0 _43
    LIST0 _43   16 hours ago

    That boii told him that chicken look dry ash😂💀

  • Slim Santana
    Slim Santana   17 hours ago

    King Von a real nicca Im trying get on that level one day I want to be able to feed my whole team

  • r c
    r c   17 hours ago

    Bro everybody in this video feet crooked as FUCK 😂😂 can’t walk straight to save they lives 😂 but shitt that was dumb af, 100 racks to people that can switch up real quick 💯 paying for loyalty smh