Safe Engine Flush Using Diesel Gasoline

  • Published on: 14 September 2018
  • Flushing your engine might be a good idea at 100,000 miles. Just realize, diesel gasoline is a harsh chemical that eats away at gaskets and oil seals, as well as the oil sludge you're trying to remove. If you add enough diesel and let it soak for a long enough period it will eventually dissolve all those black, tarry deposits clogging your oil passages. At the same time, it will eat away at rubber.

    So be safe. If you've never flushed an engine before, why not buy a safe commercial brand and follow the directions printed on the label? Usually, the only cars that need their engines flushed are ones that have not been properly maintained with regular oil changes. I regularly flush the Saturn featured in this video yet, for all the flushes I've done, this vehicle has never needed new oil seals or gaskets.
  • Runtime : 5:50
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  • Great Men
    Great Men   1 weeks ago

    It is very dengerous,. Spark car may be burned or fired.. totally junk..

  • Rich Clarke
    Rich Clarke   1 weeks ago

    Sorry critics. In the Canadian Army the winters would get to 70 below and worse. The only way equipment would operate was RUNNING it full time with a mixture of kerosene and oil. Then you still had to run them 20 minutes on 20 off 24 hours a day. Of course 70 below is not normal today with g warming. But the engines showed vey little wear. But..I suppose at those temperatures it was still like jello.

  • John Lynn
    John Lynn   1 weeks ago

    Just refer to it as diesel fuel. Not diesel gasoline ...

  • Nikolay Mutev
    Nikolay Mutev   1 weeks ago

    just change oil regulary and use quality oil . Solo tienes que cambiar el aceite lo mas pronto que se pueda y utilisar aceite de alta calidad . ( El mizmo aceite degrada la porqueria )

  • Joeseph Perez
    Joeseph Perez   3 weeks ago

    You are destroying the babbitt coating on the main bearings. If you think you are doing good work because of the darkening in color of the "diesel gasoline" . You are wrong. A good detergent oil is doing its job in the oil galley where it counts ...who cares about grime and carbon on surface areas? This is crazy. You would need to change the oil at least once to discard the diluted oil from residual diesel... Me? 20 years ASE cert; engine rebuilder as well as FAA A&E certs.

  • grhman
    grhman   3 weeks ago

    Stop saying diesel gasoline you sound stupid and really throwing the drain plug in the container

  • Monel Funkawitz
    Monel Funkawitz   3 weeks ago

    As someone that has seen the inside of more engines than you can imagine, pouring anything but oil in the crankcase is a bad idea. New oils will take care of all buildup over time. Pouring, snicker... "Diesel gasoline" in your crankcase is bad. It is thin and offers none of the film boundary layer that oil does. It is hard on rings, tappets, bearings... you name it. Please, don't do this shit.Some people won't listen anyway, so here is a little proof from Project Farm...

  • Skvala Gaming
    Skvala Gaming   3 weeks ago

    Did this guy just put a mix of gasoline and diesel in his engine???

  • Gad Fortune
    Gad Fortune   3 weeks ago

    I dont have a problem with anything in the video EXCEPT that Garbage Fram Filter, Napa Gold is proven to be the best, or K&N

  • Encee Jingco
    Encee Jingco   1 months ago

    for me its a very nice suggestion . good job

  • Encee Jingco
    Encee Jingco   1 months ago

    may be what he means was Diesel as a "Fuel"

  • Jim#jazz Moto
    Jim#jazz Moto   1 months ago

    I asked if that is good for motorcycle also please answer

  • Lord ChinChin
    Lord ChinChin   1 months ago

    Gasoil is engine oil killer, it degrade engine oil viscosity and let engine running without proper lubricant . One of key factor to determine the end of engine oil life, the fuel content > 5%. Better send some engine oil sample to test the engine oil quality after flush.

  • tylerburrows100
    tylerburrows100   1 months ago

    Diesel fuel is an oil, not a solvent. Gasoline is a solvent.

  • JW
    JW   1 months ago

    I would never use Supertech oil or a fram oil filter. I use Mobil 1 oil and a Hastings/Wix or other OEM quality oil filter.

  • Max's Prduct Review
    Max's Prduct Review   1 months ago

    I have done this on a diesel car, and the result was good, no problem at all, I recommend this type of flushing, it is really harmless in my opinion.

  • Jim Becker
    Jim Becker   1 months ago

    Actually gentlemen, diesel is a fine lightweight oil. In my Army days we were schooled to use it to thin-down heavy weight oils if needed in a field expediencesituation (when the required oil was not available). Personally, I would chooseMarvel Mystery Oil added to the crankcase (per directions) to do a minor flush.

  • Brian Sydnes
    Brian Sydnes   1 months ago

    Nope, not finished. 10-20% of the diesel/oil mix is still in the engine. You need to complete another full oil change to get the remaining diesel fuel out of the engine. In the lubrication industry it is called a full volume oil change. I have oil analysis reports showing after 15 minutes of operation 10x the particle count, 20% increase in wear contaminants, decrease in viscosity and additives when doing a standard drain and refill due to fluid mixing.

  • Ben Kalinowski
    Ben Kalinowski   2 months ago

    I have a honest question My car had a blown hg I just fixed it and I had oil and coolant mix and It got everywhere inside the engine How do I do this with full diesel?Do you have any info for me ty

  • markchimmy
    markchimmy   2 months ago

    The only time that your seals will be damaged is when they are already weak which means that sooner or later no matter what they will go bad I've done engine flushes with just diesel fuel in the motor whatever the engine oil capacity was and let it run at idle for no more than 15 minutes and there was no problems because of the lubricant that diesel fuel already has in itself that has been the best engine oil flushes for me but remember with a good quality oil and changing the oil and time there should never be any reason for doing an engine flush in first place. Good luck to everyone who is thinking of doing it that way too!

  • Awais Iqbal
    Awais Iqbal   2 months ago

    Better to use about 250 ml or less amount of kerosene oil for flush and run idle for 10 mins and then take out the dirty oil

  • Rail rider
    Rail rider   2 months ago

    diesel will delute oil viscosity and spin bearings! seen it! don't do it!!

  • The Best
    The Best   2 months ago

    Actually he meant diesel or gasolineI think this method is unsafe as these addictive oils are flameable in engine with heat

  • Bessarion 1
    Bessarion 1   2 months ago

    The comments below are amazing. Most mechanics in Europe do exactly the same thing, except they add a bit more diesel. Some do it repeatedly. But by all means, buy a tiny can of sea foam for a price of diesel and oil needed to do the flush. LOL. The "experts" below crack me up...

  • Jacob Frame
    Jacob Frame   2 months ago

    "diesel gasoline"... this guy is a marketing genius. I mean look at all the people who took time out of their lives to watch AND comment!

    BOT_ROCKET   2 months ago

    Good lord, people. You've never heard of diesel gasoline? It's a hard soft substance thing that's grown made on the sky ground of Jupiter Mars. All you nay-sayer yes-men can go stay straight curved to from heaven hell.

  • Juris M
    Juris M   3 months ago

    Best way to kill engine add diesel fuel in oil 🤣 amazing

  • jamie B
    jamie B   3 months ago

    Just some marvel mystery lol

  • horseshoe 182
    horseshoe 182   3 months ago

    i did this once , i used straight diesel, an ran the car for about 2 minutes. it cleans, but i would do it to an expensive car.

  • Russ Wray
    Russ Wray   3 months ago

    old timer would put small amounts of diesel in fuel tank to clean carburetor, they claim it worked . ok so that was for model T 's

  • F R
    F R   3 months ago

    Comments and people are so stupid ! Flush the engine with diesel is a wellknown practice. But people prefer to buy "THE" product sale in the best shop of their town and this product will transform their engine in a very good caramel !! :-) Nice video dude.

  • Bombastic Buster
    Bombastic Buster   3 months ago

    There was once a fuel product available called dieseline. My grandad used it in his 1950 Farmall tractor. He also flushed during oil cjange but only putting a bit through to get the remainsvof old oil out. Im glad this shows that this cleaning is only suitable for deep sludge issues. Older engines might have a problem with valve seals if you put a solvent in .