Safe Engine Flush Using Diesel Gasoline

  • Published on: 14 September 2018
  • Flushing your engine might be a good idea at 100,000 miles. Just realize, diesel gasoline is a harsh chemical that eats away at gaskets and oil seals, as well as the oil sludge you're trying to remove. If you add enough diesel and let it soak for a long enough period it will eventually dissolve all those black, tarry deposits clogging your oil passages. At the same time, it will eat away at rubber.

    So be safe. If you've never flushed an engine before, why not buy a safe commercial brand and follow the directions printed on the label? Usually, the only cars that need their engines flushed are ones that have not been properly maintained with regular oil changes. I regularly flush the Saturn featured in this video yet, for all the flushes I've done, this vehicle has never needed new oil seals or gaskets.
  • Runtime : 5:50
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  • bob m
    bob m   6 days ago

    Way back before all the magic of chemistry We used to put in one quart of diesel, starting with a hot engine and we were usually down a quart anyway, run it for a couple of minutes and then change oil and filter. Not sure how good it was but We were usually way over on our change.Remember We were young, dumb and broke.

  • John Healy
    John Healy   6 days ago

    Diesel is a light oil , flushing out an older car engine with it won’t harm it if done right , 1 drain old oil remove filter, 2 new filter 3ltrs diesel start engine Don’t rev run for 5 minutes switch off, leave for another 5 minutes drain remove filter. Then refill with fresh oil and new filter, Been doing this for 40 plus years never damaged an engine yet .

  • Hitman
    Hitman   1 weeks ago

    A guy driving a Pontiac VIBE and calling diesel as diesel gasoline, I would never trust this Hillibille even to bring my MCdonalds french fry delivery and let alone an engine

  • Jeff Cuevas
    Jeff Cuevas   1 weeks ago

    Frame filter... Might as well throw dirt in ur oil pan.

  • ady-B David
    ady-B David   1 weeks ago

    I could actually smell the oil and diesel in this video

  • Victory First
    Victory First   1 weeks ago

    Would using 0-30 weight and diesel do a better job ??? Thanks VF

  • Cino
    Cino   1 weeks ago

    Heeyyy you made your own 0w30 oil.

  • Andi Abdillah
    Andi Abdillah   1 weeks ago

    U forgot to put in detergent also..And the leak will disseaper forever..

  • raptor700dans
    raptor700dans   1 weeks ago

    What the hell is diesel gasoline???????????????????????? It’s one or the other

  • Tim Sr.
    Tim Sr.   1 weeks ago

    Hey dumbass, just change your oil and filter every 3,000 miles and you won't have to do stupid shit like this !!!

  • Art Bruneault
    Art Bruneault   1 weeks ago

    This is stupid , what’s the point , it cost more money , and you have more waste fluids , why are we doing it ?

  • keith gray
    keith gray   2 weeks ago

    Why not use something safe for your engine like ........Seafoam! Add a bottle (follow the recommendations) to crankcase and drive around a couple days prior to oil change. Also add some to gas and it will keep carbon from building up.

  • buck shot
    buck shot   2 weeks ago

    For an older engine that hasn't seen regular oil changes in a long time this might be ok. I had a 57 Willys Jeep that saw nothing but non detergent oil. I did this several times as the engine was so gunked up it wasn't funny. What I got out of the engine was unbelievable. Would I do this to a properly maintained vehicle? Not on your life unless it was severely neglected.

  • Alex B
    Alex B   2 weeks ago

    Oh no is this that kerosene engine cleaning idiot. Fucking YouTube algorithms 🤦‍♂️

  • James G
    James G   2 weeks ago

    I'd take them wheels after he screws up his car. They'd look good on my suzuki swift 😁

  • lele ferrari
    lele ferrari   2 weeks ago

    I'm quite secure that if u remove the oil pan there is still a lot of dirt

  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer   2 weeks ago

    Do atleast an extraoilchange more after the first one and some miles.

    METAL & MUSCLE   2 weeks ago

    The fact that you’re using a FRAM filter tells me everything I need to know. #garbage

  • Janie Rios
    Janie Rios   2 weeks ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith   2 weeks ago

    Never listen to a guy that says DIESEL GASOLINE !

  • Landie110
    Landie110   2 weeks ago

    For fu**s sake - please people , never do this!

  • mhoward181
    mhoward181   3 weeks ago

    Never flush an engine. If it’s been serviced when it should have been then there should be no problems to begin with. If its a poorly maintained used car then you should not have bought it.

  • Randy
    Randy   3 weeks ago

    Just run Royal Purple for about 1500 miles and a GOOD oil filter then change out. Pull your valve cover, you’ll be impressed. Then use your oil of choice for regular intervals. I personally like Castrol Edge Synthetic. I have to run 0w-40 and I find it better than Mobile 1. Although i’ve heard good stuff about Liquid Moly too. In yrs past i’ve owned 8/9 saturns including the one he’s working on. All good cars. DON’T .. don’t put diesel in your car. 🤔

  • pindiwal
    pindiwal   1 months ago

    Diesel gasoline...petrol gasoline.

  • Alex Urbaez
    Alex Urbaez   1 months ago

    Very good video. Thank you very much.

  • Al Ficca
    Al Ficca   1 months ago

    Maybe get rid of that garbage oil filter also!

  • Jagadeesha Patil
    Jagadeesha Patil   1 months ago

    Engine got roughed up and now harsh sound is heard from engine due to disel engine flush. Repenting now. Should have used other commercial brand. Be careful with engine ultimately its your money. Decide to be safe. Consult car service center, at least one can catch hold of person available for claiming damages.

  • Jokes XXL
    Jokes XXL   1 months ago

    Totally wrong method of flushing an engine. Viscosity is much lower and the diesel will wash off the oil layer at the cylinder walls. I prefer ATF oil or hydraulic oil 68 centistokes

  • J A
    J A   1 months ago

    This is why I'm terrified when I buy used cars.

  • Jagadeesh A Patil
    Jagadeesh A Patil   1 months ago

    Brother you forgot to mix disel and oil in a can before filling to engine.

  • Paul Adamiec
    Paul Adamiec   1 months ago

    IV seen pro mechanics doing this. This works. Should only be used as last resort.

  • Bird Manic
    Bird Manic   1 months ago

    The diesel that you drained out didn't look dirty. Either it didn't work, or the engine wasn't dirty.