The BEST MAKEUP that Nobody is Talking About!

  • Published on: 10 June 2019
  • Today I have a ton of products that you'll love, that not enough people are talking about. Hope you enjoy and have an amazing weekend! Love you Guys! xo's ~ Tati
    xo's ~ Tati
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    Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.
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  • Lisa Murphy
    Lisa Murphy   19 hours ago

    What were the two colors of the Honest blushes? ❤️

  • Kayla Johnson
    Kayla Johnson   21 hours ago

    Anyone else wish she was just a little closer to the camera to see the makeup up close in every video

  • Kathy Aay Beauty
    Kathy Aay Beauty   1 days ago

    Thanks for this Tati! I love Stellar Beauty! So nice to hear about brands not everyone else shows from PR.🍿🍷💋

  • Penny L
    Penny L   1 days ago

    Where did you get your necklace?

  • Rada Shakov
    Rada Shakov   1 days ago

    Love my Scott Barnes brushes!! Went back for a second #62 and more face brushes!!

  • Noa Steneker
    Noa Steneker   1 days ago

    I love cream blush, but I actually use a lipproduct. The velvet matte lipsticks from Bourjois are literally life. They are what they promise, velvety. Great on the lips too. And their radiance reveal concealer is sooo good too

  • Sapna Ban
    Sapna Ban   2 days ago

    I like your necklaces!! If you don’t mind, where can we get them?

  • Sofia Roca
    Sofia Roca   2 days ago

    Tati what lashes do you have on here? I’m dying to know!

  • Greta Elsh
    Greta Elsh   2 days ago

    LOVED your inspirational rant. xoxo

  • Lindsay Beaver
    Lindsay Beaver   2 days ago

    Tati!!!! Thank you for the blush application tip!

  • Caroline Shelsher
    Caroline Shelsher   3 days ago

    I love watching you Tati but a lot of the products you use I can’t get in the Uk like the Scott Barnes brushes

  • Sadia Afrin
    Sadia Afrin   3 days ago

    A little question Tati, if you've the answer - among NYX & Physicians Formula, foundation, which one is the best for Oily skin in Asian weather? you..!

  • Eggy Shmeggy
    Eggy Shmeggy   3 days ago

    I'm trying to get my mom to realize that age holds nothing over beauty as well. She's afraid to try anything with shimmer despite liking some of my makeup bc she thinks it will accentuate lines 😢

  • Sarah Sands
    Sarah Sands   3 days ago

    Love you Tati! Can you please review the ordinary skin care products?

  • Lauren Daniels
    Lauren Daniels   3 days ago

    You look extra stunning and sophisticated in this video! ♥️ Thank you for your awesome content!

  • Svetlana Mazaeva
    Svetlana Mazaeva   3 days ago

    TatiI Loved this video so much! I need Stilazzi glosses!For the next video like this I'd like to recommend you SIGIL inspired Tammy Tanuka eyeshadows. They are just so pigmented and beautiful and not talked about it makes me sad.

  • NoOne Really
    NoOne Really   4 days ago

    Its 10:30 pm and you just made me do my makeup for no reason lol

  • Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Garcia   4 days ago

    It's Jonathan Garcia I don't care about you so don't even try to take it off of her page

  • Kaitlyn Morris
    Kaitlyn Morris   4 days ago

    Am I missing something does anyone know where we can find a list of the products used?

  • Steph Doza
    Steph Doza   4 days ago

    Always bring wisdom to makeup for all ages👏🏻you are such a lovely person who only deserves the best🥰praying and love sending your way

  • Kara Horner
    Kara Horner   5 days ago

    I'd like to see you do your sisters makeup :)

  • Sammy Herr
    Sammy Herr   5 days ago

    Please please please review the brand COOLA! They have a SPF setting spray and some other cool products! Love you!

  • Lips&Lashes
    Lips&Lashes   5 days ago

    Tati can you please do a Trish McEvoy makeup review. I love watching you & Scott Barnes together...great friendship ❤️❤️❤️

  • Bill Fred
    Bill Fred   5 days ago

    Crazy how everything just went back to normal....

  • 5a17e
    5a17e   5 days ago

    How do u live with ur self

  • The Koalafornian
    The Koalafornian   6 days ago

    @Tati can you please do a comparison of Dermablend's Insta-Grip Jelly Primer 3-in-1 Multi-Tasking Primer & the cover FX gripping primer! Wondering if it’s a dupe!

  • Asmr Asmr
    Asmr Asmr   6 days ago

    I LOVE YOU !!!!!😂❤️💋

  • swarm of bees
    swarm of bees   6 days ago

    your eyes are so close together when you go cross-eyed your pupils kiss

  • Mylee Mae
    Mylee Mae   1 weeks ago

    WISH you would list the shade of the Stilazzi lip vinyl you used. Beautiful!

  • senga agnes
    senga agnes   1 weeks ago

    Cle de peau have eyeliner like Tom Ford

  • Rosa Gomez
    Rosa Gomez   1 weeks ago

    You should try Kenia Ontiveros products