$190 Fake iPhone XS Max vs $1449 XS Max! (NEW)

  • Published on: 06 November 2018
  • NEW Gold iPhone XS Max Clone!! Fake $190 iPhone XS Max vs $1499 XS Max.. This thing is scary close!

    iPhone XR Clone: https://youtu.be/LuX5lROjL9k
    Note 9 Clone: https://youtu.be/_dWRnFzzFLk
  • Runtime : 13:32
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  • Norman Tran
    Norman Tran   5 hours ago

    Its a matter of time before the fake phone will be just as good or better in price

  • omhmāh rd
    omhmāh rd   1 days ago

    this is great i have just been funded with 💥$2416 they are so amazing through this link:👉 👉 startwinppl.mobi?Mi9f5U

  • Don Walker
    Don Walker   2 days ago

    Looks like the screen on my Motorola Moto G7 lmao

  • Destinaton _ Era
    Destinaton _ Era   2 days ago

    how is it fake a phone a phone haha waste 1000 on one dumb ass

  • stfuna4b
    stfuna4b   2 days ago

    FFS 6:40mn in the video and already three ads!

  • itatertot
    itatertot   3 days ago

    Like why? Why go through all that trouble? Why not take all that talent and make your own original

  • Justin Haris
    Justin Haris   4 days ago

    we gonna act like this ain't illegal 👀🤷🏾‍♂️

  • auxmike
    auxmike   4 days ago

    Shows how big the markup is on a real iPhone...

  • ғɪɢᴀs Scheiße
    ғɪɢᴀs Scheiße   4 days ago

    when you buy an iPhone that comes from China and the screen appears "Android system turning on"; ---------------;

  • Cool Corner
    Cool Corner   5 days ago

    7:20-7:25 is the best comparison between real v fake

  • iPhone Unboxings
    iPhone Unboxings   5 days ago

    I can tell the difference idk why but the fake camera is smaller then the real so yeah

    AVISIKTA KUNDU   5 days ago

    Aww....he literally was bleeding...but still..he didn't stop filming 🙊...

  • JB Gaming
    JB Gaming   5 days ago

    Him: This is my favorite way of opening up a phone. (Pulls out knife.)Also him: and of course I cut myself.

  • Jacob
    Jacob   6 days ago

    I just got an 11 from a 6 and honestly, it's not that different. I'm speculating not long after we live inside of apples, the bubble will burst. Invest wisely.

  • Kristijan Jurisic
    Kristijan Jurisic   6 days ago

    Ppl need to be careful . Ppl been selling fakes for big money

  • Yt Omar Fortnite
    Yt Omar Fortnite   6 days ago

    notice how he flipped over the box and 1 was upright so the half moon was a full one

  • Michael Asenito
    Michael Asenito   1 weeks ago

    Just a fyi there coming from the same factory just not loaded with boot os.. lived in China and what happens is through the process they make it off the line and the rest of the phone put together.. so must of that phone is made in the apple plant dude...the local app is running the ROM so don't get rid of it lol. The software is is jailbroken so.... It's running a VM bud

  • Jeremiah Bohn
    Jeremiah Bohn   1 weeks ago

    Where can you get the apple and android clones?

  • Luckey Key
    Luckey Key   1 weeks ago

    This just seems dangerous cuz of the box. Like you could go to a store like, Best Buy or any store that sells the iPhone XS, buy the phone. Than return the fake one. Most people won't buy an eye at the box if they see it's still sealed and looks the same. People can just easily get an iphone XS for 190$.

  • BohoFlow
    BohoFlow   1 weeks ago

    7:02 My XS Max doesn't have back swipe, and I bought it directly from Apple.

  • damzy flips
    damzy flips   1 weeks ago

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  • Kristian Skogh
    Kristian Skogh   1 weeks ago

    Since it is running Android, what happens if you start the Appstore?

    OMAG STUDIOS   1 weeks ago

    Me watching video on December 4 th 2019 when the iPhone 11 Pro came out and laughing: hahaha lol best camera”””””’’’’